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list 5 facts about your most favourite sim of yours, and send this to 10 simblrs whose sims you adore ♡´・ᴗ・`♡

  1. he writes poems nearly every day…lately they’ve been about a lady who wears flowers
  2. he is feeling better than he has in years (down to the lady who wears flowers)
  3. when he was in rehab he lashed out at Hana and they havent spoken since…he feels awful and has tried getting in contact w her but nothing yet </3
  4. he co-owns a music venue/bar w one of his oldest friends…who isnt there half the time so it’s up to him to run is most of the time
  5. his youngest brother got in contact w him recently and he doesnt know what to do about it he hasnt spoken to him since he was 10 (12 years ago)
The signs as types of live music

Aries- Huge tours and late night stadium shows

Taurus- Small venue outdoor show in the summer

Gemini- The band that plays at a bar

Cancer- Long summer music festivals

Leo- DJ’s at a crazy rave

Virgo- Concerts with cool technology/ light and smoke shows

Libra- Plays acousitc at coffee houses

Scorpio- Drunk karaoke

Sagittarius- Big concerts with crazy mosh pits

Capricorn- General admission concerts at really cool venues

Aquarius- Street-preformers, but not the shitty kind

Pisces- Impromptu free concerts with a huge turn out


Music Monday Tuesday: Venues Edition

Live music venues are crucial to any fan of any genre. There are a wide variety of clubs around the world that aim to bring you the best concert-going experience and local flavor. Here are a few who are doing just that on Tumblr.

This rock club duplex, nestled in Echo Park, Los Angeles, is home to a glory of shows and weekly events. They’ve expanded their reach to some nontraditional venues, including the Twilight Concert Series held at Santa Monica Pier. The blog illustrates the LA scene with original photos, flyers and playlists. 

Located in St. Petersburg, FL, the Local 662 hosts a wide range of multi-media events. Formerly known as “The Garage,” this venue brings in plenty of local talent - plus, it’s conveniently situated next to a record store to satisfy all your crate-digging urges. 

What started out as Washington, DC’s hotspot for alternative music in 1980 has grown to become Rolling Stone’s “Best Big Room in America.” Their Tumblr offers a Video of the Day plus Throwback Thursdays contests where you can win tickets to upcoming shows. If we lived in DC, we would probably live at the 9:30 Club.
"It's not enough": A roundtable discussion on music venue accessibility
Hopes & Fears assembled four advocates for music venue accessibility to discuss the complex issues people with disabilities face in the realm of live music, and what we can do to create change.

AZ: There’s still the perception, at least in America, that because the ADA [Americans with Disabilities Act] exists, that the work is done, so we don’t need to do anything else, because we have this law that protects people. The unfortunate thing is, there are places everywhere that are still ignoring the rules and regulations. Because this was passed 25 years ago, a lot of people think, “Oh, they have all their rights now. Everything’s good.” Nothing could be further from the truth.

Musical taste in the birth horoscope can be seen through the eyes of Venus. When Venus makes any angle contact to another planet you can have a taste for the style affiliated with the planetary sign energy.  The angle can be a Conjunction, Inconjunction, Sextile, Trine, Square, or Opposition that causes the influence.  Venus also is influenced by the sign it’s in so you can find musical interests tied in there.  Don’t forget musical tastes change over time so the “progressed” Venus can show change in musical taste through the years.

Venus with Sun / Venus in Leo / Progressed Venus in Leo

Songs about standing out, Songs about taking center stage, Fun songs, Music and songs where you can sign karaoke, Childern songs, Romantic and love songs, Dramatically expressive songs, Musicals, Authoritative and firey music like Hard Rock, Songs that are upbeat although not necessarily meaningful, Pop Music, Songs about risk taking and taking chances, songs about being bold and authoritative

Venus with Moon / Venus in Cancer / Progressed Venus in Cancer

Musical taste tied to family traditions, Music of their own homeland (Or Area,) Emotional Musics, songs with emotional value, songs about family, songs mother or nurturing figures, Music influenced from the Mother, Songs about childhood that bring Nostalgic Value, Songs about getting older and retrospect, Oldies, Classics, Love songs

Venus with Mercury / Venus in Gemini and Virgo) / Progressed Venus in Gemini or Virgo

Songs with a lot of words, lyrics or highlight communication

(Gemini Venus), Trendy music, Music in clubs (socializing), Club Music, Dance Music, Variety, Changeable music interests,
(Virgo Venus) Music with intellectual meaning, Music that is like Poetry, Music based on Poems,  Stanza’s in Lyrics, Peaceful music, Calm music, Nature sounds in their music, Picky about musical tastes

