Say No To This (Triple Layer)
  • Say No To This (Triple Layer)
  • Me i'm so sorry
  • I really am sorry Lin

yesterday, @linmanuel released the beauty that was the Say No To This draft. I put it with the workshop and a lil of the OBC recording. 

Right ear: Say No To This Draft - Lin as Hamilton, Maria AND James Reynolds (taken from his soundcloud account)

Left ear: Say No To This Workshop 

Occasionally middle: Say No To This - Hamilton Original Broadway Cast recording

(wear headphones for full effect!)

The Room Where It Happens but what the hell is going on
  • The Room Where It Happens but what the hell is going on
  • Sam Lasky

M R  S E C R E T A R Y

VI Preludes - III. Deciso
  • VI Preludes - III. Deciso
  • Anita Pontremoli
  • Impresiones Intimas

VI Preludes - III. Deciso

Year/Date of Composition : 1911-14, rev. 1959
First Publication : 1920
Composer Time Period : Modern
Piece Style : Early 20th century / Impressionist
Instrumentation : Piano

By Composer Federico Mompou ( 1893-1987 )

Anita Pontremoli, Pianist 

バレリーコ (short ver)
  • バレリーコ (short ver)
  • みきとP feat. 柴島 犾(CV:石谷 春貴)×二条 佐斗流(CV:ランズベリー・アーサー)

04) Ballerina Girl (short version)
// Mikito-P feat. Gin Kunishima (CV. Haruki Ishiya) x Satoru Nijou (CV. Arthur Lounsbery)
from EXIT TUNES Presents ACTORS6


Two Steps From Hell - Victory