Human Vs Door

I had the pleasure of being the DM to a casual game of DnD.

me: you approach the unlocked wooden door. What do you do?

our party’s paladin: I roll to kick the door down!! *rolls a nat1*

me, a somewhat forgiving dm: you successfully kick through the door, however your leg is stuck and it has not actually opened.

-we go through a round of turns in which every other party member merely walks through the door and observes the next chamber-

me: alright paladin, what is your move?


paladin: I roll to kick my other foot through the door and set myself free! *somehow rolls ANOTHER nat 1*

-our entire party cracks up as now the paladin has both feet stuck through the door. We do, however, successfully complete the dungeon and move onto another-

me: you come to a stone door which is visibly locked.

paladin:  :)

me: oh my god

paladin: I punch the door, trying to break it *rolls yet another nat 1*

-our rogue successfully opens the door and frees the paladin, when they come to a second locked door-

paladin: :)

rogue: no

me: no

druid: no

paladin: I roll to pick the lock with my finger *rolls another nat 1, getting finger stuck in lock*

-a turn passes-

paladin: I roll to pick the lock with my finger again *somehow rolls a nat 20*

paladin: :)

everyone else: oh my god

When a Dark Souls player meets DND

Me and a few friends were playing the Lost mines of Phandelver for our first time. The DM was surprised we took a unique path and substituted one of his own dungeons. Here are some things that ensued:

DM: “You see a chest, a plain wooden chest, sitting in the alcove”

Me (Rogue): I stab it.

DM: What?

Me: I take out my dagger, and stab it.

DM: Er, ok. You hear the satisfying splintering of wood as your dagger breaks through.

Wizard: I open the chest.

DM: Inside, it’s full to the brim with gold, all of which feels slightly chilled to the touch.

Me: I stab the gold.

Barbarian: Seriously?


DM: The door is laid silently within the stone, with no seams visible. There are hinges to indicate it opens inward, but no handle.

Me: Can I roll to pull the door open?

DM: Uh, make a strength check.

Me: *Nat 20*

DM: OK, so you rip the door off it’s hinges…


DM: The roof is now 5 feet above the ground and coming down quickly.

Me: I lay down and say to the roof “Dear gods, if you’re listening, fuck you, go to whatever Hell exists here.”

Barbarian: I start praying to the gods.

Me: I just damned them to hell, do you really think they’ll help us?

Trans Lance Headcannon/Prompt*

*this is either going to be a multipart headcannon or a headcannon that I turn into a fanfic later*
-Lance and Keith went to the same high school before attending the garrison
-Lance and Keith were friends in high school before going to the garrison
-the reason Keith doesn’t remember who Lance is is because high school Lance hadn’t transitioned yet
-Lance doesn’t transition until a few weeks before going to the garrison
-Keith is so rude to Lance because he reminds him so much of a friend he had in high school named Lacey
-When Lacey suddenly disappeared Keith had assumed she had committed suicide since he knew Lacey was depressed
-Lacey’s depression was caused by dysphoria and he is now much happier as Lance
-Lance still gets dysphoria and he hides it by being obnoxiously loud and cracking jokes
-flash forward to being in space: Keith accidentally calls Lance Lacey because they just look so similar, he couldn’t help it (plus he really misses his friend)
-Lance breaks down into tears thinking that Keith has somehow found out and his calling him his dead name on purpose
-Keith freaks out because he’s never seen Lance cry like that and why does it hurt him so much to see Lance like that?
-Keith attempts to comfort Lance
-Keith apologizes and tries to explain that Lance looks so much like a friend he lost in high school
-Lance comes out to Keith and explains that he is Lacey
-Keith ends up crying because he missed his friend so much.
-Lance tells Keith that he understands if their friendship is ruined
-Keith tells Lance to stop being such and idiot because they still friends no matter what
- they both end up hugging while crying happy tears
(Sorry if that sucked, it’s my second headcannon ever so please don’t kill me)

(To check out more of my Trans Lance Works you can find them here: Trans Lance Master List)

Just a chicken

Me and some friends recently started a new campaign, with a team consisting of a Firebolg cleric, an aasimar paladin (me), and two kenku, one a necromancer and the other a rogue. We started off in a town that was raided by goblins, which dropped whatever they looted if we killed them.

