Muse of Sport


✿: What is your muses favourite scent?

☼: What is your muses favourite kind of weather?

☤: Is your muse allergic to anything?

♫: Does your muse like music? What kind?

✉: What is something your muse would write about?

✈: How far has your muse travelled away from their home?

💕: Does your muse have any crushes?

★: What is your muse’s zodiac?

✞: Does your muse have an religious beliefs? What are they?

∞: Is there something about your muse that has been constant throughout their life?

✘: What are your muses pet peeves?

💲: What is your muse like with their money? What’s their financial situation?

⚽: What’s your muse’s favourite sport?

✔: What is your muse’s sexuality?

✋: Is your muse left or right handed?

👓: Does your muse need reading aids? Contacts or glasses?

🎒: What does your muse normally keep in their bag?

🚑: Does your muse have any disabilities/impairments?

👕: What is your muse’s fashion sense like?

🎲: Does your muse like to gamble?

🍕: What’s your muses favourite food?

🍸: Does your muse like to consume alcohol? What’s their favourite kind?

💉: Does your muse have a substance addiction? To what?

Send me a symbol for a starter where..
  • 🍺: Our muses go out drinking
  • 📚: Our muses have to study for an exam
  • 🔭: Our muses go stargazing
  • 🔬: Our muses are lab partners
  • 🎸: Our muses are in a band together
  • 🎄: Our muses are celebrate Christmas together
  • 🎓: Our muses attend their child's highschool graduation
  • 🏈: Our muses are on a sports team together
  • 🎮: Our muses have a video game night
  • 🍃: Our muses go hiking together
  • 🚂: Our muses go to Hogwarts
  • 🚘: Our muses take a road trip
  • ✈️: Our muses are on the same flight to the other side of the world
  • 🗽: Our muses visit an important landmark
  • ⛺️: Our muses go camping
  • 🎲: Our muses are at a casino
  • 🔪: Our muses are hired to assassinate someone
  • 🔮: Our muses use a Ouija board or do the Charlie Charlie challenge
  • 🔧: Our muses need to fix an important piece of technology
  • 🔗: Our muses are held prisoner
  • 🚔: Our muses do something that gets them both arrested
  • 💒: Our muses get married
  • 🏠: Our muses live together
More Symbol Starters!

🎉 Our muses have a vegas wedding!

💎 Our muses accidentally ( or purposely ) steal a valuable object!

🏫 Our muses are high-schoolers!

👶 Our muses meet as children!

💀 Our muses are held hostage!

💤 Our muses fall into a deep sleep and are stuck in the same dream!

🌆 Our muses escape the city to start a new life together!

💋 Our muses appear on the ‘Kiss Cam’ at a sports game!

🎁 Our muses exchange special gifts to each-other!

🛀 Our muses take a bath together!

🎱 Our muses play pool together and make bets!

🎠 Our muses visit the fair!

🎈 Our muses crash a party together!

🐷 Our muses visit a zoo!

🎾 Our muses get into a competitive sports battle 

🎤 Our muses do a little karaoke together! 

🚀 Our muses try to find another planet to live on because earth is dying!

⚉ Our muses go bowling together!

☣ Our muses play with an Ouija board! 

🔍 Our muses try to solve a crime together!

💰 Our muses win the lottery!

🚢 Our muses go on a cruise! 

❄ Our muses are stranded outside during a snow storm!

☬ Our muses try to survive a ‘purge’ night together!

⚓ Our muses lost out at sea together!

📖 Our muses are story-book characters!

🎃 Our muses go trick-or-treating… when it’s not Halloween!

🎥 Our muses are movie/t.v show characters!

💥 Our muses are transported to a different world / time!

🔪 Our muses are trapped in a building with a killer!

♖ Our muses live poor lives in the 19th century!

⚒ Our muses build things in wood-shop class together!

🍤 Our muses get curious and visit an ‘adult’ store!

☕ Our muses meet and share a table at a cafe together!

☏ Our muses talk on the phone to each-other in the middle of the night!

⌲ Our muses pass notes during class / work !

✎ Our muses model and draw for each other!

🏰 Our muses in the time of knights, princes, dragons, ect!

🐢  Our muses visit an aquarium !

🌠 Our muses watch the stars together and see a shooting star!

💢  Our muses get into a heated argument about something stupid!

🍻  Our muses go to a bar together!

🍺  Our muses go clubbing together!

💅  Our muses give each-other makeovers!

🔮 Our muses visit a psychic to tell their future!

🎭 Our muses go to a masked ball!

🎮 Our muses play video-games together!

🔦 Our muses are lost in a forest with only a flashlight! 

💣 Our muses must escape a building before a bomb goes off!

🎰 Our muses gamble away at a casino! 

♥ Our muses meet for the first time!

☞ Our muses in a romance related RP!

✌ Our muses in an action related RP!

☹ Our muses in a drama related RP!

× Our muses in a survival related RP!

¿ Send this symbol for a randomized option!

Inside Out Asks

Send a symbol to find out:

🔮 One of my muse’s core memories
💡 A big idea my muse has had
👮 My muse’s leading/most prominent emotion
🚐 How my muse would feel about moving
🚌 If my muse has run away from home before, and why they decided to
🏒 My muse’s favorite sport and/or hobby
👪 How close my muse’s family is
❤ What makes my muse angry
💙 What makes them sad
💚 What disgusts them
💛 What do they find joy in
💜 What are they afraid of

ability is what you’re capable of doing.
motivation determines wat you do.
attitude determines how well you do it.

the quarterback - requested by anon

what i really want is the almost clichéd f/f plot of muse a who is the head cheerleader type and muse b who is her rough, sarcastic girlfriend. where muse a is just this pretty mean girl type with her band of followers (or sorority sisters depending on age) who just do what she says on a whim and most of the school is in awe of her and then there is muse b who is sarcastic and smart and really thinks they are above it all with their leather jackets and confidence and them just being so in love with each other and going out on dates and muse b happily going to sports games to see muse a do what she loves and letting muse a know she has no school spirit but would go to every game if she gets to see her in that stupidly short skirt and get to take it off her after. and muse a shutting down any homophobic slander towards muse b or their relationship and angsty fights because they are so different and not sure they wan the same thing/being way too jealous when someone gives the other a little too much attention!!

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