Music Comic


okay but if i were jeremy this wouldve unfortunately been my first thought, and there wouldve been no musical at all

this is so lame


Stuff from last night and the lunchbreak of today. 

I continued a bit the Ant Kitchen drawing (feat Mike and Ant composing White Mountain song) (I want this one to be really finished and as good as possible…..that’s why I’m super slow :P ) (and also difficult background….)

And the Peter playing with one finger drawing I started yesterday :3

“We were both struggling away at the piano, trying to write song, he with his more classical chops and me playing with one finger, which later developed into two fingers…” Peter Gabriel in Genesis : Chapter and Verse

hey guys, i’m lookin’ for new blogs to follow. can y’all please reblog this if you post:

  • star trek (tos/aos/any variant in general)
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i’m open to recommendations too!


I’d rather date an idea;
something I’ll never find.
Sure, I’ll live in the moment,
but I’m never happy here
I’m surrounded by greener looking time(x)

I’ve still got a lot of feels from Just Friends