System Ask

1. Give examples of their different writing styles/handwriting.

2. Who argues a lot?

3. Does anyone have any weird habits that they do with the body that annoy the others?

4. Who makes cofronting the worst decision ever?

5. Do you have any alters/headmates you keep away from your friends at all costs? (because they are embarrassing or weird)

6. Who will listen to you talk about something and then tell your friends your secrets as soon as they front?

7. Is anyone dating each other?

8. What does your headspace look like?

9. If they could all chose to have their own bodies, would they?

10. Do you have any non-human members?

11. Do you have any members that no one ever sees or talks to?

12. Do you have a schedule for fronting?

13. How many have blogs on here that are separate from each others?

14. Who is the dad/mom/parent of the system?

15. Who hates everyone and doesn’t want to be there?

16. Who talks all day in the headspace and then never opens their mouth while fronting?

17. Who would be most likely to blow all the money on food?

18. Who would be most likely to antagonize a fight and then leave front right when it starts?

19. Are there any familia relationships in the system? (brothers, sisters, moms, cousins, etc)

20. Do you have any fictives?


No one-
No one-
No one see this movie.


DID and OSDD-1, the disorders characterized by multiplicity, don’t work like this. At all.

We are equally likely as anyone else to commit crime, but far more likely to be the victims of crime (and multiplicity literally comes from trauma, usually abuse)

We are not dangerous. Specifically, we are not dangerous because of our disorder.

This movie goes out of its way to portray multiplicity incredibly inaccurately, and in an incredibly damaging way. Mentally ill people suffer enough due to stigma and ostracization. Enough people already think disorders like DID are characterized by violent criminality. Enough people with disorders, especially stigmatized disorders, have been and/or are continuous victims of abuse precisely because of our disorders.

This movie, which places its horribly inaccurate, demonizing portrayal of DID at the forefront of the capture and abuse of the young women, is massively perpetuating awful, damaging stereotypes.

This is not small. This is not trivial. This has consequences. Real people are denied care, denied agency, abused, and killed because of this stigma. If you see this movie, give any money to this movie at all, you are perpetuating that and the responsibility for these abuses and these deaths becomes yours too.

Instead, if you find yourself interested in learning more about abuse, trauma, and multiplicity, I would suggest investigating these topics using resources such as

Do. Not. See. This. Movie.

Stop killing us.

Sincerely, a multiple with OSDD-1b, and victim of abuse both individual and institutional.

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Alternate Title: 50%* of Figure Skating History in the Last Decade 

(*) conservative estimate
Red = current world records (as of May 2017)
This list is not exhaustive, many wonderful things he achieved have been left out due to lack of space and a desire to keep this post within not-too-extremely unreasonable length
This list will need to be updated in due time

I’m here for systems.

I’m here for systems who do not remember what their trauma was.

I’m here for systems who wish they were singlets.

I’m here for systems who are fine with and open about their multiplicity.

I’m here for systems who have a hard time feeling valid.

I’m here for angry, destructive alters.

I’m here for littles who have to see their terminology appropriated and sexualized.

I’m here for alters of different genders than their host’s body.

I’m here for systems with only two members, and I’m here for systems with 30+ members.

I’m here for DID systems.

I’m here for OSDD systems.

I’m here for every system discovering their multiplicity and struggling to come to terms with it.

I’m here for fictive alters.

I’m here for systems who experience dissociative amnesia, and those who don’t.

I’m here for systems who fear switching.

I’m here for non-human alters who struggle with body dysmorphia.

I’m here for each and every system.

There is no language in itself, nor are there any linguistic universals, only a throng of dialects, patois, viperslangs, and specialized languages. There is no ideal speaker-listener, any more than there is a homogeneous linguistic community. Language is, in Weinreich’s words, “an essentially heterogeneous reality.” There is no mother tongue, only a power takeover by a dominant language within political multiplicity. Language stabilizes around a parish, a bishopric, a capital. It forms a bulb. It evolves by subterranean stems and flows, along river valleys or train tracks; it spreads like a patch of oil.
—  Gilles Deleuze and Félix Guattari, A Thousand Plateaus: Capitalism and Schizophrenia

date a boy with DID. be supportive of his alters. remind him of things he forgot.

Multiple System Ask Meme

1) How many system members are there?

2) Youngest member? Oldest?

3) Any friendships within the system?

4) Any relationships within the system?

5) Does your system have a name?

6) Any fictives or factives in the system?

7) What does the headspace/inner world look like? Is it just one building/area, several, or more?

8) Do members have separate rooms/areas? Does anyone share a room?

9) Any unused rooms/areas?

