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Aomine, Akashi, Kagami, Murasakibara perfect wedding.


  • He’d like a decent sized wedding, wanting to show off that “Yes mom even though I’m lazy doesn’t make it impossible to fall in love.”
  • An ocean or body of water location would be likely, after the ceremony he would want to dip his feet in the water with his new spouse (and probably push you in)
  • He wouldn’t care about the color scheme, but he would want a black or grey tux, any tie is fine with him and he could care less about flowers. (Lotuses are his favorite don’t let him fool you)


  • He wouldn’t want a large deal, he would even be reluctant to invite his own family.
  • With a smaller guest list the wedding could be extravagant to the max. If he decides to marry you in a castle, don’t be surprised. 
  • He would be up for anything but if he had the choice he would like a black tux with white trim and a red tie. However you could put him in anything and he wouldn’t complain because he wanted this day to be special to you.


  • As long as there’s a buffet he’s fine with however many people you want to invite. 
  • He would be very flexible on everything. If you don’t want a large wedding he would gladly fly to Vegas and do it right away. If you did he would be just as okay, but he might suggest a wedding on the basketball court. (don’t let him do it!!!!! he’ll be just as happy where ever you end up)
  • A flashy color scheme might catch his interest, with all the dresses and ties being different colors, maybe a slightly peacock oriented color pallet. 


  • He’d want a relatively small wedding, thinking it would make it more romantic with only close family and friends. 
  • It would be held outside at night, light only by the string of small lanterns lining the altar.
  • He would want a white theme, white tuxes with black ties to make it look more elegant, the only splashes of colors would be the flowers which range all over the rainbow.

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Could I request something with murasakibara, his ponytail and his s/o? Thank you very much in advance!

Thank you for requesting dear anon, this turned out pretty fluffy, I hope you like it! Enjoy! -Admin Red

You hear the sound of sneakers squeaking from the gym before it comes into your sight, and an involuntary smile creeps upon your lips. You turn the corner, quickening your pace into a run. Excitement and anticipation bubbles up in your stomach as you arrive at the open doorway, panting.

Your eyes scan the inside of the gym, but to say that your boyfriend is easy to locate is an understatement. You can’t help but laugh aloud when you see the purple-haired giant dribbling a basketball across the court, his eyes focused and his hair tied into a ponytail at the base of his neck. Somehow that ponytail always brings a smile to your face.

You raise your voice and call out just as he almost lazily tosses the basketball through the hoop and the whistle sounds. “Ne, Atsushi-kun!”

Murasakibara looks up at the sound of your voice, his face breaking into a grin when he spots you. He tilts his head in your direction, a greeting. Wait for me until practice ends.

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How would the GOM propose to their s/o?

literally spent over 3 hours just thinking of this and putting it into words. Kuroko’s came into my head after like two seconds; Aomine took four days and the rest was literally either 5 minutes after each other and then i got lazy wOOPS.



Kuroko: For the past few weeks Kuroko had been planning his proposal to you; his girlfriend of four years. He had bought one of his and your favorite book and decided to do a little tweaking to it. After a long day of classes, Kuroko decided to take you out to a cafe for a snack before heading home. As he watched you happily take a sip from your cup, he brought out the book and pushed it to you on the table. Confused you looked up at him. “Didn’t we read this already Tetsuya?”
“We did.”
“Then why did you get a brand new copy?” You pouted. “I could have just lent you mind if you lost yours.”
He chuckled as he nodded to the book. “Can you read the first line for me?”
Laughing a bit you decided to do so. Just as you turned the cover, you froze. There was no first page let alone any pages; Kuroko had cut out a square hole into the five hundred page book; you cover your mouth as you felt your eyes tear up at what was in the hole. Kuroko reached over taking the box out of the book. He went on one knee while taking one of your hands into his own. Looking into your eyes he smiled,”_____, will you marry me?”

