• What she says:I'm fine.
  • What she's thinking:Okay, so there's Paul and Ringo left, but why aren't all of them here? Why did John and George have to go? Anyway, I get that Paul has done more musically since The Beatles broke up, but everyone pushes Ringo to the side and dismisses him because he was the drummer. Have they even heard some of Ringo's solo work... And let us not forget his narration skills for a kids' show. I mean, his narration was gold. Also, Ringo is basically Dhani's uncle and that it adorable. Like the time when he went to go and teach Dhani the drums and Dhani got scared because the drums were so loud. Side note, we haven't seen Ringo's eyes in forever and he spreads peace, love and positivity everywhere he goes. His selfies are so precious. So yeah, Ringo has done stuff too! Also Paul is so adorable and talented, I love him. I love all of them to be honest.

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Modern Au HC: I feel like Warren is the one in the squad who constantly says I'm too old for this shit or I was born in the wrong time and stuff like that. Cuz like he'll be walking down the hall and Peter and Scott won't even say hi to each other they'll just dab cuz they are fucking idiots (but I love them) and Warren is just done with this shit. (Pt 1)

(Pt 2) And he constantly whines about music, talking about how it’s just noises and that’s it and everyone is like WARREN UR THE SAME AGE AS MOST OF US STOP ACTING LIKE A WHINEY OLD MAN FOR FUCKS SAKE. but lbr Warren is the biggest Instagram hoe in the world. Idk if other ppl think this but I do sooo oh well!

oml im dEAD

Takarazuka Rurouni Kenshin Subtitled Stream - Dates!

Thanks to everyone who voted!

I’ve decided to go with the times that the majority of people voted on, but with a slight alteration. 

Links are to a time zone converter:

Sunday, September 4th, 2PM EST 

Sunday, September 4th, 5PM EST

Sunday, September 11th, 5PM EST

Sorry to anyone who won’t be able to make it to any of those time! I will likely stream it again later this month, so if you have a request for a time, feel free to message me.

Once again, I’m going to remind everyone that I really, really, really don’t want anyone downloading the file or translation. I’ll be releasing the script and subtitle file later through Zukalations, so if you want to see the show again (or miss the stream), you can buy the DVD and read the script on your own!

I’ll make announcement posts about an hour before each stream, and once you see that, send me a message! I’ll give you the link and password, after you promise me not to download the video ;)

Adore’s drag is valid. Michelle completely ripped her apart based on her outfit (which was hella great btw) during a TALENT challenge. Adore applies what the feedback the judges give her in her own way so it’s still what she wants to be. That’s Adore’s aesthetic, not all queens need to be pageant and have cinched waists, ball gowns and 300$ wigs. Adore wrote that song and shared a piece of herself with everyone. Singing/music is her passion. Michelle barely commented on her performance, which was the main event. Michelle said on Twitter that she’s ‘just doing her job’. Critiquing and judging is far different from being a complete asshole & tearing down someone’s self esteem they worked so hard to build up. Adore is my favourite queen. She’s so talented & I love her aesthetic. Adore saying she didn’t belong there broke my heart. Queens shouldn’t be crying because they’re being ripped apart on their individuality.

HyunA talks about her new album, dieting year-round, and more in 'Allure'

HyunA took on a softer, more delicate approach for her latest pictorial with ’Allure’ magazine.

In her interview, HyunA was asked about participating in all aspects of her album from the overall mood, the performance, hair, makeup, styling, and more. She replied, “I think it’s my role to head the creative process for my own album. I’ve grown to dislike how something is made forcefully. I take pleasure in sharing my personal tastes with my fans. Not everyone can favor my music style. I also try to work the colors of music that I enjoy listening to at the time into my next release.”

What is HyunA obsessed with lately? She answered, “Pineapples. For the past 2 years, I’ve been obsessed with things with pineapples drawn on them. From lights, interior decorations, tees, underwear, socks, and more, I have a ton of stuff with pineapples on them.”

The idol then went on to talk about her year-round diet, saying, “I go to the gym 5 times a week and switch back and forth between weights and aerobics. If I don’t have time, I try to work out in the practice room. I actually prefer not doing anything rather than being active. I work out because I have to, not necessarily because I like to. My body’s balance has been off because I’ve been working out a lot, so these days, I’m trying to eat foods that are good for me. A while ago, I went in for an examination and got results back saying I lack a lot of essential nutrients, so I’ve been taking vitamins and drinking water. I try to walk whenever I have the time.”

cr: allkpop

“You know what I think?” Eamon said over his shoulder to the man whose crotch he was rubbing his ass against. “I think you’ve wanted me all damn night. And I think I’m in for the fuck of my life.”