Venus in Libra or Taurus / Progressed Venus in Taurus in Libra

Big fans of music, Natural Venusians, Appreciative of Harmony and Beats, Soul Soothing Music, Relating through music

(Libra Venus) Love Songs, Songs with Romance, Gracious songs, Songs about Peace, Wonderful Harmony, Classical Music, Slow Jams, Pop Music, Trendy songs
(Taurus Venus) Romantic Music, Personal Values, Songs about possessions, Sexual songs,  Music that brings them pleasure, Can be a fan of any Genre as it relates to their values, Relaxing Music

Venus with Mars / Venus in Aries / Progressed Venus in Aries

Aggressive Songs With fast pace/beats/tempo, Workout beats, Songs about violence, Sexual songs, Songs about spontaneity/impulses, Music that is Fiery, Hard Rock, Lyrical songs talking about war/battle/revengeful/protecting,  

Venus with Jupiter / Venus in Sagittarius / Progressed Venus in Sagittarius

Optimistic songs, Motivational music, Songs with meaning, Religious songs, Music from Foreign Cultures, Songs about morals Or lack thereof, Dogmatic/ blunt lyrics in music, Lyrics that tell it like it is, An expanded taste in music, Dance music that stimulate the legs

Venus with Saturn / Venus in Capricorn / Progressed Venus in Capricorn

Songs about reputation and standing in the community, Lyrics about facing restrictions or depression, songs about working, songs about father’s or authority figures,  Songs that build up or construct,  Structured music, Songs about being at the top, Songs about money, Songs about being a father, Timeless Musics, Classics

Venus with Uranus / Venus in Aquarius / Progressed Venus in Aquarius

Songs that are strange or unique, Techno music, Electronica, songs about
innovation, Innovative Genres,  Cross Genre’s, Industrial Genre , songs about Friends or Groups,  Music from Groups or Choirs, Alternative, Futuristic Songs, Songs with Lyrics about Hopes and Wishes, Equality lyrics

Venus with Neptune / Venus in Pisces / Progressed Venus in Pisces

Pop, Dance, Dreamy music, Spiritual music, Psychedelic music, Trance, Songs with secret messages, Songs about drugs, Songs that help you escape, Songs about escaping, Songs about being isolation or being alone, Confusing or Mysterious Genre’s, Songs about mystery, Songs about Prison/Hospitals/Asylums, Songs about the self undoing, songs about addiction, movie/video game sound tracks

Venus with Pluto / Venus in Scorpio / Progressed Venus in Pluto

Songs about transformation and change, Lyrics about struggle, Songs about the life and death struggle or process, Songs about hiding or being hidden, Songs about hiding yourself,  Songs about the unknown, songs about the occult, Songs about intimacy, Songs about loss, Deep lyrics, Complex songs, Underground beats, Underground bands, Powerful music, Electronic beats, Rhythem, R and B

Rumor Has It

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Author’s Note: This is a Happy Lowman Imagine based on Born this Way by Lady Gaga as requested by @thejulietfarciertlove. as well as imagine number 6 for MM6, and the last for day. I didn’t really know where to take this story and then it just kind of turned into this. I want to preface this by saying I know most everyone has been bullied about something at one time or another in their life, for me it’s always been my weight, so I wrote what is a real struggle for me and what helps me stay my most authentic self.

Rumor Has It


It doesn’t matter if you love him, or capital H-I-M
Just put your paws up
‘cause you were born this way, baby
My mama told me when I was young
We are all born superstars
She rolled my hair and put my lipstick on
In the glass of her boudoir
“There’s nothing wrong with loving who you are”
She said, “'Cause he made you perfect, babe”
“So hold your head up girl and you’ll go far,
Listen to me when I say”

I’m beautiful in my way
'Cause God makes no mistakes
I’m on the right track, baby
I was born this way
Don’t hide yourself in regret
Just love yourself and you’re set
I’m on the right track, baby
I was born this way
Oh there ain’t no other way
Baby I was born this way
Baby I was born this way
Oh there ain’t no other way
Baby I was born this way
I’m on the right track, baby
I was born this way

Don’t be a drag ‒ just be a queen
Don’t be!


