RNC blasts Freddie Mercury at convention as Trump arrives; fails to recognize irony
The GOP's anti-LGBT stance didn't stop it from playing a Queen song at the Republican convention.

Hey, you know how Freddie Mercury is one of the most famous bisexuals of all time and he also died from an AIDS-related illness? 

Republicans must have forgotten. In a grossly ironic moment at the Republican National Convention yesterday, the loudspeakers blasted Queen’s famous “We Are The Champions” as Trump took the stage. There hasn’t been a response from surviving Queen members so far, but back in June when Trump used the same song while campaigning, they stated that they didn’t want anyone using their music during political campaigning.

As you’ll remember, the GOP platform is the most socially conservative, anti-LGBT platform in history, calling for conversion therapy for minors and decrying same-sex parents. VP candidate Mike Pence previously tried to use HIV/AIDS funding to support conversion therapy.

“Freddie Mercury died of AIDS in 1991,” added longstanding LGBT rights advocate California  Lt. Gov. Gavin Newsom, who famously married same-sex couples while he was the mayor of San Francisco in 2004.

His music, which he famously labored over, which was intricate and complex, was played at a convention where Mike Pence, a man who has spent his political career actively looking for opportunities to discriminate against LGBT people, sat comfortably in a VIP box.”

Newsom speculated that if Mercury were alive today and hadn’t been a rockstar, he would “probably have been greeted by a wall, a really high wall, because he represented everything that Mike Pence and Donald Trump are scared of.”

This entire campaign must be some kind of performance art. It’s just getting too absurd to believe anymore. Again: Republicans. must. be. stopped.
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Rock band Third Eye Blind taunts Republicans at concert during RNC
Stephan Jenkins of Third Eye Blind. (Photo: Katie Darby/Invision/AP)

WESTLAKE, Ohio — The rock band Third Eye Blind frustrated some guests at a charity concert held during the Republican National Convention on Tuesday. According to multiple accounts posted by attendees on social media, the band played some of its more obscure songs and mocked socially conservative positions during its set at the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame in Cleveland.

In tweets posted on the official Third Eye Blind account, the band indicated it was pleased the show upset some in the audience.

“I have never been more disappointed,” wrote a Twitter user named Liza White.

“good,” replied the band.

One Twitter video showed the band’s lead singer, Stephan Jenkins, speaking out in favor of gay rights before the beginning of a song.

Third Eye Blind tonite at #RNCinCLE event: We believe in tolerance, acceptance ???????? (Followed by boos)

— Tina (@tinpant) July 20, 2016

Another clip showed Jenkins being jeered.

“You can boo all you want, but I’m the motherf***ing artist up here,” he replied.

According to Snapchat’s head of news, Peter Hamby, at one point in the show, Jenkins asked, “Who here believes in science?”

“So much booing,” Hamby wrote.

Multiple Twitter users particularly objected to the fact that the band didn’t play its 1997 hit “Semi-Charmed Life.”

The invitation-only concert was produced and sponsored by the Recording Industry Association of America, which lobbies for the record industry. Spokespeople for the RIAA did not immediately respond to a request for comment from Yahoo News. The concert was billed as a charity benefit for Musicians On Call, “a nonprofit that brings live and recorded music to the bedsides of patients in health care facilities.”

In the immediate aftermath of the show, some conservatives took to Twitter to argue Third Eye Blind shouldn’t have used a charity event to make a statement. The band’s official Twitter account told Yahoo News that it wasn’t especially concerned about having a negative impact on the charity.

“We were not, as musicians on call were well aware of who we are and our take on things (like science and rights!),” the band wrote.

On Wednesday afternoon, Third Eye Blind issued a statement stressing that it did not play at an official RNC event. The band also reiterated some of its more liberal beliefs:

About last night:

— Third Eye Blind (@ThirdEyeBlind) July 20, 2016


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If you missed it, here’s the Facebook Live session with John-Angus last night. The big announcement - if you missed it - is that the band is doing a new Pledge Music campaign, this time for the best-of coming out in September called Time Capsule. And if you pre-order it through this campaign, you’ll get the 20 extra songs called The Vault. Long-time TFN'er Scott Cee went through the video and we went looking elsewhere, and here’s the information we came up with for track listings, etc.

