Murder Twins

No doubt some lore/headcanons can get out of hand easily enough but even tough subjects can be approached with care. If ever your concerns are messing with your enjoyment of FR, just recall your own childhood…

Simba nuzzling the broken body of his trampled father.

Grandmother being eaten alive by a wolf - Red Rising Hood

Woman murdered via an oven and burned alive - Hansel and Gretal

Anything Goosebumps such as….

          - Neighborhoods that trick families into moving in and bleeding them for food - “Welcome to Dead House”

          - Faking your own death only to stalked by ghosts attepting o drown you - “The Curse of Camp Cold Lake”

Anything from “Are you afraid of the Dark?” such as…

          - Pyrokinetic ghost trying to burn children alive while their father is away - “The Tale of the Fire Ghost”

          - A girl fighting the demon that murdered her twin sister and confronting her ghost, which no one believes - “The Tale of the Quicksilver”

Adults hunting down and attempting to kill kidnapped children by slicing them open with pirate sabers and/or a hook. Tik Tok Peter Pan

Harry Potter (Pick one)

Child Slavery - Pinocchio

Bambi cringing as his mother sacrifices herself to the hunters that will string her up and eat her if they don’t stuff and mount her.

Two attempts of coerced marriage and intimacy - Thumbelina

The Green Ribbon (Enough said)

Most book versions of most Fairy Tales, especially anything princess.

and so much more!

If teenagers have access to FR, which IS a bit monitored (Plague festival changes for example), what they find there can’t be too much worse than what google + imagination can conjure up.

So rest easy and enjoy your digital dragon hatchling mills friends! :D


First art of 2017! ✨  with my first anime crush and fave android twins (and the reason why 17 is my favourite number…..) Android 17 and 18!

One of my goals this year is to draw at least one thing every day - last year was a bit of a difficult time for me, and also a very quiet period in art, so I really want to try hard to turn it around in 2017! (this will probably just mean a lot more quick n messy sketches haha) Happy new year, and thank you so so much for sticking around!

“Tell me, what do you think is the ultimate fear? I really thought I’d already reached the darkest of the dark, but then, ahead of me, I beheld a darkness even greater still.”

-Johan Liebert, “Monster”


Drunk Robert forgets to use his inside voice and talks way too close to people’s ears, and Drunk Rosalind gets awfully cocky and annoys the hell out of Comstock.