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Important to all Hetalia cosplayers!

((So I went to Salt Lake Comic con on Saturday as Alice from Alice in Wonderland, and as my friends and I were resting, we experienced watching the “newbies” of hetalia cosplay (I would know, I’ve been in the fandom in my area for a while and I have never seen them before until then). To be completely honest, I was a little disappointed in them…they were nice, yes, but I only talked to them for less than a minute before leaving. Later, I noticed veterans to the hetalia fandom complaining about how those hetalians were disrespecting their countries and allowing their flags to drop and touch the ground. As one of the more experienced hetalians politely asked a Prussia cosplayer to refrain from allowing the flag to touch the ground, they purposefully threw it down to the floor and said something along the lines of how Prussia was dead anyway.

So if anything, please please PLEASE be respectful about the country you are cosplaying, because you ARE representing them. I know pretty much all of you on here are careful of that–thank you so much. Also. France is not a rapist. Spain is not a pedophile. Etc.

Thank you for understanding ^^))

I honestly feel like Anna gets less attention than she should

She’s gorgeous, and Kristen bell was amazing with her! Every one focuses on Elsa.

Now I’m not saying they shouldn’t pay attention to Elsa, but come on! Anna is an amazing character..

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Please if you are able to, may you spare some cash? I’m still in need of money to help me escape my abusive household. I currently have 66 dollars to my name, sadly this isn’t enough to escape my abusive home. I currently have no job since I cannot drive because my parents don’t really give a shit and don’t take me out to learn.  

Yet they still expect me to get a job or go to college but I cannot do either of those things if I don’t know how to drive. They favor my little siblings over me and abuse me mentally and emotionally but they let my little siblings get away with shit. 

Hell they’re more supportive of my fucking 19 year old brother who they fucking HELPED get a job due to his mental issues with autism yet they won’t help me even though I have a shit load of more mental issues than him.

They constantly threaten to kick me out, or tell me to leave if I don’t like their rules, or they threaten to put me outside in a tent IN FUCKING winter. They threaten to take anything that helps me cope with my bipolar depression disorder which is drawing and talking to friends online and listening to music and watching television. They take my stuff away and it only makes my situation worse and they wonder why I’m depressed when they take my coping methods away.

They tell me I’m ungrateful, tell me I’m selfish and lazy, that I only care about myself. That I’m greedy and shallow and they guilt trip me and yell at me constantly. I even get beaten with a belt to my ass when I have mental break downs. 

My brothers are abusive towards me also a few weeks ago my 13 year old brother hit me so hard on the arm he left a welt and he threw stuff at me like children toys, coins, water bottles -FULL WATERBOTTLES-, pens, pencils, anything he can get his stupid little fucking hands on. He kicks me, pinches me, bites me. One of my brothers slaps me or pushes me when he gets mad at me. My second youngest brother teases me relentlessly…

No one in this house gives a damn about me but they act like they do and I can see right fucking through it.

I’m not selfish, I’m not ungrateful, I’m not lazy, or greedy or fucking shallow or stupid. I’m not a fucking machine, I have issues that make things difficult for me. They seem to fucking forget that when they’re not feeling well I’m the one that busts my ass off for their ungrateful asses to get them what they fucking need and I even stay up all night with them if they need to. They forget I’m the shoulder they fucking cry on if they need to cry.  

They forget I’m the one that’s always eager to help them and even says: I love you - EVERY FUCKING TIME THEY LEAVE THE HOUSE! I always say I love you and tell them to drive safe. I’m always the first one to run up to them and hug them and say: I missed you, how was your day at work/school. I’m always the one who makes sure the upstairs gets cleaned. I’m the one that makes sure my brothers get their fucking chores done. I’m the one that had to do EVERYONE’S FUCKING LAUNDRY FOR FUCKING 12 god damn years because”

“You’re the oldest in the house, you need to set a good example for your brothers. Your father and I have work and we’re too busy to do it.”


Hell I listen to their fucking problems and comfort them and tell them it will be okay. Even when I’m fucking falling apart inside by the way they treat me. I’m always eager to please them. I do everything I can manage to please them but it’s never fucking good enough. I’m so done with their abusive, manipulative, guilt tripping condescending fucking bullshit.  

I shouldn’t be treated this way. I was so excited when the thought of going to live with my uncle came up but that didn’t go anywhere. So please, please please, I’m fucking begging on my knees if you can please please please send in some money! Please it doesn’t matter if it’s a few dollars or even 1 cent. Anything and everything counts! If you cannot send money, please don’t feel guilty, just reblogging this will help!