10) Unexplored rooms/areas?

11) Who likes/dislikes being in the headspace/inner world?

12) Any members who never leave the headspace/inner world?

13) What do members do in the headspace?

14) Is anyone religious? What are their religions?

15) Who cofronts the most often (what group/pair)?

16) Are there any otherkin in the system?

17) What is something that system members have very different opinions on?

18) Does anyone talk with a different voice in the outer world? In the inner world?

19) Favourite part of the inner world/headspace?

20) Least favourite part of the inner world/headspace?

21) Running jokes within the system?


When interacting with a system please always take the age of the body and the person you’re talking to into consideration and treat them like the youngest age out of the two.

If you’re talking to a 12 year old in a 40 year old body, talk to them as if they’re the 12 year old they are. If you’re talking to a 40 year old in a 12 year old body you still shouldn’t say anything to them that you wouldn’t say to a 12 year old.

If anyone involved is a minor you need to talk like there is a minor present, and you should absolutely never be in a relationship with an adult fictive in the system of a minor. If you’re also an adult it’s inappropriate for the minor, and if you’re a minor then it’s inappropriate for that adult fictive to be involved with you.

How to Relate to Multiples: Conversational Do’s and Don’ts

In order to get other perspectives and help flush out this guide, I’m sharing this rough draft. Please feel free to correct me or suggest additions. As promised, I’m working on making this guide more inclusive to all kinds of multiples, and I appreciate advice on that. 

Sometimes, when faced with strange and unknown situations, people clam up and feel uncomfortable because they don’t know what things are appropriate or inappropriate to say or discuss. Uncomfortable topics will vary from system to system, but here’s a basic general overview that will hopefully help you feel more at ease when talking with your friend and their system.

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date a boy with DID because 5-10 or more boyfriends are better than 1

EDIT: This post DOES NOT include system littles in any way, shape, or form. This post DOES NOT mean that when someone dates a person with DID, they date every alter. I am aware that this is not the case. I posted this because it relates to me and some alters in my system. It’s meant to be funny

If you’re tired of the cliche “evil alters taking over” story that Hollywood and the general media always puts out (what with the movie “Split” coming out and everything), then I recommend you read: “The Hybrid Chronicles” by Kat Zhang.

This series takes on the concept that everyone is born with two souls: a dominant soul and a recessive soul. Then after a certain age, they begin to “settle” and the recessive soul is supposed to disappear. Well sometimes that doesn’t always happen, and then you end up with a “hybrid”. The government puts the views of hybrids in the public as “dangerous” and “mentally ill”, and that they should be institutionalized. The books follow the journey of two hybrid souls named Eva and Addie, as they meet other hybrids and fight to free those stuck in institutions and against the government.

The trilogy starts with “What’s Left of Me”, followed by “Once we Were”, and then “Echoes of us”. Each of them are guide intense and interesting to read. Found it hard to put it down ourselves.


Just browsing through the entries into the “Shattered Self” contest on dA, and… ugh. Okay, fellow artists:

The following themes and motifs used to illustrate Dissociative Identity Disorder are not new, original, interesting, accurate, or useful. They have been done and overdone, and don’t generally represent the experiences of multiples.

  • Someone’s reflection in a shattered mirror, with each shard reflecting a different face.
  • A whole bunch of arms coming out of somebody, usually violently.
  • A whole bunch of shadowy figures standing around being ominous.
  • A distorted body with a bunch of arms, legs, torsos, heads, etc., all of which are struggling to rip themselves away from the others.
  • Stuff that looks like horror movie posters, in general.
  • Images of faces/bodies broken like dropped porcelain or glass.
  • Dopplegangers of the body sitting around like Alanis Morissette’s “Ironic” video, having identical faces with different expressions and clothes.
  • Someone carrying a selection of masks, usually with the exact same face but different facial expressions.
  • Images of people with DID killing other people.

To me, using any of the above tropes indicates that you didn’t do your homework and don’t really know your subject matter, other than using someone else’s life experience for cheap drama. Do your homework or go and paint something else. Let the people who live the experience depict themselves.

honestly why do some ppl /want/ to have a system i genuinely don’t understand why
sure being a system has some stupid fun moments or whatever the mcfuck but its also suffering ??? when someone’s upset you feel it and when someone takes front and you come back to front its like ?? hella disorienting and if said person did smth to upset someone you have to apologize and feel horrible even if you didnt do it ????
plus if someone fronts thats like time taken out of ur schedule and you have even less time to complete smth and then you stress tf out

so again like sURE it can be literally hilarious as fuck and you have fun with it sometimes but its h a r d
its not jsut smth like some extra buddy pals in ur head to talk to or ur favourite fictional character or w/e

why do ppl want to have a system?????¿¿¿ i am genuinely confused

Some thoughts on multiplicity and traumagenic vs. endogenic

We know why we’re multiple. It doesn’t boil down to a simple traumagenic vs. endogenic thing.

