Hey so i have a little less than 4 months until I start college at Durham in Oshawa and it would be pretty sweet to get to know others who are starting then too. Im going into music business administration/management and i will know no one so if you are too lets talk :) or if youre going to durham at all lets talk too :)

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Hi Sasha! I was wondering your thoughts on Harry staying with Columbia. My dash seems to be under the impression that he "got everything he wanted" in choosing to stay with them, but idk, I smell foul play. Niall and Liam were able to break ties, even Zayn in some capacity, so the one who got put in an iron closet with their partner when 1D signed to Columbia chooses to stay? Seems illogical.

Hi nonnie. In my somewhat educated opinion (none of us has all the facts but when you pay attention you can piece together part of the puzzle), none of them have broken ties. It’s an illusion. It may be a corrective action taken to deal with the fandom’s general disdain for 1D’s original team (including Simon Cowell/Syco). You know, from a PR perspective they needed to stop the bleeding as there’s a ton of criticism of Syco online via 1D fans and that’s bad for future business. And it may also have been a concession made to 1D in their ongoing power struggle as Simon tries to hang on for as long as he can while 1D really really wants to get away from him.

I believe the guys have been farmed out to different labels in a licensing deal with Syco. The licensing thing was confirmed when Pillowtalk was released.

This was later removed which I think is further proof of the shadiness. Sony was not going to let all 5 get away from them. Even though via Syco they’d still get paid (that licensing thing again), they have to consider the optics. It wouldn’t be a good look. So they probs negotiated to keep breakout star Harry, pretty Zayn with the big voice and Louis with the rabidly loyal fanbase. Smart. Archrivals Universal got beefcake with a voice Liam and lovable popular Niall. Everybody won here, except maybe 1D. They may have the more of the artistic freedom they’ve been wanting, but they’re still getting passed around with shady people calling too many of the shots.

So in a nutshell, I believe there’s a licensing deal in place with all the guys which entitles Simon Cowell to a cut of their solo profits even though it looks like he’s out of the picture. Depending on what’s in their contract, the same type of deal may be in place in terms of management and PR. It’s very odd that although there’s been some combo of changes (label/management/PR) for all 5 guys, the same shitty narratives, terrible promo and comatose PR continue. Are we to believe that’s normal? We can take a look at how other artists are handled and compare and contrast. So no, it’s not normal. Fuckery’s afoot. 1DHQ is still making money off 1D and also still has a huge say in their image management and PR narratives.

Concert - CH

Y/N Pov

“Y/N Hurry up!” my Best friend (Name) shouted. “We’re gunna be late!”

“Coming” I replied, sighing, she wanted to go see this new band she liked, I however, was more content in just chilling at home, put on a movie and eating pizza and popcorn, maybe writing a new song with my guitar; before going to bed.

Y/B/F/N however, liked to go out, get drunk, have fun, socialise etc, how or why we’re friends is beyond me, we’re mostly different, some differences are good though, we have completely different tastes in men, but the same taste in alcohol which is always a bonus.

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Nope, not Scooter's PA. It was a legit question. I see Harry aligned to the Azoff's in part b/c of the music that family has historically been connected to - Fleetwood Mac, the Eagles, etc. And I see the more urban/pop sound that Scooter reps with his artists like Justin, Ariana, Asher Roth, & his ties to Usher with their joint record label. So I can see how Harry and Scooter are divergent in that regard. But in terms of work ethic, industry respect, I feel like H & Scooter have that in common.

Anonymous said: I don’t know that much about the Azoffs or Scooter. So maybe the Azoffs vision of Harry’s career is the best that $ can buy. I was just impressed with Scooter who is close in age to Jeff, but doesn’t come from a family business of music managers & he’s really done smart things with Justin’s image. Ariana’s level of recognition is great for someone so new to the public eye, she’s mega talented, but Scooter leveraged it very well. Jeff is full time for Harry, but is it the smartest/best H can get?


I feel like I gave Scooter short shrift by not researching him, so I did a little reading:

“Scott Samuel “Scooter” Braun (born June 18, 1981) is an American talent manager and businessman. He owns two record labels: School Boy Records and Raymond-Braun Media Group (RBMG). RBMG is a joint venture with R&B performer Usher. Three of the most prominent artists Braun represents are Justin Bieber, Ariana Grande and Martin Garrix. For School Boy Records, his represented acts include Psy, Carly Rae Jepsen, Tori Kelly and The Wanted among others.“


The more I read about him, the more I am impressed. His roster of artists is certainly pretty great. It’s not just that he represents big names– he also broke Justin Bieber (discovered him on YouTube at age 12, brokered the deal with Island Def Jam records). He was a party arranger for NBA games, Ludacris, Eminem, and Britney Spears when he was a sophomore in college!!!