Thank you for reading!

( x ) I know a lot of people think that Lydia’s giving her a bitchy look but I honestly think that’s above her. At least I hope so for the sake of her character. To me I see her watching Malia epically fail and that’s her wondering if she should help her out, or if Malia’s a hopeless case.
I think Lydia is a mature woman, and though we all get jealous, I don’t think she’s someone who would be staring Malia down like she’s an obstacle. Lydia is confident in herself, she has no time for that kind of petty shit. 

Hello friends. I feel it’s past time that I address something, due to a few anons a good friend of mine has gotten.

No one is obligated to roleplay with you.

Roleplay is something that we all have in common. This a community that we run to to get away from every day life. For an escape. This is for fun. Going to someone and pestering them, or bad mouthing them because they wouldn’t write with you is not acceptable.
Yes, we’re all on the same side of the internet. But that does not mean you're obligated to roleplay with anyone.
YOU DON’T HAVE TO EXPLAIN YOURSELF. You’re welcome to be as picky as you please. You’re welcome to just sit there and not roleplay with anyone if that’s what you want.  

Roleplaying is for fun. Not a chore. Not an obligation. Keep it that way. 

it’s like

Every time Melissa gets a chance to brag about her daughters’ accomplishments all the moms have to keep their mouths shut and take it. But the moment Holly gets excited about Nia’s video it’s all about sour looks and “oh my god Holly stop bragging”. Melissa you bother me greatly. Even the Candy Apples came out to see Nia and they didn’t look sour: they were happy for her.

So. These “Orochimaru Kidnapping Sarada” plots. Fuck all of you.

I’m happy you recycling best villain & imma let you finish but HELL NAW.

Orochimaru is a monster, but he is a monster of logic. And he’s probably the smartest character left in the franchise. This is not a character that doesn’t learn from mistakes.

His impatience with Sasuke royally fucked up everything. His vessel, his plans, his research, Kabuto’s mental health: all fucked. He has the capability to LITERALLY wait as long as he needs too. He’s been seen to sink large amounts of time into projects for maximum payout. Remember that time he impersonated the Kazekage long enough to manipulate an entire military strike?

Ways I feel he’d justify absconding with Sarada:
1) Konoha is a terrible place filled with terrible people that ostracize her because of her lineage.
2) Come to the dark side, your dad likes me better & signed a permission slip.
3) Sarada is Mary Sue’d to death & has some crazy ass sharingan/genetic variable & I got to study that shit

This “Let’s recycle this plot because we don’t respect 15 years of anyone’s character development” shit has got to stop.

Ok, so I’m pissed and so tired of seeing all these posts about Jaune and Neptune recently and here’s what I have to say…

So beginning with Neptune, I’m sorry that your idea of Neptune is not what is portrayed in the actual show! Yes, he flirts. 

A. They were about to fight another team, so yea some shit calling between two teams would of course be said 

B. One of the first things to be seen about Neptune was that he flirts with people, he flirted with Weiss almost immediately without any prior knowledge of actually knowing her so yes, of course he would flirt with other people, that’s just his character.

C. Yang is also a huge flirt, Why is it acceptable for her to do it and not Neptune? And don’t say because “We know she’s joking” Cause we can also assume that Neptune was ALSO joking. 

Moving onto Jaune

Now this part right here is pissing me off so much, when ever Jaune’s name comes up in hate it’s almost ALWAYS the same thing. He’s a self insert, he has too much screen time, he’s comedy relief. But the one thing I will NOT stand for is when people claim he has more character development then any other person in the show…


What do we even KNOW about Jaune? He’s dopey, he’s a good leader, he has a bunch of sisters, he’s oblivious and that’s pretty much about it. What about his past? What about his parents? What about ANYTHING in his history other then his father or grandfather or whoever is the statue in the courtyard of the school. We know NOTHING compared to team RWBY

We learned A LOT about the whole team in many of the episodes in the last season specifically Mountain Glenn where we learned exactly why the whole team wanted to become huntresses and don’t forget about the time Yang confronted Blake about her working way too hard to find Roman. 

People think that Jaune has more character depth then anyone else but really, we know NOTHING about him what so ever!

Another thing, why are people saying that team JNPR has more screen time then team RWBY?? Again… WHAT?!

