On 2 Week Hiatus

All right guys, as you hopefully know, I am going on vacation as of March 3. I have plenty of stuff to finish before that, so I am not going to be on after this post. (Ok, I lie, I’ll likely peek and lurk a bit, but I’m not going to be posting)

Before I head off I have some love I want to put up here for all you wonderful people.

To start off, I want to say how much all of you being here means to me. When I started this blog in January it was to RP with one other blog and I never expected to get this many followers or wonderful threads.

For my 200 follower achievement, I tried to thank everyone personally and I hope I didn’t miss any of you. Your response to that was awesome! Thank you to all my new RP buddies and to everyone who wrote back to me. I love interacting with you guys and that whole week was such an awesome experience for me!

I’d like to send a big shout out to a special Nonnie who has quite captured Bofur’s attention. You are amazing, and as I said before, some followers and I have dubbed her Dulce for being so sweet and have named the ship “Nonnfur”. You are truly an amazing person and I love seeing your posts in my ask box, so thank you for continuing with this.

I’ve been tossed a lot of love memes in my box and I haven’t tossed them back (sorry), but that’s because I’ve been concentrating on threads. I really thank everyone who’s sent me those memes, I love receiving them!

This community is so amazing! I can’t say enough good about you all and I can’t wait to get back and find my ask box full!

Love you all and see you on the 14th!

(( I am working to set up my new computer room, which is nerd central. So I have been cleaning my action figures before I find places for them.

My nephew found them last night.. and I think he might be Tina from Bob’s Burgers…

There is now an orgy of butt-grabbing Zombies. And, one Zombie is molesting Catwoman who is grabbing Squal, who is touching Legato’s butt.. XD  I should really just leave them like that *laughs* ))

((i was the “tu es ein junge” anon im laughing so hard.. u see i am learning both french and german and i was trying to think of how to say “you are a boy” and i thought of “tu es” (french) and “ein junge” (german) and i couldnt stop laughign and i thought of king erik so i sent it to him and now im laughin even harder))

Ok..I'm currently getting very tired. And all of this shipping with me is making me sleepy.

Have a good night everyone (Including you my deer Hoodie) I’m going to get some sleep now. And I hope each and every one of you have sweet dreams and a wonderful day coming to great you the next day!!

-With all my love to you 

Fawn Mun.

when your muses can’t keep their hands off their ships no matter how hard you try to keep the thread sfw 

aka all replies with; geniusesintheirownright, heartartemishunter, regularbandofmisfits, and Drake when it comes to so-many-stories-to-tell

I’d also like to point out that the moment Drake gets the green light, he’ll never be able to keep his hands off Wes, so i’m adding wecreatethedarkness to the list. 

ALSO, once Austin gets the green light from Jonny that’ll be another ship that will probably go down that road. (just not to the extreme as the others because Austin has never been like that… but still…)

It’s only been a few weeks since I made this blog & I know that I’ve been bad with keeping up since my busy schedule. However, I’m super happy to see how many people ended up following this blog & the many questions I have received as well. I’ll keep doing my best to update. I just want to thank you all for following this silly blog~! <3

1980's Fantasy Movies did it best.

How can you get more perfect than that line-up? (Aside from including recent films like the Tolkien movies)  You can’t.
Nothing can beat the puppetry, costuming, and sets in those films for their charm, skill, beauty, and creativity.

Though ‘The Goonies' gets an honorable mention for 80's nostalgia, even if it's an 'adventure' movie.

Each of those films has influenced me so deeply:
-Labyrinth: I’ve become the Goblin King. And it taught me to never stop dreaming, because my fantasy worlds are within me.
-Legend: Darkness put things into perspective: "What is light without dark? What are you without me? I am a part of you all."
-The Dark Crystal: I am pretty sure my strange habits of collecting crystal shards, and shiny rocks are a direct result of this movie.
-The NeverEnding Story: Further proved how magical books can be. And I still want a pet like Night Hob’s stupid bat.
-Return to Oz: I used to say "When I grow up, I am going to become a Wheeler!" and I’m still waiting for that to happen. Plus, I want a hall of heads like Mombi has!
-The Princess Bride: I still look for ways to fit "You have killed my father, prepare to die." into every day conversations.
-Willow: Taught me that just because I was little, didn’t mean I couldn’t do powerful things.
-The Adventures of Baron Munchhausen: Most likely started my obsession with the Angel of Death. And it taught me that sometimes absurd and abstract ideas make much more sense than anything based in reality and logic ever could.

I am sure I am not the only one out there whose life these movies has influenced. <3 ))

OOA ;; I’m a little confused because an Anon just came into my ask && said that they don’t RP with me because I’m supposedly an elitist that ignores 90% of the people that come into my ask wanting to RP with me && what ever else bullshit they said. && it hurt a little but then I’m like ?

First off, I didn’t even know what being an elitist RPer meant when I first read their rude ass message so I went and googled the definition of elitist. && I’m not going to lie. I do favor some threads && RP partners over others. I favor the ones I’m closer to, My muse likes to talk to more, or the threads I find more interesting than others, && I’ll thread those first. EVERY ROLE PLAYER HAS FAVORITES. You can’t pull a straight face && lie about that because you know it’s true. && I don’t understand how it’s wrong for me to like threading with some RPers more than others.

Secondly, That anon has never seen the inside of my askbox nor do I believe that they’ve seen the supposed 90% of RPers that I’m ignoring when they ask me for threads. I TRY TO THREAD WITH ANYONE THAT ASKS ME TO RP WITH THEM. If I say I want to RP with you, I genuinely do because I want threads with EVERYONE that I follow even if it seems like an impossible goal. But I have  memory issues && I forget to reply to things. I don’t always feel like answering asks, && if you don’t remind me that you did a thing, You may never see a reply to it. If you make me a starter, I’ll draft it && go back to answer when I have muse for it. If it’s a longer starter, I’ll take longer because replying to longer things with my little shit of a muse takes longer. BUT AM I EVER IGNORING YOU ON PURPOSE ? No.

I HAVE NEVER DENIED ANYONE THE RIGHT TO RP WITH ME. I’m not fucking special. So what if I have a lot of followers ? Oh, So since I’m semi-exclusive now, I’m an elitist ? I don’t know how many times I have to FUCKING say it, But I’m semi-exclusive now because it helps lessen my anxiety. && if you’re fucking butthurt because I want to keep my health in order, then you can go fuck yourself.

I shouldn’t have to be sitting her explaining myself. I’ve shown everyone the number of drafts I currently have. I have that many because I try to give EVERYONE a chance to RP with me. My Drafts haven’t been at 0 since I made this blog. I honestly don’t care what anyone thinks of me. But it really did hurt my feelings to be called an elitist just because I run my blog a certain way. Not cool.

spook-wolf asked:

Luvdisc Alomomola Swablu Ninetales Wooper Plusle Smeargle Unown Swirlix Eevee Pichu Bibarel Slowking

  • Luvdisc:I love your blog
  • Alomomola:I love you platonically
  • Swablu:I want to hug you
  • Ninetales:You’re beautiful
  • Wooper:You make me smile
  • Plusle:You’re an amazing friend
  • Smeargle:I love your art
  • Unown:I love your writing
  • Swirlix:You’re really sweet
  • Eevee:You’re one of my favourite people
  • Pichu:You’re really cute
  • Bibarel:You’re silly
  • Slowking:You’re wise

    /)///////(\ O-Oh wow, Micool, that is…. so sweet of you <33 Like damn, this just made my day.