DM: “Upon killing the goblin, he drops his sack and you noise the bag is moving.”

Necromancer: “I check the bag”

DM: “You investigate the bag and find a chicken, still alive, along with some loot.”

Me and cleric: “A what?”

DM: “A chicken.”

Necromancer: “Is it a special chicken?”

DM: “No, its just a chicken”

Necromancer: “I wana use detect magic on the chicken.”

Me: “You’ve gota be kidding me.”

DM: “Uhh…ok, you use detect magic on the chicken, and find out its just a normal chicken.”

Necromancer: “I wana put it in my bag.”

Me: “Its a chicken, just leave it here!”

Necromancer: “No its mine now were taking it.”

Moving on, we ran into more goblins while investigating a building

Necromancer: “Im gona run out of the room and use magic armor on the chicken”

Me: “You can’t be serious.”

DM: “You can’t…ok you know what, fine; you cast magic armor on the chicken.”

Me: “I swear to god i will destroy that chicken”

Rogue: “Hes a safe boi now”

Me: “Dont encourage him!”

We’ve been playing for a good 4 weeks and we still have the chicken. His name is Jeffery

i can hear the bells: round one

pairings: tom x (plus sized) female reader

word count: 2,743

warnings: there’s some swearing, and also, just an fyi i took out parts of the dialogue that i found a little dicey, since this IS a piece that takes place in the 1960s and i don’t want to make anyone uncomfortable or offended. for example, penny says some pretty ditzy and ignorant comments about POC so i just took them out all together and changed the dialogue a little bit. also, in the movie, seaweed calls link “cracker boy” but i changed it so that it is now “white boy.” i hope that’s okay!

author’s note: hi guys! this is finally part one of my link!tom fic. it’s based off of the song “i can hear the bells” from hairspray, but the the plot is pretty different from the movie, EXCEPT for this part (it’s almost entirely accurate with just some small adjustments) and this fic series will probably be three parts? idk wHO KNOWS. also this fic is SPECIFICALLY for all my curvy and plus sized girl in the fandom because we should be supporting every single body type; sometimes i feel like fics can be really centered around the stereotypically “pretty” or skinny girls, but i wanna change that. remember that every body is a beautiful body:) enjoy xoxo.

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okay but imagine tom winking at you like this bye

Round one: “He asks me on a date”

You sit in class with your chin rested on your hand, drumming your fingers on the desk. You look down at the huge block of tiny, black text in your book, the words looking like a big blob in front of your tired eyes. You can hear the sound of chalk screeching against the board as Mr. Flak muttered on and on about whatever you were supposed to be learning about. You sigh in boredom, wishing that you could be anywhere than stuck in history class, learning about old people that had absolutely no relevance in your life. You would pay attention, if Mr. Flak didn’t have the most monotone voice with no emotion. Amber’s annoyingly peppy voice screeching above the quiet whispers of the other students in the class also didn’t help. You rolled your eyes in annoyance; you didn’t care what she was saying, and at this point you were too tired to listen. You feel your eyelids going heavy, your blinking getting slower and slower. You feel yourself drifting off into a deep sleep when suddenly, you hear a hand slam on a desk. You open your eyes, blinking as if to rid the fatigue that was still very much present on your face (and to cover up the fact that you were completely snoozing off in class) and look up at Mr. Flak, his nostrils flared and his eyes filled with aggravation.

“Excuse me? What’s going on back there?” everyone turns around and looks at Amber in the corner, her eyes wide open and filled with shock. She then glances over in your direction and smirks, picking up a folded piece of paper and opening it, revealing a poorly drawn picture of your history teacher with saggy breasts.

“Y/N that’s horrible!” she exclaims, with an evil mischief in her eyes, “Mr. Flak does not have breasts!” giggles erupt among your classmates and you turn your head back towards Mr. Flak, his face red with rage.