We all knew that the latest episode would be about JNPR’s fight and even THAT was half the episode, the rest was team SSSN! I’m sorry that the show isn’t solely about team RWBY 24/7 but here’s a wake up call! 

Last episode RWBY was on screen 98% of the time, last season there was almost five episodes in a row just for team RWBY. The writers want to give other teams some screen time cause OBVIOUSLY they are also crucial characters to the story. Stop ragging on the writers for that! RWBY is not solely about RWBY!

Now I usually don’t say anything about the shipping and I usually don’t see anything about any shipping wars on my dash but when I see people ship shamming Jaune and Pyrrha or Blake and Sun because THEY want them to be with other people is OUTRAGEOUS and YOU’RE the reason why people do NOT want to come into this fandom in the first place!

I love watching RWBY and I love sharing that love with other people, but when the whole point of the show is to teach us to work together even when people have different ideals, that’s just shameful. We are doing the opposite of what the show is teaching us and the sooner you learn this the sooner we can put this useless hate to rest.

Roleplaying is a hobby. It is stress relief. No one on tumblr owes you anything, and they are not obligated to write what you want, when you want it, just because you want it.

Why is this so hard to understand?

Why don’t people realize that when you make roleplaying an obligation, people are going to be far less likely to write with you – or anyone – because you're ruining the experience?

If someone doesn’t have the muse for a certain thread, or a certain character, or a certain storyline, that’s unfortunate. It does suck to wait, I understand that. But the moment you try to make them feel bad, directly or in a passive aggressive fashion, you become the problem. Be patient. Be understanding. 

Because chances are, you’re going to have days when you have selective muse, or you’re too tired, or too stressed, or just really excited about one thing and that’s all you want to write, too. And don’t you want people to be understanding of you? 


and, I’m sorry I really just feel like Daryl is still around because of the fangirls. Kinda feel the same with Enid, bc people just ship her with Carl really idk.

Long Post Warning; please scroll past this using that thing –> to the right of this post if you don’t want to see this nonsense. 

K? k.

Fuck this place.

I mean that sincerely and wholeheartedly. Fuck. This. Website. 

Let’s start with…this:

  I came up with an OC today. His name is Argent Esybe; he belongs to the series RWBY. And he will never see neither the light of day nor the eyes of anyone.
  Now why is that, you may ask? Well that’s quite simple, my friend; because he is in fact he, and this is Tumblr. By which I mean that nearly everyone on this damn site with the exception of the few roleplayers who I call friends ignore male OCs for no other reason than gender. And last time I checked, if the roles were reversed and it was a female OC getting ignored, many on this site would call that sexist, no?
Speakin’ of which, let’s talk about interaction with OCs. Just because someone who used an OC to interact with you was an awful godmodder does NOT mean that you get to weaponize that experience as an excuse to not interact with OCs, or worse, hate on other peoples’ OCs. It’s a shameful display.
  And if an OC is lucky enough to interact with a canon blog? It is quite likely that the canon blog hasn’t even read a damn thing on the OC’s blog because A, “They can just summarize it for me!” B, “Ehh, I didn’t feel like reading.” or C, “I’m planning to drop them a little later anyways.” (And before any smug asshats point it out, yes, I am guilty of this as well. I’ve been attempting to fix that, and I have no excuse for why I did it.) 

  Now then, my next point: This site’s utter hatred for male muses. Let’s start with a good example from RWBY; Jaune. Holy mother of God, I don’t think I have ever seen so much utter, blithering, frothing, pants-shitting rage towards a character as much as I have towards Jaune. Seriously, this guy gets hate for ‘stealing screen-time’ from other characters, when Ruby gets a very similar treatment. Want to know why? GASP, it’s because they’re the Main Characters! How about that??? Main characters getting more development than say, Pyrrha Nikos (Who–in reference to Jaune– acts very much like Gwen Stacy did in the Spider Man comics) who was planned to die from the start? What about that is so crazy, exactly?

Moving right along, then! Let’s step on the toes of everybody!

Why is it that if I were to threaten to delete, I’d get mountains on mountains of messages asking me to stay, but when I put up an open starter or starter call, I only get OC blogs or those who already know me? “But I’m scared to–” Stop. Click the damn like button on the starter call. It won’t kill you. In addition, stop thinking of it as if it’s you getting a shot for the first time or something. You’re asking someone to RP, not asking to stab them. 

