Top 4 most inspiring rappers || opinion

“I’m actually very gloomy. No, compared to gloomy, perplexed is more suitable. About the future, I think about it hundred times, a thousand times a day. All of the ability I have as an artist. What can I do to further prove something? So the reason why I joined Bangtan Boys is because of my voice. I want my voice to be heard from everyone.” - BTS Rap Monster

“I’m young, so I don’t really know what justice is . But justice in this world is… everyone having the same rights, and a society where love and respect are shared. I think that’s what justice is all about. We, B.A.P, will do our best to do progressive music and make a better world.” - B.A.P Bang Yongguk

“I know there have been people curious about who I am. I know that when people look at me, I may appear to be the person with a strong appearance because I rap with a scowl. Just because I’m a person of hip-hop doesn’t mean I’m a delinquent. I’ve never taken a flight (done bad) before. And… yes, I’ve never smoked either. I also don’t go around fooling with girls. I hope that you can take note of this." - Block B Zico

"In fact, every song I’ve written in my life has been for people who are mistreated because they are who they are and love who they love." - Epik High Tablo

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I had these friends in middle school who constantly talked about Regional At Best and I always thought it was a movie so I looked it up on YouTube and all that showed up was this Tyler Joseph kid and then I ended up really falling in love with him, and Josh. they're such powerful people and I really hope they know the impact they have on their fans! I'm taking my boyfriend to see them over the summer because I got him really into TØP as well! (:

totally agree with you fam! keep sharing their music to make this world a better place ❤️

tell me how was the first time you found out about twenty one pilots

“I absolutely love what I am doing and am happy that I can share what I love with the world. I want to show others that the most value and happiness comes from living high moral standards and from loving yourself the way you are. Ultimately, I hope that my life and my music can make this world a better place….Sometimes fear gets in the way. Fear is the opposite of love, and I have to keep reminding myself of that every day” ~Lindsey Stirling

«July 29th, 1953» 

Happy birthday to one of the most amazing musicians on the planet. Words can’t describe how much he brightens my world. I can honestly say that the music he makes really makes me a happier person and it makes the music world a better place. Happy birthday, Geddy Lee. You’re my favorite person on the planet. 

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