the sun is the only outlet who got an exclusive interview with anne at the parkinson’s event.

it doesn’t matter who did the actual interview. it’s still a sun reporter talking to anne directly about solo harry and the chances of a one direction reunion.

the signs are all right there that harry’s team and the sun continue to have a working relationship and i don’t understand why it’s so hard for people to admit that.

dan got two exclusives prior to sott’s release. he didn’t break any ndas. he was given an exclusive picture from the sott music video shoot that no other outlet got.

the sun is still being given prioritized access to harry stylesTM. you don’t have to like it (i don’t) but pretending like it’s not happening or reaching to find a million explanations to excuse what’s happening doesn’t help anything either.

better to accept the truth (even if it’s shitty) than to lie to yourself in order to maintain the ideal scenario you’ve built up in your head that’s not actually happening in reality.