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We now have custom pronoun necklaces for genderfluid people, multiple systems, or anyone who uses more than one set of gender pronouns. Up to four different pronoun charms can be put on each necklace- flip them over and a different one will be showing in front, so you can change pronouns whenever you like.

We also have a bunch of new knit items, including Neurodiversity Pride rainbow infinity scarves, and other pride scarves.

Our other communication necklaces have been restocked, after several sold out when we were featured on the Artists and Autism facebook page. And we still have Neurodiversity necklaces.

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There is no language in itself, nor are there any linguistic universals, only a throng of dialects, patois, viperslangs, and specialized languages. There is no ideal speaker-listener, any more than there is a homogeneous linguistic community. Language is, in Weinreich’s words, “an essentially heterogeneous reality.” There is no mother tongue, only a power takeover by a dominant language within political multiplicity. Language stabilizes around a parish, a bishopric, a capital. It forms a bulb. It evolves by subterranean stems and flows, along river valleys or train tracks; it spreads like a patch of oil.
—  Gilles Deleuze and Félix Guattari, A Thousand Plateaus: Capitalism and Schizophrenia
Multiple System Ask Meme

1) How many system members are there?

2) Youngest member? Oldest?

3) Any friendships within the system?

4) Any relationships within the system?

5) Does your system have a name?

6) Any fictives or factives in the system?

7) What does the headspace/inner world look like? Is it just one building/area, several, or more?

8) Do members have separate rooms/areas? Does anyone share a room?

9) Any unused rooms/areas?

10) Unexplored rooms/areas?

11) Who likes/dislikes being in the headspace/inner world?

12) Any members who never leave the headspace/inner world?

13) What do members do in the headspace?

14) Is anyone religious? What are their religions?

15) Who cofronts the most often (what group/pair)?

16) Are there any otherkin in the system?

17) What is something that system members have very different opinions on?

18) Does anyone talk with a different voice in the outer world? In the inner world?

19) Favourite part of the inner world/headspace?

20) Least favourite part of the inner world/headspace?

21) Running jokes within the system?

So we unfollowed a ton of people recently so our dash is noticeably slower, so we’d love to get more mutuals!

You can reblog if you meet at least one of the things and we’ll check out your blog:

  • you’re part of a system
  • you’re autistic
  • you have a personality disorder
  • you’re on the schizo spectrum
  • you experience dissociation
  • you’re PoC
  • you’re trans/nb
  • you’re not straight
  • you blog about any of the things you meet

We might take a bit to get to you depending on spoons!

Dear singlets
  • Multiplicity is real.
  • Every multiple system is different.
  • Every multiple system is valid.
  • Every member of every multiple system is valid.
  • Every member of every multiple system is different.
  • Every system and even member of a multiple system copes with stuff in their own way.
  • Those ways are valid as long as they’re not hurting others.
  • No ~romanticising~ multiplicity (whatever the heck you even mean by that) is not hurting others.
  • Stop trying to figure out if anyone is a fake or hate on those you deem fake or attention seekers – THIS HURTS REAL MULTIPLES FAR MORE THAN ANY FAKES!
  • Stop policing us and our identities and the words and ways and concepts we use to express them.
  • Stop trying to speak over us.
  • Stop pathologizing and/or infantilising and/or romanticising us (There’s a difference between a singlet and a multiple doing that).

Thank you!

System Ask

1. Give examples of their different writing styles/handwriting.

2. Who argues a lot?

3. Does anyone have any weird habits that they do with the body that annoy the others?

4. Who makes cofronting the worst decision ever?

5. Do you have any alters/headmates you keep away from your friends at all costs? (because they are embarrassing or weird)

6. Who will listen to you talk about something and then tell your friends your secrets as soon as they front?

7. Is anyone dating each other?

8. What does your headspace look like?

9. If they could all chose to have their own bodies, would they?

10. Do you have any non-human members?

11. Do you have any members that no one ever sees or talks to?

12. Do you have a schedule for fronting?

13. How many have blogs on here that are separate from each others?

14. Who is the dad/mom/parent of the system?

15. Who hates everyone and doesn’t want to be there?

16. Who talks all day in the headspace and then never opens their mouth while fronting?

17. Who would be most likely to blow all the money on food?

18. Who would be most likely to antagonize a fight and then leave front right when it starts?

19. Are there any familia relationships in the system? (brothers, sisters, moms, cousins, etc)

20. Do you have any fictives?

Dissociative Identity Disorder isn’t fun.

DID is having holes in your life. What happened during most of primary school?Who are all these people I have pictures of, I’ve never met them in my life. I don’t remember buying this. I don’t remember saying that. No, sorry, I don’t remember that. That wasn’t me.

DID is having memories you can’t access. Who’s this person? What did they do to me? How could I erase entire sections of my life from my memory? More importantly, why?

DID is having memories that won’t leave you alone. I can still hear him coming up the stairs. Don’t move, he’ll hear you. Don’t speak, or you’ll have it coming. Don’t anger him, or he’ll hurt her. Don’t say that, or they’ll get you. They always do.

DID is always apologising. I’m sorry he yelled at you, I swear that wasn’t me. I’m sorry she said that to you, I swear I don’t believe that. I’m sorry she ruined your day. I’m sorry he hurt you. I’m sorry she’s not me.

DID is hating yourself, yourselves, for simply existing. I shouldn’t be like this. I shouldn’t be broken. Why am I this way? What did I do to deserve this? I would be better off dead. Why, why, why?

DID is having to share your life with several other people. Some of those people are cruel, and some are nice. Some will work with you, some against you. Some want everything, and some want nothing. But none of them are ever going to leave. You’ll always be stuck with them. You’ll never be alone, ever again.

Dissociative Identity Disorder isn’t fun.

Stop saying it is.


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