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GOM+Hanamya's reaction when their gf tells them she's ready for her first time doing the do?

I’m guessing you meant Hanamiya. I do hope so. Thanks for requesting.










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Yosen team cuddling with their S/O?

Fukui Kensuke: Fukui could get a little rough with you when you were play fighting sometimes, jabbing your sides and tickling you without mercy, but liked to wind down by bringing you in his arms and burying his face in your hair. He would sometimes pinch your sides to get a reaction, telling you not to fall asleep during a romantic moment with him, while you insist it was perfectly romantic until he pinched you.

Himuro Tatsuya: Himuro’s touch is always light as a feather, handling you gently as he curls up against you; whether he’s the big spoon or the little spoon, he revels in your touch. He enjoys the more peaceful moments he gets to spend with you and takes those opportunities to cuddle with you, good at sensing the mood and often bringing you into his arms just before you’re going to fall asleep to get a few last second ‘I love you’s’ in.

Liu Wei: Wei Liu was very particular about touch, and though he trusted his significant other, he wasn’t always aware of how to initiate cuddling with them. He would slowly get closer and closer before he almost completely smothers them, using his larger height and size to pin them down and ask with a rather serious expression if this was cuddling, or if he should try again.

Murasakibara Atsushi: Here!

Okamura Kenichi: Okamura preferred to  be the big spoon, arms wrapping around you in a protective manner as he nuzzled into your neck. He liked to cuddle at all times of the day, being the one to pull you into his lap while sitting down to watch a movie or to pull you into his chest at night when you’re both about to fall asleep. He would be a bit nervous at first but after getting the feel of how comfortable you were with him, he would become an unabashed cuddler. 

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How would UK, GOM and Kagami wake up their s/o?

This request exceeds the character limit, so I’ll just do the GOM and Kagami. Please, if you still want to have the UK done, ask at a different time and be patient as I have quite a few requests to get through. I give my greatest apologies if I’ve disappointed you at all.

It would really depend on Kise’s mood. Some mornings he’d want to pepper your face with kisses until you wake up giggling and cuddling into his muscular arms. Others, he’d want to lie in bed and watch you, tracing his fingers gently across you soft cheek and into the tangle mess of your hair. He would smile gently seeing the way you wrinkle you nose and kiss the adorable appendage, leaning away as you muggily opened your eyes so his loving expression bathed in the golden glow of morning would be the first thing you see as you awoke. 

“How are you always so perfect?”

Akashi wouldn’t be big on morning snuggles or kisses. He’d get up and dressed, putting himself together so as not to disturb your precious moments of sleep. Of course, in the middle of dressing himself, he’d glance over at your prone form and smile adoringly. If you continued to ignore your alarm, he’d chuckle at your childishness and lean over you, kissing your forehead and murmuring gently.

 “Wake up, kitten. It’s a new day for us.”

More likely than not, you’re the one waking Aomine up. Of course, some mornings he’d find himself up and ready to go before you. Groaning at his inability to go back to sleep, he roll over and purposely smush you under him, making you groan and wake as well. Grinning playfully, he’d wrap his arms around you, ignoring your grumbles of protest, and rolls around the bed, chuckling as you started growling and grumbling at his audacity. Laughing heartily, he’d kiss you deeply and chuckle again as you grimaced at the smell of his morning breath.

“Good mornin’ babe, ready to get up?”

It’s not that Midorima hates morning snuggles, it’s just that he’s not the sweetest guy in the morning. Cross that, he’s easily the grumpiest little carrot in the garden when it comes to waking up. Unfortunately, he also has an inability to sleep in later than sunrise. Thus, he wakes up well before he wants to and attempts to be alone for the first hour of total grump so as not to snap too viciously at you. When it is time for you to wake up though, he has a hot cup of coffee or tea just the way you like it ready to go as well as a blushing kiss on your cheek.

“Don’t be lazy-nodayo. It’s time to wake up.”

As with Aomine, Kuroko would be unlikely to be the first to wake up on any given day. When he does, his first instinct isn’t to wake you up, but to burrow against your warmth and enjoy the sound of your quiet breaths and soft snores. Eventually, if he’s unable to fall asleep, he’ll call your name softly until you woke up. When your eyes finally open blearily, you’d look down to see Kuroko’s large baby blue eyes peeping up at you. A warm smile would gentle his expression.