Time Capsule - Track List:

1. Lotta Work/Little Love
2. Not Ready To Go
3. Tired of Waiting
4. So She’s Leaving
5. Yearning
6. Poor Ol’ Broken Hearted Me
7. Ishmael & Maggie
8. Hold Me In Your Arms
9. Paranoid Freak
10. Man of Two Minds
11. Can’t Stop Laughing
12. Sing Your Heart Out (studio version)
13. Beautiful & Tragic
14. Highway of Heroes
15. Hope and Ruin
16. Power of Positive Drinking
17. In the Morning
18. What’s Fair is Fair
19. Rise in the Wake
20. Chinese Kites

The Vault (we don’t know the order yet):

Ishmale & Maggie (demo)
Poor Ol’ Broken Hearted Me (demo)
It Takes Me A While (Den Of Thieves b-side)
Served My Time (Den Of Thieves b-side)
Den Of Thieves (studio version)
Don’t Let Me Fade (No Time For Later b-side)
Life In The Red (No Time For Later b-side)
Long Way From Freedom (No Time For Later b-side)
Mistress Misery (No Time For Later b-side)
Saturday Girl (No Time For Later b-side)
Man Of Two Minds (country radio mix)
Big Night Out (Hope & Ruin b-side)
I Don’t But I Do (Hope & Ruin b-side)
Mandy (Hope & Ruin b-side)
St. Thomas Is Calling (Hope & Ruin b-side)
Coming Home (christmas song)
Downed (Cheap Trick cover)
Locked Doors (studio version)

Other songs mentioned:

Sgt Peppers Lonely Hearts Club Band (The Beatles cover)
Waiting For Time (Den Of Thieves b-side)
Gone To My Head (Den Of Thieves b-side)

New songs that have been played live recently:

Chinese Kites
Going Home
Glorious Son
Lotta Love / Little Love



Donald Trump, at the Republican National Convention used We Are The Champions by Freddie Mercury & Queen as his entrance music

Brian May, of Queen, explicitly denied Donald Trump the use of any of Queen’s music for his Presidential Campaign and Trump went and used the music anyway. 

What’s more is that we’re talking about the Republican National Convention. Republicans of the Ronald Reagan era willfully ignored those dying of HIV/AIDS at the height of the epidemic in the 1980′s. Freddie Mercury (Born Farrokh Bulsara, a man of of Parsi decent from Zanzibar) died of bronchial pneumonia as a result of AIDS in 1991

Donald Trump, the Republican Party and the Republican National Convention should be ashamed of themselves for this, among many other reasons and I personally hope Donald Trump gets sued for the use of Freddie Mercury’s music


(via YouTube Music – Alex’s Theme - YouTube)

youtube recently released this as part of their Youtube Red / Youtube Music ad campaign that’s been hitting twitter & tumblr pretty hard lately

most of the comments were…. not good….

i got tagged by @fullhousedeathcult2006 to shuffle my music player and post the first ten songs that came up. here they are:

The Brave Little Abacus - A highway got paved over my future, I drive it getting to school

Bomb the Music Industry! - Campaign For A Better Weekend

Future - Fetti

Jai Paul - Zion Wolf

Neil Cicierega - Bills Like Jean Spirit

Coil - The Avatars

Chance the Rapper - Pusha Man

The Brave Little Abacus - It’s a Lot. It’s Seamless

Clams Casino - Unchain Me

Coil - It’s In My Blood

I’ll tag whoever else wants to do this


‘Classic Man’ Rocks the White House for Students Beating the Odds

Photos by Cheriss May | Ndemay Media Group

Click here to see more photos

Washington, D.C. — On Tuesday, July 19, in the East Room of the White House, as part of First Lady Michelle Obama’s Reach Higher initiative and Better Make Room campaign, musical artist, Jidenna, performed for over 130 college-bound students. 

The students were at the White House to participate in the third annual Beating the Odds convening. Students attending from across the country represented urban, rural, foster, homeless, special needs, and under-represented youth who have overcome substantial obstacles to persist through high school and make it to a post-secondary institution. | ©2016 Photo by Cheriss May,