She knew she was different. She always has been. Always will be, and until she met Happy, she embraced her differences. She’s rounder in places that society told her she should be thinner, she has no thigh gap to speak of, and when it comes down to it, she’s about as far from beautiful as you can get.

Yet she is unapologetically happy. She lives with a spirit so on fire that it’s contagious.

Or so she thought.

She stares at the women who fawn over Happy; women in impeccable shape walking on sky high heels that if she ever dared to wear would surely end in her breaking her ass, or neck, and for the first time since she was in high school she feels acutely aware of just how much she doesn’t fit in.

She feels herself shrinking, her usually outgoing personality dimming and when she’s certain no attention will be called to her she slips outside.

The air is uncharacteristically cool as she takes a breath. She’ll be fine, she knows that much, she just has to find her center again, that’s all. She rests against the wall of TM, fishing in her purse for a cigarette when she hears a group of girls giggling around the corner.

“Did you see what she was wearing?” one demands her voice dripping with disgust.

“Seriously, what does Happy want with two tons of fun anyway?” another asks resulting in a cackle of laughter that makes her stomach flip with shame.

“Rumor is he made a bet with some of the guys,” their voices drop to a whisper, “hundred bucks if he can get Miss Piggy into bed, double if he manages to get her squealing on tape…”

She fears she’s going to be sick, and because she doesn’t know if she’ll be able to keep quiet she presses a hand to her mouth as if she can hold the sobs that threaten and bubble at bay with her fingers. The group of girls pass eventually, of course not without taking a few more shots at her, and when she’s certain she’s alone she pulls the keys from her purse. She knows she should tell him that she’s leaving, but at the moment being anywhere near Happy makes her want to cry, and she refuses to give any of them the satisfaction of seeing her tears.


Candles flicker, casting shadows around her room, and with blurred eyes she watches the way the flames dance. She’s managed to leave the house only a handful of times since the party, and because just the thought of it makes her head and chest ache she closes her eyes.

It’s always amazed her how deep words can cut a person, and having been on the receiving end of harmful words for most of her life she would think she’d be used to it by now; but how does someone get used to be hating for simply existing? What do you do when the mere fact that you draw breath draws ire from just about everyone you meet?

So her thoughts turn dark; and she wonders what would happen if she didn’t exist anymore, if she just, disappeared…

“Liv, sweetie, open up,” the panicked voice of Venus, one of her nearest and dearest friends calls through the door, but she can’t bring herself to get up. “Sweet heart, we’re all real worried about you, especially Happy, why he’s just a mess over you darlin’.”

Her eyes close tight as against the tears that threaten. He’s been by almost every day since the party, rotating between pounding on the door and demanding she let him in, to begging for her to at least answer so he knows she’s okay, both requests going unanswered.

“Liv, I’m going to use my key,” Venus calls again, but she just doesn’t have it in her to care. She listens as the front door opens and closes, the familiar sound of Venus’ high heels beating a staccato rhythm on her floor, and then her vision is filled with Venus’ beautiful face.

Their friendship was quick, kindred and wild spirits recognizing each other upon introduction and because of that there weren’t many days that went by without at the very least a text or two exchanged between the two.

“Oh my little love,” Venus coos joining her on the bed, “I’ve been worried sick…”

“I was a bet V…” Liv’s voice breaks as she speaks, a tear rolling hot down her cheek. She thought she was all cried out.

She was wrong.

“What are you talking about sugar?” Venus asks at length as she brushes at the hair on Liv’s forehead.

“Girls at the party, said Happy had a bet going with some of the guys, hundred dollars if he got me in bed…” the words hitch as she speaks, “double if he got it on tape…”

“And you believed them?” Venus asks pointedly.

“You can’t look at me V and tell me you wouldn’t believe it…”


Give yourself prudence
And love your friends
Subway kid, rejoice your truth
In the religion of the insecure
I must be myself, respect my youth
A different lover is not a sin
Believe capital H-I-M (Hey hey hey)
I love my life I love this record and
Mi amore vole fe yah (Love needs faith)

I’m beautiful in my way
'Cause God makes no mistakes
I’m on the right track, baby
I was born this way
Don’t hide yourself in regret
Just love yourself and you’re set
I’m on the right track, baby
I was born this way
Oh there ain’t no other way
Baby I was born this way
Baby I was born this way
Oh there ain’t no other way
Baby I was born this way
I’m on the right track, baby
I was born this way

Don’t be a drag ‒ just be a queen
Don’t be!