“Good morning ______-chan. Did you sleep well?”

Murasakibara also wouldn’t be the first to wake up on a regular basis. Rather, he’d be the one consistently needing to be woken by you. If he did indeed wake up earlier for once, the giant would immediately roll over and snuggle against you until he fell asleep. Only later, when your alarm clock blared loudly and you shook him would he wake up.

“It’s too early to wake up _____-chin. Let’s go back to sleep, ne?”

Kagami, if given a good night’s sleep, would pinch your cheeks to wake you up. Not out of a desire to tease or any such thing, but rather because he finds your sleeping face unbearably adorable. When you grumble and swat at him, he simply pulls you into his arms and squeezes you tight, throwing a muscular leg over your body and rolling onto his back so you lie on his broad chest. When you finally sleepily look up into his face, he wears a cheeky grin.

“There was no way I could let you sleep without me.”

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Makishima, Arakita, Fukutomi, Rin, Murasakibara aaaand.... Sakurai? interacting with their newborn for the first time!

When the wriggling baby was placed in MAKISHIMA’s arms for the first time, he froze. He held the child awkwardly and off balance. She’s the first baby he had ever held which, seeing as this was his first child, was probably a grave oversight. In all honesty, the baby was ugly. She had a scrawny face and wrinkly skin, her eyes were crusted together and her head was a wonky shape. She hadn’t been cleaned properly either so she was still quite red and disgusting. Gremlin, he considered, I have a gremlin child.

Suddenly the baby started screaming, and with the screaming came more wriggling. In fear that that he would drop his daughter, Makishima rushed to hold her closer to his body in a panic, a nurse rushing over to him to help him adjust her until her head was nestled in the crook of his elbow. The now red faced baby began to calm down and nestle into his chest. A mild panic came over him as he considered the state of his shirt, but soon began to calm as he watched his daughter settle. He walked over to the seat next to his partner and sat down, looking up to see her sleeping peacefully – well deserved rest indeed. Looking back down, he considered the bundle he held in his arms. He reached out and ghosted his hand over her head, and traced her facial features, looking for his face in hers. As he was about to pull his hand away he felt pressure on his pinky finger – a tiny hand grasping hold as a sigh rocked though the tiny body.

Yes, he thought, You’re perfect. 

“Well, it’s a good thing you take after your mama” ARAKITA said, trying to keep the volume of his voice to a minimum as he leaned over his daughter’s crib, wonderstruck by the baby before his eyes. “You’re a pretty little thing, aren’t you?”
The tiny, prematurely born girl shuffled and whined in her sleep, kicking free of her swaddling. He laughed under his breath as he tucked her back into the wrappings, letting his hand linger against her torso, feeling her steady heartbeat beneath his palm.
“Guess there’s some of me in there too, huh.  That’s my girl, you keep fighting.”
He backed away quickly as a pair of nurses entered the room, scowling at them for interrupting his quiet moment alone with the baby, and protesting furiously as they cooed over how adorable a father he was.

FUKUTOMI’s hands trembled as his son was passed to him; his limbs felt wooden and heavy as the nurse showed him how to cradle the fragile newborn’s body.
Sensing his distress, the baby screwed up his face and screamed, going a bright shade of red as he cried loudly.
Not wanting to ask for help but at a complete loss for what to do, Fukutomi stood there, frozen in place, staring at the baby and getting more nervous by the second- which in turn fed his son’s distress, making him wail louder and flail his tiny fists.
“Listen to daddy.” He finally managed. “Stop crying.”
Whether because he didn’t hear his father, or he was simply too caught up in his screaming, Fukutomi didn’t know… but the baby ignored his instructions.
“You need to stop crying now,” he continued gruffly, “because we Fukutomi men are strong.”
His chin wobbled dangerously and he felt a prickling behind his eyes.
“We… w-we are…” a single tear rolled down his cheek, splashing on to his son’s forehead. “Strong.”
Many more tears rained down silently, long after the baby fell quiet.

