Murder Twins


On July 11, 1908, the heavily decomposed body of 19-year-old Hazel Drew was discovered floating face down in Teal’s Pond. She had a corset string knotted around her neck. Drew had been missing for four days. On July 7 of that year, Drew walked along a secluded place of Taborton Road, Sand Lake, New York. At around 7:30 p.m., she met Frank Smith and Rudolph Gundrum and engaged in conversation with them. What happened next is shrouded in mystery. An autopsy concluded that she had died of blunt force trauma to the head. Locals speculated that her death was accidental and that she had been struck by a car. Many suspects were questioned, among them Smith and Gundrum, but no one was ever charged with the murder of Drew and the case is still unsolved. The mystery surrounding Drew’s death recently made the news after the Twin Peaks series made it’s comeback. Co-creator Mark Frost revealed in 2013 that the inspiration for the character Laura Palmer is partially based on Hazel Drew. Frost stated: “I’d heard stories about [Hazel] all through my growing up, because she’s supposedly haunted this area of the lake, so that’s kind of where Laura came from.


-   C i e l   P h a n t o m h i v e   -

~ lmao I can’t wait 129 chapter to be translated bc the real Ciel ;-;

  • taz episode 1: three goofy adventurers travel to a cave, kill some goblins, make dick jokes
  • taz episode 66: one of the adventurers is forced to murder his twin sister's lover and push his corpse out of an interdimensional starship in order to prevent him from having a century's worth of his memory wiped by an alien jellyfish


So I have a huge theory here, I don’t know if anyone else noticed but the Colonel was mainly concerned about Celine and Damein, mostly Celine, and after thinking about what the detective said in the last video before he was shot, “sleeping with your best friend’s wife” It seems that the Colonel was having an affair with Mark’s wife, Celine. Which is why Damein was so concerned over how udderly calm she was about his death. She was calm because she didn’t truly love him anymore, she loved the colonel.

Another thing, look more closely at the shirt design, on the back you have pictures of each character, but which two pictures are next to each other, the Colonel and Celine, not only that but there’s a lipstick print on the Colonels picture and Celine is reaching in to his picture..

It also explains why the Colonel trusts her so much

Lastly, it would explain why all of the pictures that Mark had of the Colonel, were face down and broken.

Actors and Actresses who have inspired me to continue my acting career Part 1

Helena Bonham Carter [Sweeney Todd, Harry Potter, Les Miserables, The Corpse Bride, Alice in Wonderland]

Andrew Scott [BBC Sherlock]

Jodie Whittaker [Broadchurch, Doctor Who]

Robin Williams [Jumanji, Night at the Museum, Hook, Bird Cage, Popeye]

Viola Davis [The Help, How to get away with Murder]

Alan Rickman [Harry Potter, Sweeney Todd, Alice in Wonderland]

Priyanka Chopra [Quantico]

Kyle Maclachlan [Twin Peaks]

Sarah Wayne Callies [The Walking Dead, Prison Break]

Peter Capaldi [Doctor Who]


Drunk Robert forgets to use his inside voice and talks way too close to people’s ears, and Drunk Rosalind gets awfully cocky and annoys the hell out of Comstock.