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Outfitted the whole @skeetv band in Concord XI’s thanks to our new partnership w/ @nojokicksdetroit who will be lacing us up each week. I want every element of this show to represent who I am down from the set to the stage (best on TV) to the segments as I try to make the dopest music & cultural show on TV for y'all! Tune in tonight 10:30pm ET #skeetv on @fusetv

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VIDEO: Sean Hayes and Hubby Create Hilarious Lip Dub Video

Sean Hayes and his husband, Scott Icenogle, are proving yet again to be the reigning kings of lip dub videos, this time with an entry set to Flo Rida’s “I Don’t Like It, I Love It.” The former “Will & Grace” star shared the video on Facebook Thursday alongside the caption, “Uh-oh. Props.” Wearing baseball hats, the couple pull out several objects throughout the song including cymbals and an itty bitty guitar. Back in March, the couple, who got married last November, brought the laughs when they posted a cli

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anonymous asked:

Tell us about your crushes? :3

u mean who they are and why I like them n stuff? yess someone indulges my queer poly ass, I secretly love talking about this

well I mean obviously there’s my datefriend who is way more than a crush (we’re in love lol) but I can’t help but include them, they’re  Number One & celestial <3 & I can’t even list reasons I love them without going on a 10+ page rant, but they’re super super cute and genderfluid like me and we like a lot of the same books & music & tv shows, and they play violin which is !!!!! and they’re super sweet and supportive and loving and I just don’t know what I would do without them.

and then there’s this one persON from camp (besides my datefriend, who I also met at camp) who i’ve had a thing for, for no less than 4 years but we don’t talK about that & they live rly far away and there’s no chance of that happening for various reasons. but they’re a super cool activist and really smart and bilingual and good at dancing and singing and they have super quirky amazing fashion sense & serious pun talent. 

 and I have a couple other ppl from camp I will always have at least a small crush on (& like let’s be honest agnuscastus I’ll always be so Gay and nerdy about you okay, you are too sparkly)

then there’s this girl I know but only on tumblr and she’s honestly the cutest and we have soo much in common but idk how she feels about me and also she’s a really great friend & I don’t mind us just being friends, it’s not one of those Angsty crushes where I pine over not being romantic w her (like it would be nice but I’m not Sad because it isn’t reality), I just think she’s great and every time she says something nice I blush & act like a complete dork, I have too many feelings lol. 

sorry that was rly vague but I don’t want to give things away completely with the ones I didn’t name specifically haha

so yeah it’s my datefriend obviously, who I’m in love with, then a couple camp people and like one online person who I’ve never met but who is so great.