Scooter is self-motivated, self-made, & works his ass off. He is obvious talented and smart. He would not make a statement saying his metric was existing— his philosophy seems the exact opposite.

He has a list of big names, but seems to manage all of them expertly without having to shadow his clients 24/7. They trust him. They have good reason to. This is a good professional relationship– managers and their clients should not be attached at the hip, no matter how good friends they are. There are too many conflicts of interest.

As I said, right now Jeff is giving 100% to Harry, and Harry trusts him. Jeff has done a good job as a liaison to industry (Sony/Columbia, radio, television) so far. But Harry could really use the kind of go-get-it initiative of Scooter Braun, and could stand to put a bit of distance in his professional relationships. A manager is not a psychological crutch (“Help me, Jeffrey.”), and a manager should not be your best friend. When he does become one, it’s time to look at the relationship more objectively.

So next week I start my first week as a freshman in college for Music Business Management…. taking bets on how long it takes before people know me as the “awkward, dorky but very passionate about taylor swift and will verbally sass you if you think about her otherwise” girl.

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Hello! Do you think they use Camille for a long time? I checked raidings and be surprised that Harry's new album had not good sails. Maybe they wanna push this pr-relationships for some reason?

How is Harry’s album not doing well?

What frustrates me about this fandom is how y’all hold onto your unrealistic, candy land, pie-in-the-sky notions of the music business in the 21 century. I feel like y’all expect everyone to put up “Thriller” numbers or some of you are gonna try to call it a fail. Are you kidding me? First of all, 1D as a group are freaks of music industry nature, so jot that down. Very few acts sell like them. And as individuals, it’s also not very common for each member of a group to have comparable levels of solo success. Your average artist gets nowhere near 1D or 5/5. The charts are for the industry elite. Most acts never make it to the Billboard 200, Hot 100, Top 40, Top 10 or number 1. Most artists don’t rack up millions of streams. Ok? Ok. To not understand that is to harbor some really childish notions of business, what it takes to sell in the age of bootleg downloading and how to measure a sustainable success in music.

All that said, Harry is doing well, thankyouverymuch. The bearding is probably at the demand of the original puppetmasters, Simon Cowell and company, who I guarantee still have a contractual link to Harry because terrible contracts and money. Therefore, they still get paid and still have a say. The flop nature of his fauxmances is probably by the design of those who are trying to mitigate the foolery as best they can under the circumstances. Dueling teams, dueling goals, dueling narratives. Still.

Someone (or several someones) has a vested interest in making it very difficult for Harry to live in his truth. Common sense tells you if you made business decisions that spiraled into controversy and condemnation that you’d probably make an effort to cover your ass for as long as you possibly could. I mean, holy shit, this isn’t that difficult to figure out. Sure, we don’t have all the facts and never will. But for God’s sake, that’s just life. You still gotta be able to figure things out without neon signs that say ‘this way to the truth →’. You don’t have all the facts on Trump either. But tell me, is he shady or not? Do you smell a rat? Why? Figure. Things. Out. It’s a necessity. Get woke if you ain’t woke and then, stay woke.

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so i have a teeny tiny larry receipt. i was talking to a friend of mine from school today (i'm in a music business management program), and she was telling me that she knew someone who worked backstage at one of the boys' shows. not sure when/where, but probably toronto since we're in ontario. she said that everyone would be playing soccer backstage and harry and louis would disappear from time to time, and everyone's reaction would just be, "ugh, again?!?!". it made me smile.

They have to have their backstage time together!

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2 13 20 for the "Spin, spin, spin the black circle" ask

2. How many LPs do you own?
3 meters.
13. Tell me about a record of yours that means a lot to you.
Still by Joy Division. Me and my boy got that one real cheap because it had coffee stains on the canvas cover. We didn’t have any money at the time, but we did buy records. I remember eating a potato we found under the counter of the grocery store. We weren’t that poor…we kinda pretended.
20. How did you get into vinyl?
My father was in the music business. Managing director of some labels.

Love you.

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What can. You do with an arts degree though?

