Murder Twins


There are plenty of Clint/Natasha spy shenanigans fics where Barton’s the one tumbling heedlessly into insane situations while Natasha always has a well-considered plan, and I love those. It’s a fun dynamic. Reckless, impulsive Barton with an exasperated Natasha bailing his ass out of the fire is a hilarious read, and I’ve seen it done really, really well.

But then there’s also this scene.

Nat, what are you doing?


Did you just. Did you just hijack an alien spacecraft you’ve never before seen in your life, let alone know how to operate?


And to solve said lack of knowledge, did you commandeer an actual alien to drive it for you by jumping on its back like a suicidal monkey riding a bucking bronco? Which is airborne?

Pretty much.

And are you now being chased by a vengeful Norse god bent on world domination and his murderous minions hundreds of feet above the burning streets of New York?

That is what’s happening, yes. Now shut up and help.

I got you.


ME: *hearteyes*