Aomine: “Satsuki you better help me.” Aomine mumbled before he bit into his burger. He felt something nudge his hand; looking down he saw it was a notepad. Flipping through it, he noticed it was a list of stuff you liked. He sighed. “I already know she loves this stuff.”
“Then you should think of something yourself then Dai-chan.” 
At first he was going to be lame and just propose to you the moment you woke up beside him, but he thought that was too lazy of him. Then he thought about taking you out to an expensive dinner and proposing there, but he didn’t want other people to stare at you since he knew you were easily embarrassed.  So Aomine did think and finally some point in the week he got an idea.
During a Friday night where the two of you stood on his balcony, Aomine decided to have a little fun before he popped the question. “Hey ____, do you like weddings?”
“You mean going to them?” You looked up at him with a confused look. “I guess so, why?”
“No reason just curious.” Looking down he feigned a surprise expression. “Oi, look at that!” He said with a smirk. Your eyebrows furrowed as you looked around trying to see what he saw. Before you could ask him, Aomine was on his knee with his head down. Pretending to pick something up, Aomine whistled leaving you even more curious. “You better love weddings now.” As soon as those words left his mouth, you saw a box appear in his hand. With a swift motion he opened it revealing a ring inside leaving you speechless. “Marry me _____.”

Midorima: After countless weeks of waiting for your and his signs to reach the top two spots on oha asa, Midorima tried to gather up the courage to do what he planned to do months ago -propose to you.
It had been a tiring process that involved nagging from his sister and mother; a lot of times spent glaring at Takao for making fun of him; and a lot of effort used to hide the entire proposal from you. Of course you were oblivious, but that didn’t stop Midorima from being extra careful. Everything had to be perfect. “So are you asking her today?” Takao said.
“Are you sure?”
“Shin-chan ar-“
Holding his hands up in surrender, Takao gave Midorima a cheeky grin. “Well, good luck then.” Sighing loudly, Takao stretched, purposely hitting the carrot in his face. “You should have used my idea and wore your doctor attire.” When Midorima turned to glare at him, Takao only started laughing.”Well, I think she would have enjoyed you saying ‘you should marry me because I’m the best medicine’.” Patting his friend, Takao sighed. “Don’t worry, ____-chan, would love anything you do for her.”
And you did. You were a crying mess a few hours later as Midorima was on his knee holding the ring in front of you. Cheeks flushed with embarrassment, he pushed his glasses up as he noticed a random crowd form around the two of you.
He had brought you to a park to go star gazing and while the two of you sat huddled together on the grass, he had pulled his collar nervously.
“Are you okay Shintarou?” You looked at him with worried eyes.
“I’m fine.” Turning away, he moved from your side to sit in front of you. You gulped when he placed both his hands on your shoulders. “Look, I don’t say this often, but…” He sighed. “I…I…love you nanodayo.” Reaching into his pocket he avoided your eyes. “A-And I want to spend the rest of my life with you so, will you marry me _____?” Opening the box he watched as your expression turned from shock to awe to a face with streaks of tears. As embarrassed as he was, he would do this over and over again just because.

Kise: Being with you had been some of the best times Kise ever had in his life. The memories he shared with you meant so much to Kise and every time you made him smile-which indeed was a lot- made him even more determined to give you a bigger one in return. So he planned his proposal down to the very last detail.
Kise was at your door one morning, knocking and whining loudly trying to get your attention. He threw a bag with at you while rubbing your bed head. “Comeon, we’re going out today!”
“’s eight in the morning…” You yawned loudly, covering your mouth before rubbing your eyes. Blinking at you with a surprised look, Kise immediately pulled you into a hug. “R-Ryouta!”
And that was the question he kept asking himself the entire day as he dragged you from place to place. When you came out in the dress he picked out just for you; when you chewed your piece of cake happily in the restaurant he took you for lunch; when you tugged at his hand pointing at a little puppy during your walk down a park; all these moments Kise couldn’t comprehend how you made him feel this way.  
Finding an empty gazebo, Kise tugged you to it, helping you up the stairs before taking both of your hands into his own. You blushed slightly. “W-W-What is it?”
“I can’t look at my own girlfriend?” Kise said amused.
“I-I-I don’t know, can you?” You teased back nervously.
“Well then…” Looking at the scenery behind him, he silently thanked mothernature for showing such a nice sunset at the right moment. Meeting your eyes, Kise got on his knees, still holding your hands in his. Beautiful. He thought. You are just breathtakingly beautiful.  “_____-cchi, when can I look at you then?”
“K-K-Kise wh-“
“Can I look at you while you make cute expressions? Can I look at you when you look so beautiful that it makes my heart pound? Can I look at you when you don’t want me to? Can I look at you whenever I want because really,” Kise pulled out a box and flipped the lid open causing you to gasp in shock. “I want to look at you every day for the rest of my life ____-cchi, so will you marry me?”

