Mun pic

So, uhm, hi. I was the anon with that dream and that creepy Robbie doll.
Since you were such an incredible person to draw it, I uhm, was able to draw the doll as best as I could remember with referencing your art ^^;

I honestly don’t remember what was with his arm, it was metal and weird and heavy. But I know you could wind him up somehow and he could walk, the gear on his back did turn as well then.
The doll looked handmade, for the curious ones. It was badly made, but clearly Robbie. I still wonder how my mind came up with such a doll.
I want it tho

It’s not Monday and forgive the unclassy background of my dorm’s showers, but I thought my outfit today looked very Juliana Crain! Of course, it would considering that the blazer/jacket is an actual vintage one from the late 50s/early 60s that I picked up at my college’s costume shop sale yesterday! *squeal*