A funny, random story on how to totally peg guys:

So, many moons ago, I dated this guy. Beautiful specimen of a man BUT 100% a playboy. I was young and didn’t care. I was just having fun anyway. We dated on and off for about a year or two and then finally decided I wanted to grow up and have a real relationship. Homeboy wasn’t into it, so I moved on.

Eventually, I met Jeff and from there my story started.

Well, said playboy randomly texted me out of the blue yesterday. I didn’t have his number because I deleted it forever ago so it took a few messages back and forth to finally figure out who it was. Lemme just add, he started the text with:
Him: sara?
Me: Yes? Who is this?
Him: your favorite person from like 10 years ago. (😒)

Seriously? Whatever. Anyway…like I said I eventually figured out who it was. I happened to be having lunch with my mom and she remembered who he was too. I said to her, “I bet you anything he’s texting me for a random hook up.” Cause why else would someone just text you after not talking for like 7 years!? I digress…

We exchanged pleasantries and he finally got to the QUESTION. “Are you wifed and kid upped now?” *insert HUGE eyeroll* clearly he still hasn’t grown up. I responded, “yep! 2 years happily married and little one is 7 months now!” Got a, “wow, I’m so happy for you! I bet your a hot ass wife and mommy.” Ugh. “Sure am! Hubby thinks I’m beautiful, thanks!”

Haven’t heard back. 😂 moral of the story is…some guys are so predictable and just never grow up.

Some might wonder why I bothered to engage in the conversation. It was more or less for my own amusement because I had a feeling he hadn’t changed. How I could ever take interest in that before is beyond me. But being young and stupid is part of growing up.

I told Jeff about it and we had a good laugh.

Boys will be boys.

Today while in the checkout lane, Storie was having a tantrum

and I was handling it very well. I didn’t get upset or anything and did my best to hear her out, got on her level, all that, without raising my voice. Now, I always start out that way but somewhere nearing the middle of the tantrum I get frustrated (which is to be expected but still) and get so flustered and just ready TO GO. but today, I especially kept my cool and didn’t even FEEL frustrated at all (which is most surprising) and it was so nice when a woman behind me with 2 kids told me “you’re so calm. You’re doing a great job! I would have lost my mind 😄” I smiled, said thank you and said it’s not always easy, as she knows.
It’s just always nice to get those kinds of compliments!! Especially when most of the other people were giving me that handle your kid look. YOU KNOW THE ONE.
Kind words can change everything! Be nice to each other! ❤


“Trick or treat”

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24 wks tomorrow.

I’ve gained 10 lbs so far. I’m happy with that 👍 I’m definitely eating way less than I did with Storie so I’m sure that’s helping. I used to be starving all the time with her but with Q, I just don’t get as hungry as often. Oh and no real cravings that last longer than a couple days so that’s different lol when I’m hungry I can literally eat anything (so I usually choose healthier food) bc all I care about is getting food in my belly.
My husband jokes that it looks like I just have a big ball hidden under my shirt 😂

Lone Wolf Road Trip

Dropping my pups off with mom this afternoon for two nights while I drive down to Casper WY to meet Austin for the Insane Clown Posse concert on Saturday! I’m nervous, but excited. Our anniversary last month was our only date night of this entire year. Austin keeps saying it’s going to be an awesome show. I’m looking forward to time alone, lifting in a real gym, and spending time with him the most.