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“"Pictures in my head" from The Muppets has been the song to help me through life at the moment. Both of my band directors were removed from my school, and they were family to me. We also had a Disney World trip planned together, and I was counting down the days. I’m a HUGE Disney lover, so I know ill go many times again with my family, but I wanted to go with my band directors so badly.”

- Bojack Horseman creator Raphael Bob-Waksberg commenting on how weird gendered defaults in entertainment are, and why we should think twice about them. Excerpted from this longer original post.

Someone sent me this. Please strap in, ladies and gents.

Do you really think that they could’ve possibly had a female character as an excessively generic person, one with little intelligence who followed corporate trends to the letter, and >not have people yell at them<? And did you notice that the female co-protagonist is a woman who desperately wants to be special, down to her hair, clothing, and name, as a direct contrast to Emmett’s genericness? Remember how those same themes were explored in their previous film Cloudy, with the genders reversed?

Miss Piggy is a diva, and she’s not the only female Muppet; take another look at the band. You want the one with the long eyelashes and big, feminine lips. If you want more female muppets, head on down to Sesame Street, they’ve got tons. The Minions, if you’ve been paying the slightest bit of attention, don’t really give a crap about gender. In fact, give me a second.

Notice anything? Zoom and enhance.

Zoom in on quadrant B-17.

Huh. Sure looks like Minions kissing to me. Heck, we repeatedly see them dressing up in ‘female’ outfits without giving a single crap. Also, you’re complaining about male being the gender default in a film where about half of the non-minion leads are a diverse set of little girls. The second movie even added a woman as a co-protagonist. And a >guacamole hat<, but that’s less important.

Has it occurred to you that the animator might’ve left the room because he or she was pissed off about their childhood idea being contradicted? And the source is >this interview< …which is about 20 years after the fact.

Incidentally, the original post is tagged “uh oh here comes feminism!!!!”. But it’s not like Raph uses the term “violence against women”, which treats women as the default victims of some crimes in >one of his other posts under the same tag<, right?

Oh, wait, he totally does. And maybe I’m crazy, but I think not using sexist language that erases victims of abuse and rape is a bit more important than whether male characters are seen as the default.


3d printed fursuit- and puppet-heads. I made the 3d-model and printed them with my 3d-printer in PLA.


True Disney® Fact™ #29

Did you know that the Beast’s real name (Prince Adam) is actually in honor of acclaimed Disney alumni Amy Adams, who provided the voice of Princess Giselle in the smash musical hit Enchanted as well as appeared alongside Jason Sudeikis in 2011′s The Muppets?
Sources say that head director of Beauty and the Beast Glen Keane (pictured above) was so impressed with Adams’ work on Enchanted during production of Beast that he decided to rename the prince as a tribute to her, changing his name from Prince Ferdinand to Prince Adam.
Despite popular rumor that the Beast has no real human name, Keane has been famously quoted as saying “I’ve never referred to him as anything but Adam. To me he’s always been Adam.”

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The Muppets go head-to-head with Gordon Ramsay in their new Muppisode, “Food Fight!”

Guide to dealing with British people...

If I call you these, it means I like you:

  • Arsehole. 
  • Bastard. 
  • Bell End.
  • Berk.
  • Dipshit.
  • Fucker (or any variation thereof)
  • Git.
  • Knob Head.
  • Mate.
  • Muppet.
  • Pillock.
  • Plonker.
  • Prat.
  • Slag.
  • Tosser.
  • Twat. 
  • Wanker. 
  • Wazzock.

If I call you this, it means you’re in trouble:

  • Cunt. 

If I call you this, start running as fast as you can:

  • Mate (especially if I have an empty pint glass in my hand)