Gorgeous, hardcore, old time music from Riley Baugus, Tim O’Brien, and Tim Eriksen. This time, instead of using the embed code, I used the link. This way, you can go check out the lyrics for “I Wish My Baby Was Born”.

with teen top’s ah ah promotions ending it really hurts me to see articles saying the promotions have failed.. because the boys work so incredibly hard and are so so talented. teen top is such a quality band, but are still really under appreciated imo bc their company is holding them back. in my opinion, teen top has done such a great job maturing musically and branching out into new genres. exito and natural born are some of my fav albums, but tbh it was just rly bad timing with the influx of new boy bands. personally i really love their new music/sound, maybe im being a little bias, but still.. teen top never fails to impress and their music is still generally liked by the public… but i rly think teen top just needs to get back to their roots and go w brave sound again with sharper and more synchronized choreo.. it’s what caught so many of the loyal fans attention and with the competitiveness of the music industry i think its imperative that they make some sort of change?? also tm needs to start using all of the members to their fullest potential. this one/two line shit has to stop. they’ve gotten a little better about it, but i don’t feel like all members really get a chance to shine in teen top if that makes any sense.. im not asking teen top to be the most popular and successful boy band at all, but i feel like they deserve/need more recognition. they’re in their 5th year but they still have a lot of growing to do… i just wish their company would realize it too. 

Musician Samantha Crain for Ramseur Records. Her new record “Under Branch & Thorn & Tree” drops July 17th and features a wide variety of contributing talents and was produced again by John Vanderslice (whom I also photographed in 2013) at Tiny Telephone.

Photographed in Prospect Park, BKLN/NYC.

Photo: Michael Cooper / COOPER PHOTOG

Honestly, what the fuck does it matter who said what? This is pointless drama. Neither is that great of an artist to begin with, and there are much better female role models out there.

I never hear pointless drama or feuds between artists like Lzzy Hale, Taylor Momsen, Veronica Freeman, Angela Gossow, Otep Shamaya, Maria Brink, Alissa White-Gluz, Orianthi, Siouxsie Medley, Emily Armstrong, Simone Simons, Morgan and Mercedes Lander, Kat Katz, Kristen May, Deborah Anne Dyer aka Skin, Jill Janus, Alexis Brown, Onielar, Dr. Mikannibal, all of Crucified Barbara, and Lita Ford. These are all female artists, some are Asian, POC, in their 20s, or have actual PhDs. They all broke ground in the music industry years ago for not only female fronted music, but also for POC women in the music world.

Branch out, listen to music that isn’t on the pop station, and forget the pointless useless drama of who is more important to fighting “-isms” of the music industry.

Odds are I’m wasting my time writing this, it won’t get shared, and no one will wake up and mature.


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If you’re planning to visit Greece, there are two things that you should definitely bring with you: a high-quality digital camera to capture breathtaking sceneries and a high-capacity memory card to store as many pictures as you can! Some of the destinations described below are indicative of the uniqueness of Greek landscapes. Although it is hard to choose, here are my chosen photogenic and most photographed spots in Greece:

The Location highlights are: Athens, Nauplion, Delphi, Crete, Santorini, a 14-day customized itinerary.

Ancient Greek art is mainly in five forms: architecture, sculpture, painting, painted pottery, and music.

Greek music gradually developed branches around 500 BC. It took the form of Greek plays, which always involves music and Greek philosophy; which tried to figure out how music and numbers related to each other.

Architecture includes houses, religious buildings like temples and tombs, and public buildings like city walls and theaters.

Sculpture includes small figurines and life-size statues, but also relief sculptures which were on the sides of buildings and also tombstones.

Greek paintings were painted on walls, as decoration for rooms, like murals or wallpaper. Many of the sculptures from the Parthenon are on display at the British Museum in London. They are known as the Elgin Marbles.

Furthermore, most of the festivals still celebrated today are religious. Traditions vary from island to island, from villages to villages and from region to region.  Many Greek traditions are still honoured in Greek modern culture, no matter people’s age, until today.

Like Easter- Easter is the most important celebration for the Greeks, even more than Christmas. Women dye eggs in red and bake buns. The day of mourning, the Epitaphios; the tomb of Christ with its icon, decorated with flowers, is taken out of the church and carried around the village followed by a slow procession. After the procession returns to the church, where the believers kiss the image of Christ. Then during the night, everybody dresses well and goes to the church where a ceremony is held. Just before midnight, all of the lights of the church are turned off, symbolizing the darkness and silence of the tomb; while the priest lights a candle from the Eternal Flame. He sings with the meaning of “Christ has risen” and offers the flame to light the candles of the people. Everyone passes the flame one to another. The bells ring continuously and people light fireworks. Dinner takes place after midnight and consists of Easter cake and red eggs. On Easter Sunday, the family roasts lamb on a spit. Corfu island is the most famous place for easter.