“No! I would never-” you try to protest over the hollers of the other students. Amber just sits in the back of the room with a smile on her face and laughing under her breath with all her other obnoxiously perfect and pretty friends, clearly very content with herself. Mr. Flak says nothing, his face stone cold, as he rips out a pink detention slip from his big stack of them, scribbling down your name. You shrug and pick up all your books; you weren’t learning anything in this class anyways, so did it really matter in the long run? At least in detention you could do what you were truly passionate about: moving and grooving with Seaweed and the rest of his friends. You walk towards the front of the room and pull the slip out of your teacher’s hand, refusing to make eye contact with him; you couldn’t make this more awkward than it already was. You keep your eyes on the ground as you try to scurry out of the classroom as fast as you can. Suddenly, you hear the sound of an old chair squeaking against the linoleum floor. You turn around and see none other than Thomas Holland standing up in the back of the room, as everyone looks at him, including you, in utter confusion. His chocolate brown eyes stare at you with warmth and empathy; it felt like he was trying to apologize to you through his soft gaze. You felt your heart soar and your cheeks growing a light pink. “Oh and Mr. Holland?” Mr. Flak questions, “perhaps you’d like to share with the rest of the class Patrick Henry’s immortal last words?” Tom pulls his eyes away from you and looks at him directly in the eyes.

With a stone cold expression and a confident voice, almost triumphantly, he answers, “kiss my ass”, his voice rising at the end as if he was actually answering the question. Amber’s perfectly glossed lips form an o shape as she gasps and the rest of the class laughs quietly. You put a hand over your mouth, trying to prevent yourself from snorting and bursting out into laughter. He sends you a crooked smile, and subtly winks at you as Mr. Flak shakes his head and pulls out yet another detention slip. Tom shuts his textbook and jumps out of his seat, rushing towards the door with a skip in his step, snatching the slip out of your teacher’s hand as he makes his way towards you. You try to keep your cool but your grin refuses to fade.

“Ready to get out of here?” he asks chirpily with a perfect smile with his pearly whites shining as he nods towards the hallway.

“Ye-yea” you attempt to speak, but you can barely form words; you were stunned. “M’lady,” he says as he bows and offers his hand to you. You swoon internally and you feel like you’re going to drop dead right on the spot. You hesitantly grasp his hand, his fingers wrapping around yours as he pulls you out of the classroom, nearly pulling your arm out of its socket, leaving Amber fuming with her eyebrows furrowed and Mr. Flak rolling his eyes and muttering, “they don’t pay me enough for this”.

You sprint down the hallway, your laughter echoing against the lockers as Tom tugs at your arm. Your heart beats faster and faster with every stride you take; not just because you didn’t run, but the fact that Tom Holland said “kiss my ass” in front of your entire history class to go to detention with you. Tom was a little more physically inclined than you so he kept running ahead of you, but you tried to keep up, huffing and puffing. You eventually stop, releasing your hand, slippery with sweat, from his as your breathing grows heavy and sweat pouring down your forehead. “Slo-slow down, there,” you struggle to say as you lean over and put your hands on your knees, trying to steady your breathing. He stops running and turns back to you, his beautiful grin refusing to fade.

“Sorry,” he says happily, “I got a little excited.”

“It’s-it’s okay,” you look up at him with a weak smile, “let’s just go a little slower.” He nods understandingly. After a few moments, you take one deep breath and stand up, readjusting your many books in your arm that threatened to slip out of your hands and leaned them against your hip as you both begin to walk down the hallway.

“Need some help there, little darlin’?” he asks nonchalantly as he notices you struggling.

“N-no,” you stutter, “I’m alrig-”. Before you can finish saying anything, he scoops your many books into his arms like they weighed nothing. You say nothing as you both continue walking, not running, in a comfortable silence; since every class was in session, the hallway wasn’t filled with the usual chatter of girls gossiping or the shuffling of papers. It was only you and Tom, your arms casually brushing against each other. You finally spot the room up ahead, and you could almost feel the energy through the walls. you nearly sprint over to the door, your body jittering with excitement. You stand at front of the door and look over at Tom. He grasps the knob and opens it, the movement of all the students dancing fueling your desire to break out your moves. “After you,” he says with a smile, as he holds the door open for you. You send me a grin of gratitude and step inside, your body immediately relaxing to the casual environment.