• Arranger

• Arts administrator/arts management

• Community music school director

• Composer

• Conductor

• Copyist, transcriber

• Copyright consultant

• Cruise ship entertainer

• Digital aggregator

• Educator 

• Electronic production and design 

• Entrepreneur

• Entertainment lawyer; music business lawyer

• Event production, management, planning, technology

• Film scoring 

• Historian

• Librarian

• Lyricist

• Marketing

• Master classes

• Media development

• Merchant

• Music agent

• Music business

• Music critic or reviewer

• Music curator

• Music for game development

• Music industry

• Music licensing

• Music management

• Music online and print magazine writing, editing, publishing

• Music production

• Music publishing

• Music school administrator

• Music supervisor

• Music therapist

• Music web producer

• Musical instrument repairs and tuning

• Musical theatre

• Musicologist

• Orchestrator

• Performer 

• Pit orchestra musician

• Production

• Promoter

• Public relations agent or coordinator

• Recording 

• Recruiter for talent agencies, universities, etc.

• Religious music – sacred music

• Royalty analyst, royalty accountant

• Songwriter 

• Sound technician 

• Summer camp music director

• Talent representation

ta - da~

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I wrote my college essay about One Direction's management and why it made me change my mind to go from a law major to a music management/business major. I was accepted, and I talked to the professors and they told me how interested they were in my points and in the entire situation. These boys are so influential, and I think they can change the industry be it from them taking action or US taking action.

I am speechless. This is so damn amazing!! ♡♥♡♥

Anyone else starting at Columbia College in Chicago next fall?

I’m transferring in as a junior and majoring in Live And Performing Arts Management and minoring in Music Business Management.
It’d be nice to make some friends that’ll also be going there! :) Plus since it’s downtown and I’ll be taking public transportation it’ll be like 10x easier for me to go to concerts in the city, so some more friends that like the same music as me would be cool.

Message me if you’re going to Columbia and would like to be friends!

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What's your take on why Niall is allowed to perform his songs but Zayn has barely had any performances? Like Niall to me seems to still be very much still under Simon just like the other boys (contrary to the many who believe he's free ) it's just baffling that someone wouldn't perform their first hit single at all

No offense, but I think your perception is not the reality. And that proves how easy it is to manipulate the narrative since so many people are in the moment contemplating current thingies and not contextualizing by reflecting on recent past thingies.

Imo, Niall’s current promo is very similar to Zayn’s launch. Niall is doing more interviews, but I think that’s due to Zayn not being willing (or good at) supporting certain narratives out of his own mouth. Multiple in person interviews swerving on what everyone wanted to hear about would cause suspicion. And since based on what we’ve been able to piece together over the years indicates Zayn is not the one (remember the many bruised knuckles/swollen hand incidents), trying to force him to comply in that way was probably not worth the trouble. And also 1DHQ wouldn’t want to give Zayn too many chances to endear himself to the general public. The image they crafted for him is one of a mysterious, unstable, douchey, sex machine anyway. And we know that’s not who really he is.

But Zayn did perform. It’s just for some reason they were all limited to the US. I guess that was the result of some kinda cost/benefit analysis where 1DHQ wanted initial good sales of Pillowtalk/Mind of Mine since they had a stake in it, but also wanted to protect the UK home turf of Perrie and Little Mix. Since LM aren’t a thing in the US anyway, I guess that was smart in some diabolical kinda way.

Now since Niall is the voice/face of Modest!Golf, it’s in their interests to push him out there in both interviews and performances–it’s all good PR. And Modest’s awkward hyper-masculine fingerprints have been all over his profile raising. The random women “proving” he’s a good ol’ hetero lad. The sexist interview tropes. And there’s the continuing promo of Modest affiliated people.

The shady part here is that the official narrative is already at work via the tabloids in an effort to slowly undermine him personally. And he is promoting a stand alone single. At this time, an album won’t be forthcoming for the very lucrative holiday season. Why? Why would his team put out a single not leading up to an imminent album release?

I think most fans are just happy to see Niall doing his thing and aren’t considering that this is an odd if not downright intentionally bad business strategy. So my best guess as of now is that eventually Niall will be subject to the same sabotage strategy specifically aimed at his music career that Zayn has. Make no mistake, the outgoing team doesn’t wanna see any of these guys succeed long term without them. Especially not to the reunited 1D supergroup level.

Just wait until Dunkirk promo time comes around. Brace yourself for the ramp up of tabloid slander against Harry. P.S. Fingers crossed Harry does a blatantly Oscar bait original song for the soundtrack. Success is the best revenge.