Murano glass

Nico Di Angelo Thingy

Call it a prompt, call it a headcanon, give it any pairing you want (though strangely enough Valdangelo might fit this really well… not saying the others won’t), have fun with it.

After the second giant war, Nico does some travelling (not immediately, he’d have got in trouble with Will, Jason and Hazel if he did that). He goes back to Venice to try and learn more about his mortal family and maybe feel closer to them. While he’s there he learns how to blow glass. (Who knows how that happened but it probably has to do with how beautiful that Murano glass there is, maybe he was looking for a present for Hazel?)

During his apprenticeship/ time of learning, he learns he can use black Hellfire like his dad. That kind of fire turns things into liquid which is rather handy for glassblowing which starts with liquid (or perhaps a bit between liquid and solid in) glass. Besides that he learns that his fire has a certain effect on the glass once it’s blown. Perhaps it makes the objects more sturdy, perhaps it gives a certain shine or color to the glass, who knows, other ideas are welcome as well. 

This makes him so happy ‘cause by combining his mortal heritage and the powers he got from his dad he is finally able to create things instead of destroying them. Maybe he keeps it up once he returns to camp, he may even create a little forge (think it’s called a forge) in the Hades cabin.

This was partially inspired by this vid on youtube where a man makes a glass sword. 


This awesome video, originally posted by Francisco Lopez Serrano, shows a Murano glass artist deftly transforming a blob of molten glass into an exquisite horse in about 90 seconds using large metal tweezers, heavy shears and gravity with so much skill that he makes it look effortless.

By the end of the video the beautiful new glass horse appears to have cooled completely, but the artist demonstrates that it’s still so hot that a piece of tissue paper catches fire as soon as it touches the sculpture.

Murano is an island located in the Venetian Lagoon Venetian island that’s been renown for its fancy glassware for centuries and is home to many factories and individual glass art studios creating everything from mass-marketed stemware to original glass sculptures. Murano glass is considered highly desirable and can be found throughout Italy, especially Venice.

[via Colossal]


A “Stellar Gondola” for the first Italian woman in space

A dot from the sky, Venice and its islands, so far away, but at the same time so close. So beautiful seen from that sky just like Samantha Cristoforetti has always dreamt of.

Now that she is up there, the Murano glass masters wanted to thank her for the picture of the city she tweeted and sent all around the world.

The island of Murano was moved by that image of Venice and Murano, and by her a special dedication: Hello #Venice from #space! I have flown in the area many times, but never quite as high!

Promovetro’s Murano glass master Pino Signoretto was inspired by this message, and he created a “Stellar Gondola” for the first Italian woman in space.

“We wanted to thank in our very special way this woman, engineer and astrounat, pride of the Italian excellence” – says the President of Consorzio Promovetro, Luciano Gambaro. “Our glass artwork is a thank to the gift she made to our city, showing Venice to the whole world, from such an amazing distance. In that picture one can also see Murano, our island, the island of glass. We are proud to share with her this incredible experience”.

The Stellar Gondola is in Murano Glass, created by “free hand” technique. The hull is black glass, while planets are in transparent and coloured glass. It is based on a aquamarine glass surface and it is decorated with tiny silvery straws.

Watch how the “Stellar Gondola” was made (with eng subs)