Music Life=Love

Completed BTS Blimps messages"

✈Suga “I love Music, I love my Life!”

✈J-Hope “I Love You, Mom!”

✈Jin “I will always love ARMYs!”

✈Jimin “I love the sea of Busan”

✈Taehyung “I love my hometown”

✈Jungkook “I love my Bros. BTS Forever.”

✈RM “I wish I could love myself”


ALL BTS’ Blimps for ‘LOVE MYSELF' 

Starting from Oct 17 BigHit announced a new project named 'LOVE MYSELF’. Since then blimps of the members were gradually seen in the skies of their hometowns. 

  • 171017 | Seen at Busan | JIMIN: “I love the sea of Busan" 
  • 171017 | Seen at Gwacheon |  JIN: "I will always love ARMY”
  • 171020 | Seen at Daegu | V: “I Love My Hometown”
  • 171023 | Seen at Busan | JUNGKOOK: “I love my bros. BTS forever”
  • 171024 | Seen at Daegu | SUGA: “I love music. I love my life”
  • 171026 | Seen at Gwangju | JHOPE: “I love you, Mom”
  • 171028 | Seen at Ilsan | RM: “I wish I could love myself”

Thank you to the bands who made my life a little less crappy

side effects of going solo:

  • having to be the cute one
  • having to also be the sulky one. but its hard, because you’re also the cute one and there’s nothing really cute about being sulky.
  • having to be the dangerous one. but that’s hard, because you’re already cute and sulky and people aren’t really scared of sad little cutie pies.
  • having to be the talented one. but all this time you’ve spent trying to balance cute, sulky, and dangerous has really eaten up your schedule, and well - it makes it hard to refine your talents.
  • having to be the fun one. but you’ve kind of been burning the candle at both ends being cute, sulky, dangerous and talented, so let’s face it - you’re not necessarily a joy to be around.
  • getting to take up the entire album cover with just a picture of you in a bubble bath, which is something you’ve been pitching unsuccessfully to the band for years.

side effects of being secretly good at juggling:

  • waiting patiently for someone to mention juggling in a conversation
  • no one ever mentions juggling
  • starting a solo career to increase your media exposure for the sole purpose of increasing the odds that someone will ask you about juggling
  • still nothing. all they ever want to talk about is your music and your love life. dammit.
  • wishing with your entire heart that a crowd of people would somehow start yelling for you to juggle
  • juggling