Murdered Soul Suspect


What do you women like in terms of…

Sooo these are apparently the hotties I’m going to take out for Valentine’s Day eheh


A picture of the lovely Mr. O’Connor from Murdered: Soul Suspect! This game needs more love, so here’s another art from me! To achieve the accurate ghost effect I still had to completely color this, so I put in a closeup of the not-dead colors in there too. Thanks to an Anon for suggesting more Murdered!

Ronan O'Connor from Murdered: Soul Suspect *-* he’s such a cutie.

I really enjoyed the game! Just beat it with Linds yesterday! I had to scribble up a picture of Ronan or I wouldn’t be able to sleep! Hopefully I’ll get the time and inspires to draw him more soon, I think he’s really cool :) Fedora + Vest-wearing swaggery detective ghost? and with adorable wifey-wife feels??? That’s just unfair… x_x <3