Okay okay, this is going a bit too long, even for me, so let’s wrap this up with my final point before I scream. Short version: This site is obsessed with its ‘triggers,’ which are really crying to your parents for someone to make the bad people stop talking, as opposed to actual psychological triggers, which can cause mental breakdowns or episodes that can result in the harming of one’s mental/physical health. Not some whiny way to shut someone up.

In summary:

That is all. Have a nice day.

Like, sad head canons are great and all...

But why are all of them about Gregor being messed up after the war? Yeah, I’m sure he had tons of problems to sort through, but there had to have been happy moments too, right?

What about the love letters to his queen that he keeps locked in a box under his bed? 

What about harvesting apples on the family farm and feeling the sunshine on his skin?

What about turning off all the lights in the farmhouse and watching as the lightning bugs come out to dance?

What about family board games nights?

What about being invited to the annual pumpkin pie festival by a girl and not being able to find an excuse to not go? What about, despite everything he’s been through, sort of enjoying spending time with her and other people his age?

What about being homeschooled by his dad for a few years, but finally feeling confident enough to finish his last couple of terms in public school?

What about graduation and the realization that the possibility of regaining his life is actually coming to fruition?

What about finally getting the courage to send one of those letters to Luxa?

What about receiving one back?

What about driving five hours back to NYC just to see her again?

What about hours of therapy that actually work?

What about adjusting dosage and finding something that makes him feel normal again?

What about learning that “where there is life, there is hope” extends past the death of those close to you?

Why aren’t you guys coming up with these kinds of headcanons!?

I need to address something

Okay, so lately I’ve gotten some messages from Hiccstrid and Jelsa shippers that aren’t the nicest. I’ve tried to ignore it, but frankly I’m fed up. Here are a few  of the most recent ones.

To the anons that keep sending me messages like these, (or maybe it’s just one anon idk) Please leave me alone. I don’t go around hating on Hiccstrid shippers and Jelsa shippers, even though I really don’t like the ships. I’m civil, I’ve learned to coexist, and it’s really not that hard! If you don’t like me, block me, I honestly don’t care if you do! Just stop coming to my personal blog, where I post my art and my ship, and leaving mean comments. Please, just leave me alone!

Please Don’t Call me Senpai

Howdy there, it’s me. A person some of you may like to see as a senpai. I am here to say, please dear friends do not call me senpai. Even though I laugh and play along, I am very uncomfortable with being called such a title.

 I am no senpai, I’m a human being just like you all. I’m not better than you, even if I make wonderful art and have so many great ideas. Being so highly regarded terrifies me, in fact it terrorizes every fiber of my entire being.

 I’m terrified of being so popular, I’m terrified of so many people watching me, I’m terrified of everyone’s high expectations that they bestow upon me. I don’t mind if my ideas and my arts become well known and popular.

 But I myself do not wish to be popular, I cannot handle a life such as that. I’m one follower away from 300. This makes me tremble and I am so nervous. Sure I want amazing friends, I love friends, but I do not want friends to think of and regard me so highly that they are nervous or too shy to interact with me.

I want people to feel comfortable in approaching me, I want to be a lovable and approachable person. I’m not an art God/Goddess, I’m a human like you, I want to be treated as an equal and not as a deity on a pedestal.

 It frightens me, it makes me wanna curl up and hide. Knowing that people have high expectations of me makes me horrified to fail, makes me nervous to fail at anything. I feel like I have to try and be perfect, that I’m not allowed to slip up once.

I’m a human and I make mistakes. Please, please , please stop thinking of me as a Senpai but as a friend and an artist and a creator who just happens to have many wonderful ideas and who has a charming art style. But do not think of me any higher than yourself. I’m not more special than anyone else is. I’m just me. A human, Skye the human, nothing more, nothing less, I’m not a senpai, I’m not a deity to be placed atop a pedestal, I’m not a celebrity, I’m just me. Skye…. a human being who loves to interact with others and make friends. Please treat me as your equal and instead of Senpai, please call me your friend. - Love Skye

This post was made for both myself and @shypurple 

We both just wish to be treated as your friends and not senpais. Please don’t feel horrible, I did not wish for this post to make you all feel rotten. Instead take this as a lesson and learn from it and stop and think about this the next time you’re about to call another artist a senpai. 


Also if there are any other artists out there that feel the way Shypurple and I do, feel free to reblog with:  

 Please Don’t Call me Senpai  - in your reblog.

 So you can let your followers know how you feel about being called Senpai.