Murder Twins


Drunk Robert forgets to use his inside voice and talks way too close to people’s ears, and Drunk Rosalind gets awfully cocky and annoys the hell out of Comstock.


Saeyoung: It’s literally!! The best thing ever! I look like a rockstar!

Saeran: //snorts Rockstar my ass. Stop dabbing, you look like a moron. Oh, wait. You are one already.

Saeyoung: … (He’s gone back to his tsun mode! Awwh ;w;)

Pictured above is a briefcase owned by Ronnie and Reggie Kray, aka the Kray Twins, which could inconspicuously be used to kill off key rivals in public places. A syringe filled with poison was fastened into the suitcase, the needle of which can be seen protruding out of the side, and this was activated by easily pulling the ring mechanism visible underneath the leather handle. By the time the substance had taken effect, the perpetrator would have disappeared into the crowds undetected.


How I met your mother…

I’m pleased that Hastings finally gets the girl, but I can’t help thinking the changes made from the novel didn’t really do her a lot of favours.

My “evil twin” went on a mission and ended up killing most of the preps in our school by using waterguns. I came in and began planning how to defeat my evil twin with the remaining preps. Danny DeVito was there (yes, he was also a prep/jock, and was voiced by Bruno Mars) and in the end I had to fight my evil twin to the death under extremely unnecessary  and dramatic circumstances.


Sam: Plus, Luke likes… looking at himself.
Scott: Yeah isn’t that funny? Like, Luke likes looking at himself, and yet he’s got this twin brother who looks just like him, so he can look… like he’s… looking at himself. It’s so twisted.
Sam: Yeah, no. It’s interesting, I've– and this is one of the really wonderful things that Kevin Williamson has allowed me to do with having these identical twins that them being so incredibly different from each other is that Luke loves to kind of… fix Mark, every now and then. Like, kind of like even just subtle things like just moving his hair a bit or fixing his collar, and it’s really fascinating. Really fascinating.

                                         ~ The Following Official Podcast, Family Affair (2x04)