From a 19th Century image of Jerusalem from the Mount of Olives to an iconic Biblical image, Sacred Visions gives the Dahesh Museum’s collection a much needed temporary presence in NYC. The museum, which closed its physical space in 2007, was the only one dedicated to so called Academic art. Sacred Visions melds items from their collection with rare bibles from MOBIA’s collection on the Upper West Side, through February.


So I went to Mobia (Museum of Biblical Art) today and this is the first thing that popped into my mind.

A few minutes later some guy put a lost glove on the bench and another opportunity arose.

Man I wish I took pictures while at the museum tho, the paintings were amazing but the expressions and poses were hilarious. Also Jesus was a very pretty baby.

Naomi Reis in Back to Eden at The Museum of Biblical Art

Back to Eden
Contemporary Artists Wander the Garden

The Museum of Biblical Art

1865 Broadway at 61st Street
New York, NY 10023

Lynn Aldrich, Anonda Bell, Maria Magdalena Campos-Pons, Sean Capone, Mat Collishaw, Jim Dine, Mark Dion, Barnaby Furnas, Adam Fuss, Rona Pondick, Lina Puerta, Naomi Reis, Pipilotti Rist, Alexis Rockman, Dana Sherwood, Mary Temple, Fred Tomaselli, Marina Zurkow

June 27—September 28, 2014

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