Ustulate Pathos
  • Ustulate Pathos
  • Shinji Hosoe
  • Zero Time Dilemma

Ustulate Pathos || Zero Time Dilemma

I love that I said I was off my hiatus and then proceeded to not post for another two months. Sorry dudes. Without further ado, here’s one of my favorite tracks from Zero Time Dilemma.

It's Over, Isn't it?
  • It's Over, Isn't it?
  • Vocals by michi0no, original by Deedee Magno-Hall/composed by Rebecca Sugar
  • Steven Universe

Okay so at least two people wanted me to post this and that’s good enough for me! I may try and sing it some other time, but I’m alright with how this one turned out. c: 
Man, I knew from the minute I heard this song that I wanted to sing it. <3


Just in case you haven’t seen his gem yet