With the club music pounding a beat through everyone in the building, Eamon was dressed the part. Tights pants clung to him and his tank top showed off his lean muscle. “What do you see we go to my place?” he suggested as he turned around and pressed in close again.


Come watch Scotty film live from the studio he works at! Live music and all original content! Come show everyone some love!! 

Also, I have no idea why Trump is still the default for our channel, but if you know why, let @atheistjapanesesocialist know how to fix it! Love you all!

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So from what I’ve seen the album will be $10 and honestly even though I’m exited I’m not spending money because 1. I’m broke as fuck 2. I’ve spent so much money on them already. I hope they’ll stream it on Apple Music or something because I know not everyone has $10 to pay for that album. So unless someone gifts it to me or they stream it I won’t be listening.


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10 groups/artists you like besides Kpop/liked before Kpop?

  • Van Canto (Acapella Hero Metal everyone I still love their music so much)
  • Nightwish
  • Epica
  • Kamelot (Forever missing Roy Khan’s god vocals)
  • Breaking Benjamin
  • Fall Out Boy
  • Within Temptation
  • Dream Theater
  • The Birthday Massacre
  • Emilie Autmn

10 favorite non-kpop songs?

honestly tho listen to all of them they’re all so good I need to listen to this stuff more again I just realized how much I miss this music

10 favorite movies?

I’m fucked I suddenly can’t remember any movies at all…

  • Lord Of The Rings (all parts?)
  • The Concert (I watched this so often with my family it’s a super beautiful movie)
  • Howls Moving Castle (actually any of the ghibli films…)
  • Harry Potter (listen I’m just really attached ok)
  • Over The Hedge
  • Avatar (u know the Pandora one)
  • Perks of being a Wallflower
  • Appleseed Ex Machinas
  • Final Fantasy Advent Children
  • there must be more cause I used to watch movies a lot on my own but I can’t think of any right now

10 favorite tv shows, including anime & cartoons?

  • Zankyou no Terror (watched the whole show twice in one day and cried harder than ever before about an Anime)
  • Avatar (the one with the benders u kno)
  • Games of Thrones (kind of. I like the books too much to be able to fully enjoy the series tbh)
  • D Gray Man
  • BBC Sherlock
  • Fate Zero
  • Psycho Pass
  • …that might actually be it. I didn’t watch Anime in ages (only Haiyao Miazaki) and I don’t really watch TV either

10 favorite manga/comics

Since my favourite Mangaka happens to be korean I can’t avoid the whole thing here but I loved his Mangas long before I knew kpop and anyway he’s got nothing to do with the topic so yeh

  • Devense Devil
  • D gray Man
  • Pandora Hearts
  • Black Butler
  • Area D
  • Shin Angyo Onshi
  • March Story
  • Fairy Tail
  • Deadman Wonderland
  • I enjoy Batman comics too when I can get my hands on any (my friends have loats so when they deal with each other at school I get to read a little sometimes)

10 things you enjoyed before kpop/enjoy besides kpop, that won’t fit in the lists above?

  • Drawing. Producing Art. I didn‘t alway drew idols y’all.
  • dressing as a full time metal head with band tshirts long hair and in all black hating hip hop with passion
  • Playing various wild MMORPGs and Skyrim
  • Reading. Damn I read so much. I ran around in school with a book in my hand. Like I was literally walking and reading at the same time. Everday.
  • I always loved to sing
  • Cosplay. I cosplayed two Anime characters before and to this day I’m not done with my Armor for some MMO character. I really want to finish this someday tbh It’s so much fun to work on
  • taking photos. I don’t even have camera sadly but I really love to take pictures, especially of the sky or of nature
  • Listening to instrumental fantasy-whatever music was my shit I loved to do this when drawing
  • I used to spend days developing Anime universes with my sister, plotting the storyline, design the characters, spending hours talking about backround stories. This was great. I loved this and I even still have all the drawings from back then
  • I used to write fanfiction. I actually did that. The thing is just that it was League of Legends or Beyblade (I wrote a 15 chapter long horror beyblade fanfic can u belive dis) which is something I quit years ago

favorite dinosaur?

they’re called Ankylosaurus and they’re super awesome shaped it’s ridiculous



This was really fun but I’m a little emo now ^v^ Thanks for tagging me again!

