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Quickly! MC has forgotten that they had just eaten something spicy and has kissed our characters! How do they all react?

You said quickly, but we weren’t fast in writing this. I hope this answer makes it up to you, apprentice!

- Asra: He has no problems with spicy food, in fact, he probably ate something just as spicy if not more just a few moments ago. When you go in for the kiss, he’s surprised for a split second before grinning into the kiss, possibly giving a hum when he tastes the spice on your tongue. He goes along with it pretty easily, and he makes a teasing remark when you both pull away, saying he can give you something even hotter.

- Julian: He didn’t expect the spicy kiss at all, giving you a muffled grunt as he pulls away from the kiss, his eyes wide in a mixture of shock and realization. He stares at you for a few moments before his mouth slowly goes into a smirk. Oh, you want to play dirty? (Also, did you know that the taste of spice is actually a form of pain? What a masochist) He definitely goes in for another kiss, and when you leave he has to drink so much water.

-Nadia: The countess can absolutely handle the spice. Her favorite food is spiced swordfish, she’s probably eaten spicier. She’d pull away, asking why you would kiss her right after eating. It’s quite unhygienic. She would later surprise you with a spicy kiss as well. If you want to bring the heat, at least be ready to handle it. She says that, and right after, she wipes her mouth lightly with a napkin before turning to leave.

- Portia: She has tried a lot of food, holding her ground on a dare, but it’s more for pride. You can’t deny she gets when she has spicy food, but that doesn’t mean she will admit it or that she doesn’t like it. Though she is surprised by the kiss, she doesn’t seem to have any negative feelings towards it. She quite likes it if the taste is on your tongue, and if she sees you eating spicy food again, will contemplate going in for a kiss.

- Muriel: Why would you kiss him? He already doesn’t understand romantic stuff, so the kiss leaves him in a shock. He actually doesn’t process the taste of spice, as his taste buds are kind of numb from his brain going into a state of confusion. He only realizes later on, if he has the same food as you did before, connecting the taste to the feeling of your lips. He can’t have that food again without thinking about you.

- Lucio: You got him burning up into smoke. His tongue is on fire. I guess your fiery passion is simply too much for him to handle right now. He doesn’t exactly hate spice, but he can’t handle too much heat. He’s ecstatic about the kiss, but he pulls away quickly once he feels like he’s going to burst into flames. Darling, you have him in ashes. Even though it kills the man, he simply can’t stop kissing you. You light the fire in his heart, you’re addictive.

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i feel like muriel and asra’s relationship is literally just

muriel: everything is terrible. nobody listens to me when i try to warn them about the corruption within our government and how they’re all in danger. they’d rather attend parties at the palace instead of acknowledging how everything is going wrong. they’re lambs being led to slaughter, asra

asra while watching vine compilations: oh yea for sure anyway u want some pringles ??


Holy shit my dudes, this shit is the finest shit. For all you angels out there, here’s a couple things to do to feel more connected/closer to “home”:

-go on an amusement park ride (preferably one that goes really high and swings) bc that shit feels like flying

-or you can just go on the swings if there aren’t any fairs near by

-take a nap in the middle of the day (and preferably with a white comforter ) bc the light feels fuckin heavenly when you’re napping (this is my happy place tbh)

-draw your past self (you don’t have to be “good” at art, just do your best and be as detailed as possible!)

-flowy swishy(airy) clothing is awesome

-bubble bath with candles?? (This makes me think of ritualistic bathing that happened in the heavens)(or for the pagan angels, it’s a way to cleanse your aura and revitalize your energy)

-(VERY) makeshift wings (a wire coat hanger, fabric glue, white sheets that no one is using, and ribbon or string) (just bend the wire to the basic shape of a wing and glue white sheets over it. Leave part of the wire sticking out and bend upward into a loop. Attach ribbon and wear around shoulders) (again, this is very makeshift and can be done with stuff people usually have around their house. Besides the fabric glue. If worse comes to worse, try regular elmers glue. Hot glue is also a good supplement)

- check out the app Amino and join the otherkin community/ies (my username is Muriel;))

- honey steamer anyone?? (Just heat up some milk on the stove or microwave and stir in about a tablespoon of honey. Once honey is completely dissolved, pour into cup and enjoy! Be careful tho! It’s hot!)

- do your makeup (if you have anything gold, personally it makes me feel more angelic. Also, this is not just for the girl angels out there, it’s for everyone)

- role play as your kin type!

- spend time in nature! Look at the earth from a 3rd persons POV like we did in our past “lives”