Museum für Naturkunde


Museum für Naturkunde, Berlin

This is honestly one of the best natural history museums I have visited. The main feature right now is the preparation of museum specimens, and they have some truly stunning taxidermy out. They have an exhibition on flies at the moment as well, which is well laid out and highly educational.

Also in the second and third pictures, you can see these binoculars in the entrance hall. These are basically virtual reality binoculars, and when you look at one of the dinosaurs, it adds muscles and organs, then skin, and then environment so you can watch the skeleton take life. Really well done.


Biopolis - Wild Berlin // Photographs by Florian Möllers

i was doing some research on natural history museums for a paper i had to do for conservation biology & came across the Museum Für Naturkunde’s Special Exhibition, Biopolis, which runs until the 31st of july 2012. i think it’s a great way to make people aware of how urban sprawl is affecting non-human species’ habitat distribution ranges & make us appreciate the biodiversity within cities–that there are “unwanted” species around us, not just the domesticated species we’ve co-evolved with as our ~mainstream companions lol. & i’ve chosen to post the fox just because of reasons. i wish i could go and see the exhibit :3
Another Trip to the Museum für Naturkunde!
Yesterday I felt the need to head over to the Museum für Naturkunde. A few months ago I had gotten their year pass, so I REALLY needed to go again! This time my friend Magda joined me. I was there a few hours before she arrived, and got a lot of bird drawing in. I'm collecting reference for a personal project I've started, and I will post details here later about it! It's always a confidence booster when you draw here! People are so excited to see an artist in action, and it's fun to interact with them as well. A young girl came up to me as I was working and asked if she could take some pictures. It was so sweet! I'm hoping when the weather gets better to go to the zoo and draw alive animals. Though the Naturkunde museum in Berlin does amazing taxidermy work! Check out Magda's portfolio here!

Posted my sketches from my recent trip to the Museum für Naturkunde in Berlin! Check it out