“I knew that milotic was up to no good but I didn’t figure this would happen. How’d you figure that out?”

“I have to check for any other injured pokemon. Sorry, but I have to take my leave, if you’ve recovered enough.”

“I’ll be fine. Go to the Tin Tower and take that bastard down. Leave the ninetales alone. I’ll be there as soon as I can.”

“As you wish… Castor, scout ahead.”


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Link to 2nd post with male trainers

Pokemon XY trainers and their pokemon based on available in-game outfits.

Playthrough 1: Sporty tomboy who likes to use tricks

Playthrough 2: High-class dandy boater who uses water type

Playthrough 3: Super spoopy dark/fairy/ghost trainer

Playthrough 4: Punky rocker who likes cool pokemon (guitar not actually available)

Gallery with tons of outfit combos (girl only)

Sorry for the long post. Some detail images below the cut:

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