School Unity Set Wallpapers! (SIFAC)

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Nichts ist schöner als zu wissen, dass du Zuhause auf mich wartest, wenn ich von der Arbeit komme. Am Abend mit dir auf dem Sofa zu liegen, zu kuscheln und unsere Lieblingsserie zu schauen. Im Bett Arm in Arm einzuschlafen, deinen Herzschlag zu hören, deinen Geruch zu riechen und am Morgen als erstes dein verschlafenes Gesicht zu sehen.
—  Eines Tages…
I was ready to open my arms for you. I was ready to make room for your lips on my skin. I was ready to be your home. You, on the other hand, never truly seemed ready for anything. I could never tell where your mind was or where it wanted to be, but now it’s clear to see that you’re moving on from whatever we had. Now I just have to wait for the end, even though we never really began.
—  Maxwell Diawuoh, Request: I was falling in love but you were confusing, I didn’t know if you even liked me. But you have to move on and I am stuck here waiting for everything to finally be over.

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alexander hamilton general headcanons:
  • he never takes any sugar or any creamer in his coffee
  • he never drinks tea and insists it’s for the weak minded
    • he’s gotten in many debates with practically everyone over this 
    • it’s one of the things that him and jefferson fight over frequently
      • ‘hamilton you can’t be serious- tea is amazing?’  'you must be out of your GODDAMNED MIND’
  • the longest he’s gone without sleep is two weeks 
    • all of his friends try and get him to have a normal sleep schedule but he isn’t having it
  • the man has a horrible addiction to caffeine but even after he drinks coffee, he still looks exhausted
  • he loves sleep more than anything but he denies himself the pleasure of it
  • he can actually play piano really well but no one else knows
    • he taught himself how to play it 
  • he is actually a really big fan of reading fiction although he has never attempted to write it yes he has
    • he loves reading non fiction more though
  • he sometimes doodles a bit
    • and by a bit i mean that he has filled up at least two notebooks with just drawings
      • he’ll never admit he likes drawing but lafayette saw him drawing once
  • he almost never eats at all
    • his friends always have to remind him to eat
  • he loves rap music
I can’t seem to put myself first. The darkness is too thick, but your joy reminds me that light exists. So, I try to help you find it. I wish I could find my own. I wish you’d help me, but you don’t know how bad things are. You don’t know how often I wish it would all end, and I can’t bring myself to tell you. If only I could be happy for real.
—  Maxwell Diawuoh, Request: a suicidal girl that tries to make everyone happy and fulfilling their needs and ignoring herself and her own happiness. She wants her parents to be happy but she is breaking inside.