Mursakibara: Being the care-free type of guy he is, Mursakibara never did a lot of things. Though for some reason, he felt like he needed to do something after dating you for a couple of years. He felt like he should propose to you.  Planning it with Tatsuya and asking Akashi for some tips, Mursakibara decided to do something that would make him and you both happy.
During a night after work, Murasakibara decided to bake a total of sixteen [favorite flavor] cupcakes. He used fondant to make letters and used your favorite frosting to decorate each one. Wiping his forehead with the back of his hand, he heard someone chuckle. Looking at the door, Mursakibara showed no sign of surprise in his eyes. “Muro-chin, what are you doing?”
“I thought you would probably want some help fixing up some stuff before I give you a ride home.” Taking off his jacket, Tatsuya pulled a stool near Murasakibara and the two worked together, while talking quietly. Every time Tatsuya mentioned your name, he noticed the way his friend’s face would relax; even stretch into a small smile. By the time two of them were done, it was 3 am in the morning.
The next day Murasakibara waited for you to come into the store after your shift at work. Just as he got a text saying you were coming, he immediately brought out his batch of cupcakes and held them close. When you walked in, he felt his heart quicken. “Are you ready for our date Murasaki?” You asked while giving him a smile. He nodded. “____-chin, let me set this display up before we go,” It was your turn to nod. As you watch him open the door to the see-through counter, you eyed the cupcakes as Mursakibara lined them up beside each other instead of behind each other. You covered your mouth as you realized what he was doing. ‘W-I-L-L Y-O-U M-A-R-R-Y M-E ?’
“____-chin,” You looked up as your eyes blurred with happy tears. Mursakibara was leaning over the counter holding a ring in front of you as he patted your head, “will you marry me?”

Akashi: As a child, Akashi was taught by his late-mother that one day he would fall in love. When he asked her if love was like how she loved him his mother had only smiled at him and gently rubbed his head. 

“Not quite Seijuro,” She said, “When you love someone one day, you feel the need to be with them and only them. You will feel that even words can help you explain or understand how much they mean to you.”
“What does that mean?”
“It means that just seeing them smile will make you fall for them over and over again.”
“I don’t want to fall, I’ll get hurt!”

As he thought back on that, Akashi could only smile at his childish antics. Being with you made it feel like Akashi was breathing in fresh air. It was relaxing. Comforting. Wonderful. He never felt the pressure of being your boyfriend and certainly he never felt the discomfort of trying to be perfect for you; but of course he tried and every time he succeeded. After spending a night together on the roof watching fireworks lighten up the night sky, Akashi realized his mother was right. He was more than in love. He was beyond the word’s meaning, because in that moment of seeing you turn to him with a soft smile illuminated by the colourful display he knew. And he felt it-the sense of falling; the sense of what it was like to be in love.
After a night out eating at one of the finest restaurants he could find, Akashi brought you to a grand garden. The two of you walked down a bricked path surrounded by flowers of all kinds. “Wahh, Akashi look!” You ran ahead to the hoard of red roses. You leaned down, deeply inhaling them. “They’re so pretty!”
“Yes they are, but I find that you’re more beautiful than those.” His words caused you to blush.
“______,” He ran a hand down your arm; interlacing his fingers with your own before turning to face you. “I want to ask you a selfish favor.” Moving a strand of hair behind your ear, Akashi’s touched lingered on your cheek. “You’ve given me years of love, happiness, and wonderful memories. I want you to know that no one will ever replace you for me; that you are the one and only woman for me. I want you to be by my side when I wake up and when I fall asleep. I want you and only you.” Getting on his knee, Akashi took out a box and opened the lid, holding it for you to see that ring inside. “Will you do me the honor of becoming my wife ____?”