We’re autistic, and because of our autism as a little kid we experienced a lot of things as extremely overpoweringly overwhelming to the point where dissociation was a good coping mechanism. These weren’t things that are normally considered to be traumatic, but fairly “normal” things. Like, our own emotions, and also social things. Like, fairly innocuous things like us smiling and other people seeing it was so mind-blowingly overwhelming and terrifying that 3-year-old-us was doing things like covering our face and hiding under furniture until dissociation allowed us to cope with life better and not be an overloading mess all the time.

Is that trauma-based? If so, that’s saying that being our flavor of autistic is inherently traumatic, and we’re not really into that. It’s just how our brain works.

Dissociation + a highly active imagination gave us worlds and people and stories and our system. We like calling ourselves “imagination-based”. A lot of people might find this offensive, thinking imagination is trivial or “not-real”. However, we consider it to be one of the most real and important things in our life. Imagination is a very real thing, generated by the brain, and I think it can be related to dissociation in some very interesting ways.

We ALSO are from a very screwed up family and most definitely were abused and traumatized. We just don’t think it was the origins of our multiplicity. We’ve sorted through some repressed stuff and it had jack-all to do with us being multiple and was also not contained to individual ones of us, was more like general denial and not realizing how screwed up and not-normal some things were until we’d gotten away from them. We definitely fit the “well, things were kind of bad, but not like real abuse or trauma bad, other people have it worse, and nobody ever hit us except that one time and also that other time…” denial thing. Yes, it actually was that bad. Trauma has shaped us in some ways, though. Just not the repressed-memory DID way.

We relate to endogenic multiplicity a lot because we just don’t fit the repressed-trauma-causing-dissociation DID mold, and we think we’d probably be multiple regardless of abuse & trauma stuff just because of our neurology, and as far as we can tell we were already multiple before stuff started getting really bad.

We’ve described ourselves before as an “it’s complicated”-based system. Some combo of our autism, our natural neurology, imagination, trauma… Unless we could see ourselves in some kind of alternate universes where various ones of these different factors don’t exist, and how we turned out in those universes… who knows what definitely factored into it and what didn’t? We’re here now, no matter our origins, that’s what matters.

In the end, I really feel like it’s not anybody else’s business why a multiple system exists, or to judge whether or not those reasons are valid, or whether that system has explored trauma enough to properly declare themselves to be endogenic or not.

In a lot of ways we’re actually sick to death of all this debate and focus on origins and causes.

We’re autistic, queer, grey-ace, gender-weird… For all those things, it’s usually considered enough for us to say that’s what we are, and to just exist.

For multiplicity, though, people want REASONS and JUSTIFICATIONS. Can’t just say “hey, this is who we are and how we identify”.

If people got like this over our autism, queerness, or gender identity, wanting to know WHY we are this way, and wanting to focus on the causes, and wanting to delve into what trauma might have caused these things, that would be considered rude as hell. For multiplicity though, it seems to be the standard. I know things are complicated with this due to links between dissociation and trauma. But on some level all of this stuff still feels rude as hell.

Possibly because we are old and crotchety and have been out of the closet for a long time and are at the point in life where we don’t want everything we do to be about our multiplicity or about analysis of why we are the way we are. In our IRL circle of friends we know systems of all types, trauma & endogenic & other, and we don’t spend our time in some kind of deathmatch over who is the one true way to be multi, we are friends. We hang out and play video games together. Not having the same origins is harming nobody. We just kind of want to exist and have the focus be on WHO we are, not on WHAT we are. However, here it seems like there’s no escaping all this focus on origins and demands for justification.

All the gatekeeping stuff is harmful bullshit. If you’re a multiple system and you exist, you exist. The importance of your origins and how much you want to share is up to you. Nobody should ever have to justify their own existence. Existing is enough.


Otherkin systems dont exist. Fictionkin systems dont exist.
Kin =/= system. I cant belive how many times i have to say this. Otherkin are not the same as systems. Please stop saying they are.
If your fictionkin you do not belong in system spaces. You belong in fictionkin spaces.
While im here fictives are not fictionkin. They form in completlt different ways. They can seem similar but they are not the same thing. Fictionkin can be a past life (like mine) or coping thing ( i guess this is debated) but it doesn’t happen like a fictive.
Thats all