Music Star

Just got back from Star Trek Beyond and let me tell you people I have never, ever felt as validated by one bit of throwaway dialogue as I was by the identification of the Beastie Boys as classical music.


Because back in fucking 2009, when the Star Trek reboot came out and we see young James T. Kirk stealing his stepfather’s convertible and driving it off a cliff, the “Sabotage” playing as loud as the film can get away with is clearly diegetic.

Which means that, if the film is taking place like 200 years in the future, it’s the equivalent of Jimmy-Jam the Car-Theft Man rocking out to Brahms’s “Hungarian Dance No. 5″ or some shit while he commits his high-octane felony.

At the time, I found this pretty hilarious, because tiny farm children from the future annoying their parents with loud music that was old when said parents’ grandparents were young is never not going to be funny.  I also found it funny because Abrams could have skated with that choice and zero raised eyebrows if he’d left it as non-diegetic, but he did not because who the fuck knows.

So of course it pops back up in Star Trek Beyond, and everybody stops and is just like “…we’re playing classical music now? That’s our brilliant plan?”, and it was an honest struggle not to yell “thank you” at the screen.

Also: I need–actually honest-to-god need–to see the discussion notes that went into the production team going with “Sabotage” over “Intergalactic” this time around, because I feel like “Meet me in the pit” had to have been said at least twice by different crew members.

The Song Recs

Nothing major bout this post. Just a masterpost of the asks I’ve gotten related to music over the past several months.

Control by Halsey seems to be a popular one here, doesn’t it?

Re my own personal taste in music: as you can see from this post, it’s a lil’ bit different. Thanks for the recs everyone!