She takes it one day at a time, fully aware that not every day is going to be great, and as weird as it sounds she revels in the small victories. Like making it to the grocery store again, or running to post office for stamps.

Venus stops by almost daily and while part of her wonders if she visits simply to make sure she’s still here, another part of her is thankful. She needs a friendly face and you don’t get much friendlier than Venus.

Her arms are full with bags of ingredients for the small dinner party she’s having, and when she steps onto her porch and finds Happy sitting, back braced to the wall, chewing at a toothpick it takes everything inside of her not to drop the bags in surprise.

She’s not ready to see him yet.

He gets to his feet, towering over her and when he reaches out she very nearly takes a step back until his hands clasp one of the paper bags in her arms, taking it so it will free up one of her hands.

“Thanks,” she murmurs sliding the key into the front door, and when it’s unlocked she turns to take her bag back only to find Happy standing uncomfortably close.

“I’ll bring this in for you.” He waits for no invitation as he brushes past her into her house, and taking a deep breath she calls on what little emotional energy she has, she’s going to need it if she’s going to survive seeing Happy again.


She’s aware that he stares at her back as she takes her time unpacking her groceries.

“You haven’t been around in a while,” his voice is a delicious rasp that sends a chill up her spine.

“Yeah uh, I’ve been busy,” she says offering a smile that doesn’t reach her eyes.

“Busy, hmm,” Happy murmurs as she carefully sets apples into the bowl on the counter. “Too busy to return a call, but not too busy to see Venus.”

“She’s my best friend,” her response is knee-jerk and she knows her voice gives away more than she intended.

“When are you going to tell me why you’ve been avoiding me?” he asks and because she doesn’t know how to answer, or where to even begin she just goes silent. The quiet stretches between them until finally the sound of the chair Happy was sitting in scraping against the floor fills the air. “I don’t have time for this.”

Fear fills her. Only it’s a different type of fear; one born from the idea that he’s going to simply walk away for good, and she’s never going to have the chance to find out if what they have-or had was real.

“They said I was a bet,” the words fall from her lips and turning she finds Happy frozen in the doorway of her kitchen, and with her eyes trained to him she watches him turn to her. His eyes narrow, jaw clenching tight.


“Some girls, at the party. They said you had a bet going with some of the guys, about getting me into bed. I’ll spare the actual words used to describe me…”

“And you believed them?” he asks disbelief ringing loud and clear.

“Look at me,” she says motioning to herself.

“I am looking, I have been from the moment I saw you,” he says closing the distance between them. “How are you going to let some gossipy bitches tear you down?”

“I’m not like them Happy,” she says shaking her head. “I will never be those girls. I don’t fit that world.”

“Says who, a few crow eaters? Fuck ‘em. You fit my world, and that’s all that matters,” he says hands coming to rest on her hips. “If I wanted someone like them, I’d have them. I want you Liv. I have from the moment I laid my eyes on you.”

“Happy…” her words are cut short by his mouth covering hers, and she feels the final broken pieces start shifting back into place.


Don’t be a drag, just be a queen
Whether you’re broke or evergreen
You’re black, white, beige, chola descent
You’re Lebanese, you’re orient
Whether life’s disabilities
Left you outcast, bullied, or teased
Rejoice and love yourself today
'cause baby you were born this way
No matter gay, straight, or bi,
Lesbian, transgendered life,
I’m on the right track baby,
I was born to survive.
No matter black, white or beige
Chola or orient made,
I’m on the right track baby,
I was born to be brave.

I was born this way hey!
I was born this way hey!
I’m on the right track baby
I was born this way hey!
I was born this way hey!
I was born this way hey!
I’m on the right track baby
I was born this way hey!
Same DNA, but born this way.
Same DNA, but born this way.


9 Types Of Intelligence
  • Taurus/2nd House:Natural (nature smart)
  • Cancer/Moon/Venus:Musical (sound smart)
  • Virgo/Capricorn/Saturn:Logical-mathematical intelligence (number/reasoning smart)
  • 9th House/Sagittarius/Jupiter/Uranus:Existential (life smart)
  • 7th House/Libra/11th House/Aquarius:Interpersonal (people smart)
  • Aries/6th House/Mars:Bodily-kinesthetic (body smart)
  • 3rd House/Gemini/Mercury:Linguistic (word smart)
  • 1st House/Leo/Sun/8th House/Scorpio/Pluto:Intra-personal (self smart)
  • 12th House/Pisces/Neptune:Spatial (picture smart)