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Name: Ellie
Age: 18 (almost 19)
Country: United Kingdom

Just an aspiring documentary maker who’s looking for some new friends across the globe!

I’m an eighteen year old lesbian who’s about to start college, majoring in marketing and film, and would love a career in documentary making one day. I love soccer, adventurous stuff, music of any kind really, movies (especially documentaries) and learning new skills and languages. I love to skateboard and explore new places, and photography is one of my favourite things in this whole entire universe.

Looking to learn Korean or Portuguese so if any of you would like to help me with that I greatly appreciate it! I love languages and I want to try and learn as many as I can one day.

If you like really cheesy jokes and nervous rambling then we’ll get along just fine!

Up to talk about and learn about anything, so even if we don’t have anything in common message me cause I love learning about different cultures around the world and I love learning about new things! Especially if you’re apart of the LGBTQ+ community as I’m always looking to make friends with people like me!

Preferences: Anyone aged 17-26 pretty much as long as you’re open minded and don’t mind me asking you a lot of questions!

I prefer snapchat or tumblr, but email is also okay.


MARCH 10 > ionnalee; SAMARITAN

in collaboration with COMME des GARÇONS
TWIMC / Dover Street Market / Kobalt Music


This is my Doberman, Moose. He’s around five (we’re not sure as he’s a rescue) and weighs 120 pounds (55 kilos). His favorite things to do are taking humans for a drag and barking at odd hours of the morning. He is a gentle giant— If he sees you crying, he will come up to you and lick the tears off of your face, and if he can he will also sit on you. He also loves giving the cat baths, and likes going downtown to farmers markets and music festivals where he kisses all the little children and makes them happy. He is a wholesome pup ❤️

ID #85297

Name: Steph
Age: 17
Country: United Kingdom (Scotland)

I’m steph, I’m from a really small place and just looking for people who share my interests. I have an IT degree and marketing diploma I don’t use, I am really into music everything from the smiths, and nirvana to like ratboy and crywank to drake. i really like indie -sundance- sad foreign -bad 90’s vampire films. I am very much a cringe wannabe skins reject and I can drink a bottle of echo falls in 90 seconds I also have the sickest sense of humour possessed by a 5"5 blonde girl .

Preferences: people within my age range 16 - 22ish


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