Murano glass

Museum Mondays: The Cleveland Museum of Art presents Fred Wilson: Works 2004–2011, an exhibition that brings together four recent works by the artist, including To Die Upon a Kiss, a Murano glass chandelier that was part of Pace’s 2012 exhibition Venice Suite: Sala Longhi and Other Works.

Fred Wilson: Works 2004–2011 is on view through May 5, 2013.

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© Fred Wilson, Courtesy Pace Gallery 


A “Stellar Gondola” for the first Italian woman in space

A dot from the sky, Venice and its islands, so far away, but at the same time so close. So beautiful seen from that sky just like Samantha Cristoforetti has always dreamt of.

Now that she is up there, the Murano glass masters wanted to thank her for the picture of the city she tweeted and sent all around the world.

The island of Murano was moved by that image of Venice and Murano, and by her a special dedication: Hello #Venice from #space! I have flown in the area many times, but never quite as high!

Promovetro’s Murano glass master Pino Signoretto was inspired by this message, and he created a “Stellar Gondola” for the first Italian woman in space.

“We wanted to thank in our very special way this woman, engineer and astrounat, pride of the Italian excellence” – says the President of Consorzio Promovetro, Luciano Gambaro. “Our glass artwork is a thank to the gift she made to our city, showing Venice to the whole world, from such an amazing distance. In that picture one can also see Murano, our island, the island of glass. We are proud to share with her this incredible experience”.

The Stellar Gondola is in Murano Glass, created by “free hand” technique. The hull is black glass, while planets are in transparent and coloured glass. It is based on a aquamarine glass surface and it is decorated with tiny silvery straws.

Watch how the “Stellar Gondola” was made (with eng subs)

Source: Skona Hem

There are soooo many things about this picture that make me squeal! Yes Squeal :) with delight of course. It’s very dainty and feminine & soft. The type of place I would love to have but realistically could probably never keep as tidy as this. It’s spotless and everything looks like it has its place. I’m drawn to the eclecticness of it. The Murano glass chandelier, display cabinet and almost industrial metal dining table. I also have a crush on the light minty sage walls. Try Paper & Paint Library for a similar colour.