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GOM + Hayama comforting their s/o, after she has been betrayed by her family?

Kise, Kuroko, Midorima, and Murasakibara would pull you to the couch and have you tell them everything, wanting to comfort you as best as they could. They would maybe offer a bit of advice but wouldn’t want to upset you any farther, mostly just listening to what ever you have to say and doing whatever you asked of them. 

Hayama, Aomine, and Akashi wouldn’t know what to say to comfort you or have any way to make you feel better. However they would have a little chat with whoever betrayed you. You don’t know about it but that chat drove said family member to apologize with complete sincerity the next day.

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gom+izuki+himuro react to their female s/o snoring? :3 arigatou!

Only doing GoM due to character limit! <3

Kuroko was a very light sleeper, so he was soon awoken by her snoring. He tried to block out his ears, but the sound still resonated through his eardrums anyways. Sighing, he gently nudged her awake. “____-chan, you’re snoring.” He said, trying to conceal the irritation in his voice. Besides, it couldn’t be helped.

Kise was a heavier sleeper, so it was only an issue when he woke up in the middle of the night. Quietly grumbling to himself he ignored it and resumed cuddling against her body until he fell asleep. Besides, she put up with him all the time when she was awake, he might as well return the favour when she was asleep.

Midorima incredibly easy to stir out of sleep, and once he did, he couldn’t get back to sleep. When his partner woke up from her slumber to see his side of the bed unoccupied, she traipsed through the apartment until she found him meticulously researching remedies for snoring with tired, bloodshot eyes.

Aomine was near impossible to wake up anyways. After spending so many years blocking out Momoi when she scolded him like the child he secretly was, he found it easy to block out her snoring. When she told him about it, worried that it would be a problem, he didn’t even know she snored.

Murasakibara was similar to Aomine, in the sense of not seeing it as a big deal. Groaning, he pulled her to his chest, upon doing so her snores dropped in volume and power. It clicked in his head that for his partner, it was simply a matter of positioning. His girlfriend never heard a complaint from him.

Akashi was concerned, anxious that it may be a sign of some underlying medical problem. He decided to pull an all nighted and do some work, scheduling an appointment with one of the best doctors in Kyoto while she remained peacefully sleeping.

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GOM+kagami and kuroko finding out for the first time that their s/o can shoot perfect three pointers !

I’m on a roll! Mod Kissy-Kissy here and there you go anonymous person xD

Akashi had just walked in the gym when he saw a basketball fall perfectly through the hoop. He turned to see _____ standing at the three-point line, a smile on their face. Akashi cleared his throat, causing them to look at him in alarm.
“H-Hey, Seijūrō! I was just… Uh…” _____ sighed as Akashi picked up the basket ball.
“I didn’t know you were good at basketball,” He said simply. “Shoot again,” He commanded, bouncing the ball back to them. They sighed and shot the ball towards the basket, causing it to fall smoothly through the hoop like before. “Why didn’t you tell me about this?” He asked.
“Uh… It never came up?”
Akashi sighed. “Well, it does make sense since I play also…”
“That’s your logic?!”
“But now you must become absolute in basketball.”

Kise rubbed the top of his head, a basketball bouncing away from the scene.
“Ryōta! Gomenasai!” Kise looked up to see _____ running towards him, repeating “Gomen” over and over.
“_____-cchi, I’m fine. Did you shoot that ball?” They nodded, walking over to where the basketball was.
“Really?! Show me~!” Kise cheered on, purposely distracting himself from the pain on his head. _____ walked over to the three-point line and shot the ball, which fell perfectly through the hoop. Kise watched in awe. “Wow~!” “You should be on a basketball team!”
“All the basketball teams are full, baka.”

