Muse Draws Muns Dash;;

 Muse draws muns dash #1 : Charlotte Katakuri @sir-edgelord-fluffyscarf (You may not have logged into your rp accounts lately but your muse is cool.) and @hndzhn

Shittori didn’t know who he was or what his name was, so she simply decided to title the drawing as “Determination” due to that strong gaze. 

Muse draws muns dash #2: Sanji @devilslcg
(You truly are a treasure, Ariel, the reason why I keep coming back to this community no matter how many times I end up going on hiatus. All of your characters are precious. I swear. You are too.)

Shittori frowned deeply as she drew, unsatisfied with how it was coming out. She didn’t feel she was managing to capture her deep admiration for this man, this person who carried love for everything he did. She would keep drawing at it until it was ruined or perfect. 

Personification of Passion.