RIN cries a lot, and it is well known that he cries a lot, but he had never cried as much as the day his son was born – his beautiful perfect son.

the labour experience was terrifying. Part way though delivery, the doctor mumbled something to the assisting nurse, who rushed over to the side of the room to grab extra tools. Scary looking tools. It turned out that somehow the umbilical cord was caught around his baby’s poor tiny neck. In those few terrifying minutes, Rin didn’t know how his partner had the strength to keep pushing, but when the boy was suddenly free, mother and father sat terrified in the silence. he didn’t know how he had tears left, but nevertheless, both parents started crying silently, barely breathing themselves, as they waited and waited while the doctor and nurses worked to save their baby. When their son finally cried, it was like music to their ears, both parents collapsing in relief. 

Those were the longest seconds of their life. 

Now that the ordeal was over; his partner was resting, and his baby was declared healthy and safe for now, Rin cradled his son in his arms as he rocked in the rocking chair. His son was beautiful, the most precious child in the entire world.

“I love you so much already, and it has only been a day,” he whispered, so as to not wake his partner. “I was so scared; I thought I was going to lose you before I even got the chance to hold you.” Silent tears started to fall as he continued his whispered rambling. “I want to promise you something but I know all too well it is a promise I might not be able to keep. But I can promise I’m going to try my hardest. I’m going to try so hard to never leave you…” At this point he was crying so hard he could no longer produce words as he continued to rock his sleeping son though the night.  

The ten hours of labour were some of the most terrifying hours of SAKURAI’s life. He spent the entire time apologising on repeat for the pain and discomfort his partner was experiencing (amplified entirely by the shrieking and yelling he received for being responsible for it all). But the moment his tiny newborn was placed in his arms, he found the first thing in his life he could never apologise for.

MURASAKIBARA had been present for the entire, gruelling labour; cradling his partner, letting them grip his hands so tightly he could feel his bones creaking and trying very, very hard to hide just how scared he was. The midwife had tried to make him leave once, in the middle of the ordeal.
The pain and the screaming and the blood was all gone, his partner was fast asleep, it was just him and the bundle in the crook of his elbow, freshly washed and staring up at him with eerily calm, unfocused eyes.
“They tell me you’re big for a fresh baby, potato-chin.” He said quietly, stroking from the top of the baby girl’s forehead to the tip of her squished nose over and over. “And you’ve got hair like mine already, so maybe you’ll be tall like me.”
His daughter scrunched her tiny, wrinkled face up and grabbed at his fingertip, holding on tightly.
“It’s pretty tiring being tall, I hope you’re a bit smaller. But so long as you don’t take my snacks I’ll love you however tall or short you are, because you’re my potato-chin.”

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Ah sorry but thanks about that quick match up ! Is it okay if I ask for some GOM + Imoyashi sleeping with their s/o headcannons? I'll be visiting this blog a lot already fallen in love with it haha

(Yesss you’re welcome~ and I’m a bit confused because it didn’t specify whether it’s ‘sleeping’ in a SFW / NSFW way, so I’ll just do SFW I guess? Sorry if you meant NSFW)


  • When his s/o first got to bed, he’ll be the big spoon
  • and then not long after, he’ll slip into the small spoon position.
  • snores in a cute way


  • hugs his s/o’s waist as he fall asleep
  • he also likes it when his s/o hugs his waist with their head on his stomach and him stroking their hair
  • if his s/o snores, then it’d actually be a lullaby to his ear ; it’s a proof that they’re here with him and alive with him.


  • ultimate big spoon
  • he likes it when his s/o fell asleep on top of him
  • he’d bring snacks to bed and put it under the pillow so when he craves for midnight snacks, he’d wake his s/o up and eat together


  • hugs his s/o from behind
  • nibbles his s/o’s ear before sleep
  • can’t stay still in his sleep so he might accidentally punch his s/o or something


  • he likes any cuddling position
  • altough he is definitely not the small spoon
  • But he prefers him and his s’o facing each other and holds each others hand as they fall asleep


  • he feels comfortable burying his head in his s/o’s neck
  • midnight deep conversations
  • somehow stroking his s/o’s hair makes him calm and falls asleep faster

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What TV shows do you think the gom + kagami watch?

Kuroko: He enjoys watching basketball. He also enjoys Animal 101 to learn more dogs and animals in general. He’s an animal guy, what can I say.

Kise: He enjoys shows like American Idol, Dancing With The Stars, etc. *whispers* Oh he doesn’t like to admit it but he enjoys watching Say Yes To The Dress with his sisters. (DO NOT *throws shoe at shay* -Kise) 

Midorima: He’s into stuff like Doctor Oz and other stuff like that. The occasional show on the History channel too. Oh and his sister is able to make him watch Disney movies with her but he won’t admit that so don’t even try.  