I tag: @morganasandhya @ssswzo @chonsa1004angel  @mynameis-youngjae @oneshadyqueen  @vikka-chan

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what happened to Tyler??? is he okay??

Long story short

Twenty One Pilots performed at a music festival called Reading and everyone there was drunk/high teenagers. They continuously almost dropped Ty and Josh whenever they went into the crowed. 

When Tyler went to crowd surf to get to a platform to play Car Radio. He didn’t make it to the platform in time for the song to end, but Josh drummed them through to the next song. Tyler still didn’t make it to the platform in time to sing anything for the next song. He was being torn apart in the crowd. Through his mic, you could apparently hear people screaming “Get off me!” and people yelling stuff as they pushed and shoved.

They TORE UP his shirt. They stole his mask (which i heard he got back later?) and he was a sweaty, frustrated mess when he finally got to the platform. 

He quickly ended the performance (possibly because they were simply out of time.) 

GUYS i am feeling sooo good!

when it’s hot outside i always feel like shit bc of migraine (headache), i can’t be in the sun, can’t listen to music unless its very quiet, and i always wake up with a shitty feeling in the head.

now there is ONE piercer in germany who invented a migraine piercing for the ear, and he is 30minutes away from  me. He is also a cutosmer at my moms pharmacy so we know him,

IT HELPED ME!!! i got it on wednesday and i feel so alive.

yesterday i was driving with open window at 33 degrees and listened to music so loud that everyone was watching but i didn’t care because i was so happy!!

i am so thankful you have no idea, i’ve had this problems for years

Adventureland’s Haunted Tour

posted by sixpenceee user fbis-most-unwanted

Adventureland’s Haunted Tour is a bit of a local legend in my town. Even though I live in a fairly small city, Adventureland has kept us on the map since the early sixties, and even today it continues to be a popular amusement park as well as tourist attraction. Adventureland’s Haunted Tour, however, only survives in a handful of old newspaper articles and the rumors spread from one generation of kids to the next.

I had only ever seen the ride once while it was in operation. It was kept in a building that was decorated like a haunted house. Fake spider webs, skeletons, and ghosts adorned the hallway where everyone waited in line. Halloween music played from speakers on the outside. Many people who rode it compare the Haunted Tour to the Haunted Mansion at Disneyland.

My family visited Adventureland when the ride first opened. I was eight or nine, and very short, so I did not get to go on it that summer. It was a very popular attraction among my older brother and his friends, who must have ridden it a hundred times during that year. I was consoled by my parents’ reassurance that I would certainly be tall enough to ride the Haunted Tour next summer, and that coupled with the many other rides my mother took me on were enough to satisfy me. 

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hey friends!! 💗 i know a lot of you all will be starting college or uni soon and it can be a really hard time, especially trying to manage your finances and, if you’re basically addicted to online shopping like me, trying to have a lil extra to treat yourself once in a while. i’m not sure how many of you will know it, but i found out about a site called unidays through my ra. 

you can sign up with your student email and then you have access to a lot of exclusive discounts on quite a few big online stores, including sephora, urban outfitters, forever 21, platypus. even apple and samsung! i personally have used it to shop asos and boohoo, as well as a 50% off apple music subscription.

if you sign up below, you’ll get $5 and i’ll get $5 too so we help each other! you can also earn giftcards and enter really easy giveaways every month. unidays has been really helpful to me over my first year of uni and i hope it’ll help you all too 💕

sign up here ✨

“Real Musical fans listened to/saw more than just Phantom, Les Mis and Wicked!”

“All those fake fans who only listened to Hamilton shouldn’t even call themselves Musical fans!”

“If your favorite Musical is Phantom of the Opera, Wicked or Les Miserables I just can’t take you serious.”

Holy shit fam there is a reason popular Musicals are popular and not everyone is rich enough to see a bunch of shows live or to even buy the cast recordings, besides many people choose not to watch bootlegs because they think it disrespects the creators, so get the fuck off your high horse you privileged arse.