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Revamped pt1!
Model: Dallas “Flashman” Wade @flashmanwade shot by lathephotographer! Star in the making! #model #abs #fitness #muscles #body #tattoos #heat #tbt #talented #locs #artist #blackman #gym #sports #sexy #rapper #muse #educated #mountain #Grandrapids #Michigan #Phoenix #lathephotographer (at South Mountain, Phoenix, Arizona)


Friday Frolics With The One And Only!

To Paraphrase Samuel Johnson, When You Are Tired Of Ben Cohen, You Are Tired Of Life!

Hot Frakin’ Damn, Cowboy!

The Ben Cohen StandUp Foundation

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¢ - your muse teaches mine a sport that they're terrible at

Goofy yelp abit before falling on his butt on the skateboard his son gave him to practice on while he let out an small sigh “It hopeless max no matter what I keep falling on this thing maybe it pointless teaching me how to skateboard..” He mumbled with an frown on his face  


Another Step Out Of The Closet!

Bravo To Tom Daley, Who Announced That He Is In A Relationship With A Man. He Is A Truly Brave Young Man. There Still Is A great Deal Of Homophobia In The World, And For A 19 Year Old Guy To Come Out Is An Admirable Move! I Was Not That Brave At 19!

Best To You, Kiddo! You Are A True Sports Stud!


Hump Day Hunk!

The Gods Of Footy Have Blessed Us With The Perfect Muse…Matt Arnot!

Sexy As Hell, Baby!

Pro Soccer - Football & Soccer Club Muse Template (Miscellaneous)

Pro Soccer – Football & Soccer Club Muse Template (Miscellaneous)

Live PreviewPurchase $23.00 Pro Soccer is the Multipurpose template option for web developer or football club, soccer club who needs a web template to promote and introduce their club. Pro Soccer template in design with simple, clean and modern. This template made with Adobe Muse. Create and publilsh dynamic websites for desktop, tablet, and mobile devices that meet the latest web standards-…

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Tuesday’s Muse: Sonny Bill Williams

Tumblr Tuesday Kid!

Start Working That Core, Baby!

Sexy As Hell, Baby!

May 3, 2013: Over 1000 Likes and Reblogs! Thanks Y'all!!!

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omg, youre literally like the cutest frick ive ever seen, i hope you have a good night ❤️❤️


Hi hello what I meant is my name is Rocky and i run an Arima blog as you can see. I am literal trash for sports anime to. I run several muses, 3 of which from sports animes and one pictured Arima playing basketball and that is a treasured memory of mine.  I also art and once had a huge crush on Greed from FMAB!

Hey now you know me so we’re cool now and Im nothing to be shy over?

Also you too! Thank you beeb, you’re so kind. Have a nice night <333 ;___;

Le musée Alfa Romeo d'Arese fait peau neuve

Inauguré le 24 juin à l'occasion de la présentation mondiale de la nouvelle Giulia, le musée Alfa Romeo entièrement rénové ouvre ses portes au public à partir de ce mardi 30 juin. Le musée expose les pièces les plus significatives de la collection histori…
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