It’s time to play the music. 
It’s time to light the lights. 
It’s time to rp the Muppets on the Real Muppet Show tonight!

That’s right it’s now time for The Real Muppet Show Role Play! With our special guest host…. You!

What if the Muppets were real people?

We all know that The Muppets are a popular bunch of ragtag performers who got their start on a very funny, very entertaining variety show. This is the story of how that show got it’s start. Kermit just got rented the theater and is now hiring for any and all performers willing to work for the show. Slowly all the Muppets that we know and love start to get hired and the rest is history.

We are now accepting Muppets, Graphic Artists, and Especially Mods! Don’t be shy and apply today!