Aomine: He likes action type stuff. Like stuff with super heroes. He also enjoys Swamp Monsters and stuff up that ally. Oh and of course a big sports fan. 

Murasakibara: He enjoys those shows about sweets. Anything from Cupcake Wars to cooking shows with sweets. He also enjoys a good AFV (America’s Funniest Home Videos). (Himuro got him into it)   

Akashi: He would watch the news to stay caught up in everything going on and if he had some extra time he would watch those game shows like Family Fued, 1 vs 100, and etc. 

Kagami: He would watch the sports channel like ESPN or other sport channels (idk what the others are #perksofbeingasoutherngal) and would watch cooking shows. (omg imagine him loving Hell’s Kitchen)  

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Your otp is Kagakuro? MINE TOO! *fangirl squeals* A request on how KnB characters would react when they find out Kagakuro is real. (no like it isn't looool )


Your comment “not like it isn’t” made me laugh. I ship everyone with Kuroko but upon seeing the recent episode, I am just like KAGAKURO 5EVER . All e fans are like going how Kuroko is the trigger to Kagami’s zone and all other stuff and I am just drowning myself in my otp feels.  I LOVEEEE YOUR REQUEST OMFG IT LIKE AWESOME!!!! I NEED TO CALM DOWN YO 

Okay I am fine now. hahah. sighh on with the request!

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GOM react to their s/o cross dress as a male and actually look handsome, you could pick the reason why!

This was so cute!!! I hope this is what you wanted :P

Kuroko: May be a little confused at first but he wouldn’t be able to hold back a small comment of how handsome you looked. He wouldn’t try to push you to tell him about why you were dressed the way you were, He’d just accept it and move on like normal.

Kise: He’d adore how you looked in different clothes. Would probably be the one who starts buying you different clothes he think you’d look good in. One thing he wouldn’t stop going on about is how he’d love to do some modelling with you.

Midorima: May be a little judgmental at first, going on about how it was strange for you to look the way you did. He’d eventually warm up to the your new look and may even fuss about things he think would make you look better. Could even go so far as to style your hair for you.

Aomine: Like Midorima, may be somewhat judgmental and confused at first, though he’d eventually begin to think that your new look suited you. Hell, it could even lead to a new kink of his. Who knows?

Murasakibara: Probably wouldn’t react much or even notice the major change in your attire. Once it’d been pointed out to him, he’d take a good couple of minutes checking you out up and down before making a small comment about how ‘his ____-chin looks good no matter what they wear’.

Akashi: Like anyone else, may be a little confused and somewhat surprised, though he couldn’t deny that you looked good in your new getup. It wouldn’t be long before he’d be offering to buy you a whole new wardrobe maybe throwing in a couple of costumes

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Guys, who do you think has the best abbs?


Haizaki: Me. Who else?


Kise: I don’t wanna brag, but… yeah that’d be me!


Akashi: I am absolute, so it’s only natural that mine are the best.


Kagami: Are you even seeing this? Mine are obviously the best.


Kuroko: I can vouch for that.


Aomine: Wanna run that by me again? I’m pretty sure we all know who’s is best.


Midorima: Yes we do, mine are the best by far.

Takao: Are you sure about that?


Murasakibara: *Judging everyone silently* 

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The boys' see thier gf in a bikini for the first time and are surprised by her big boobs since she always wears baggy clothes! For GOM + Kasamatsu + Hayama + Takao.

Hi anon! I thought a lot about this response and decided that since a lot of then would react similarly I’m going to group them. I hope you like it!

Akashi, Kasamatsu, Kuroko, and Midorima, would give you their shirts but wouldn’t make a scene. They’d be slightly embarrassed and wouldn’t be able to look at you at first. But after a while they’d spend their time glaring at other boys that tried to stare and would have a very possessive hold on your waist the rest of the day.

Aomine, Kise, Hayama, Murasakibara, and Takao, would be the ones who would stare and admire you until you threw something at them. They would tease you about covering up, and why you didn’t show them earlier. After throwing something hard at their heads, their minds would clear up they would notice that others were staring. They would become extremely affectionate and use excessive PDA, so that others would know that you’re not single and that they were your boyfriend.