Midorima froze at the door to the gym when he saw _____ standing at the three-point line. He watched them form as they dribbled the ball thrice before making a perfect shot into the hoop. He couldn’t help smiling - it seemed they both had a gift for making good shots. He walked into the gym, not realizing he was still smiling.
“Shintarō?” _____ asked, seeing his smile. “Why are you so happy?”
“You never told me you could shoot well nanodayo,” He said, walking towards them.
“Oh… Uhm-” They were cut off as Midorima hugged them. They blinked a few times to confirm what was happening, a light blush spreading across their face. Unfortunately:
“It’s n-not like this m-makes me l-love you more nanodayo,” Midorima said with a dark blush, making _____ laugh.
Such a tsundere~.

Kuroko found himself frowning slightly when _____ had shot a perfect three pointer into the basket. They hadn’t noticed him yet so he walked to the side of the court and watched them pick up another basketball.
“eEEP!!!” _____ dropped the basketball, spotting their boyfriend. “Tetsu! Don’t scare me like that!” They huffed, picking up the basketball. They sighed and looked at Kuroko.
“I didn’t know you could shoot so well.” _____ smiled a little, but then saw Kuroko look away.
They smirked. “Tetsu~? Are you jealous~?”
“Ī-Īe,” Kuroko countered. _____ smiled a little.
“Come here,” They said. The teal-haired boy walked over, and they spent the next hour with _____ showing Kuroko how to lengthen his shooting range. [Awww~<3]

A whistle brought _____ out of congratulating themself for another good shot. They turned to see Aomine smirking. “I didn’t know you could play,” He said.
“Now you know.” They picked up another basketball, but as soon as they threw it the ball shot back and went bouncing behind them. “Ahomine!” They scowled.
“C'mon, let’s play some one-on-one,” He said with a faint smile. “First to five wins.” They sighed and got into position.
~Timeskip brought to you by my exhaustion~
_____ grinned. “I won!” They didn’t know how, since they only relied on their three pointers, but they had done it.
“Hmph,” Aomine said, sighing. Little did _____ know how great an actor Aomine was…
[AKA he let them win :3]

Murasakibara walked into the gym to see _____ standing on the basketball court. He rose an eyebrow as they shot the ball from the three-point line, and his eyes widened when the ball fell cleanly through the hoop.
“Good job, _____-chin.” _____ looked up at the purple-haired titan, who had an open bag of chips in his hand.
“Arigatō, Atsushi,” They said before picking up another basketball. They shot the ball again, and Murasakibara sighed as he placed the bag on a bench.
“That’s going to get blocked - let me help _____-chin,” He mumbled. _____’s face lit up as Murasakibara walked towards them.
They spent the next hour shooting until finally _____ had scored a point and gotten through Murasakibara.

Hearing the victory yell of his _____, Kagami peeked into the gym.
“_____?” They turned around, a smile on their face. “What happened?”
“Watch!” They picked up another basketball and shot it from the three-point line. Kagami doubted it would make it in, but to his surprise it went cleanly through the hoop.
“Where’d you learn to shoot like that?” The red-head walked fully into the gym and over to _____.
“I just practice,” They said. 
“Well, nice shot,” Kagami said. “How far away from the basket can you go?” He asked curiously.
_____ took a step back and shot the ball, repeating the process until she was a step in front of the half-court line, making her miss.
Kagami then grabbed a basketball and stood on the half court line, shooting the ball. By some lucky miracle, it went in. Kagami smirked in victory.
“Bakagami,” _____ grumbled.

()    °|     ()   <= diagram xD where ° is “_____” for the Kagami’s

Also during Kagami’s I imagined “____” being Cake and Haizadick says: 

Can you imagine it’s like “Here, babe *passes ball ball lands on Cake* bABE! *runs over and slides on knees* I AM SO sorry *sobbing over Cake* you’re… You’re gone…" 

This is what happens when Haizadick is your editor… XD


KNB AU : In which all the members of the Generation of Miracles have freaking normal hair and eye colors.