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Hold on. I remember you saying somewhere that you're agender. If I'm remembering correctly, you are pan and agender. That is super cool because I am also pan and agender and it's just... Well... Cool. (Sorry I'm so awkward bye)

That actually is cool! I’ll be honest, I’m not entirely sure if I’m pan. I know I like guys and only recently realized that girls are cute too! I think I’m open to dating anyone as long as I like their personality.

A shout out to the people that are disturbed by my blog.

Please. I kindly suggest you to unfollow me rather than tell me how to censor my art thank you ^^ Yes, I post sensitive material but I also want my art to be easy to find and access. I also want it to be noticeable. So if you’re disturbed by such content please unfollow since my blog is full of it.  But if you want to remain my follower, it’s okay but leave me be please, I consider that I put enough warnings on my posts. Thank you, have a nice day.

happy munday!!! this is MAX, one of my favorite artists of all time! he recognized me from the last VIP thing i went to (didn’t get vip this time, but stayed around after the show to wait for him to come out and mingle) and he immediately recognized me and hugged me before i could hug him first! it was an amazing feeling and he’s always a joy to meet! plus his tendency to call everyone ‘baby’ is a nice bonus

No I’m not gonna kill myself just cause of them. This drawing just show how I’m feeling and how long I’m holding on to this one problem of mine… This can’t be help or be fix not matter how many time I try it not gonna work so… I had no choice but to suffer and leave them alone… If they don’t want anyone help fine but remember this Lea I fucking loved and care about you and I still do but now… I hate you so much that this pain in my chest will never leave me cause I know deep down I want to be around you and help you but if I keep holding on to you I will end up dead so yeah I hope your happy on losing a friend who now have to suffer from depression and anxiety but at this point I don’t care about myself or my body cause I know this pain that you left behind will never leave me.

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Sporty, if you say this to Robbie, he should understand that you don't hate him! It goes like this: Oo ee oo ah ah, ting tang, walla walla bing bang, oo ee oo ah ah, ting tang walla walla bang bang! It'll work, I promise! I'm a witch doctor >:3

// jokes on you i literally just read that fic buddy