Mun pic

So this was my only good recent selfie…Tagged by hersheybar26 bby to do the 20 Beautiful People challenge. Idk what the rules were exactly lmao but I’m assuming I gotta tag 20 people aye

Imma tag berryjewel, betelgeuse—s, kuronekolily, kurosakiwaifu, lxbba, punkrokku, dobengal, luciasatalina, seiikas, ririshi, lucysenpaii, mcgardensass, princessstrauss, urmilkovich, unisonraidd, fierykage, kohpai, xxsorano, xhaeres, and leader-of-the-skeleton-army


Closet Human!Negative!RGB cosplay I put together for an experiment. The bow tie is the wrong color and I really need to brush that wig. It was Karkat before it was Negative and it shows. But the eyeliner works, and I’m pale enough to not need any other makeup. Also if anyone knows where I could find a cane that would be favorite. I really want to do a proper cosplay some day.