“You know,” you said turning to him, his ears perking up as he turns to look at you, “you didn’t have to do that, Tom.”

He raises an eyebrow as he sets your textbooks down on an empty desk, smirking like the cocky guy he is, “carrying your textbooks isn’t much of a challenge for me, doll. It’s what gentlemen do.” You turn away for a moment, trying to prevent the redness from appearing on your cheeks.

You roll your eyes. “Well thanks for that too, but that’s not what I meant,” you say as his eyes dart from person to person, absorbing all of their new dance moves that he’s never seen before.

“Hey, it’s no prob,” he says as he rests his arm on your shoulder, “besides, it looks like a cool scene down here.”

“Right,” you say under your breath as one of your friends wraps their arms around you and attacks you with a big hug.

He throws his detention pass on the table as his eyes move towards a girl in a blue and green floral dress, doing some funky move with her hips. “Hey cool,” he says, observing the way that her arms rolled back and how her feet slide back and forth on the floor. You watch as he attempts to mimic her moves, but with a little too much enthusiasm. You try to stifle a laugh, but you just couldn’t help it; he looked like such a nerd, his brown, slicked back hair bopping against his forehead, his arms flailing around like a baby bird trying to fly and his mouth opening to reveal the biggest smile you’ve ever seen. The girl gives him a very strange look, as does everyone else in the room and they all go silent. He pulls down his blue sweater and pushes his hair back, trying to keep his suave attitude. “Not quite, uh?” he asks, the bell ringing at that exact moment. “Aw damn,” he exclaims, “I was getting it,” but everyone else in the room knew that he really wasn’t.

“Listen man, you ain’t gotta stop now, ” Seaweed proposes as he walks over to you and Tom, Penny trailing close behind, “my mom’s having a platter party tonight. Y’all wanna come check it out?” Tom looks down at his watch with a confused expression.  

“Now?” you ask.

“Would you mind if I too checked it out? I’ve never been to North Avenue before,” Penny pipes in, staring at Seaweed lovingly; you could tell from her gaze that your best friend was definitely in deep.

“Uh well, would it be safe? For you know, for us?” Tom asks uneasily.

Seaweed rolls his eyes and slaps Tom’s arm playfully. “Calm down, white boy. It’s cool.”

‘Wow this feels,” Penny begins to say as she walks towards you.

“So hip!” you squeal excitedly as you and Penny grab hands and do a little happy dance.

*insert seaweed’s epic and iconic dance number here*

You all giddily leave school and get on a bus to the party. Even as you started getting on the bus, Amber called after Tom desperately screaming “Tom! Tom Holland!”, but he just ignored her completely and continued to move along with Seaweed, much to your surprise. You guys never stop popping or locking on your way there and it seems as if you had no cares in the world, and that was all due to Seaweed; you couldn’t help but want to get up and dance with him. He was one of the best people to watch and he was truly your biggest inspirations; even his sister, Little Inez, was dancing prodigy. Seaweed engaged his audience so well that you could tell that he loved what he was doing, and his passion really came across in his dancing, which was something that you always wanted to portray in your motions; he even made Penny faint. Multiple times. If it wasn’t obvious before, her infatuation with him was definitely apparent now. Not to mention, this is one of the few times that you see Tom letting loose, his one, tiny little curl drooping onto his forehead. He looked so carefree; he didn’t seem to care about how he looked for a camera, or anybody else for that matter, and it only made your crush on him grow more and more. You finally arrive at the party, and Seaweed grabs your hand squeezing it reassuringly, and you smile gratefully as Tom and Amber follow closely behind; you felt so lucky that you had such a funny, but supportive friend to make sure that you weren’t feeling uneasy. You enter “Maybelle’s Motor Mouth Records” and you can’t believe your eyes; it’s like you’re in a whole new world filled with liveliness and energy. There are couples everywhere, dancing together with their arms wrapped around each other’s necks, guys dipping girls and giving them little pecks on the lips, smiling, laughing. They move so naturally and you felt mesmerized by all of them; if only you could move like that. Maybelle, Seaweed’s mother, is wearing a leopard print dress and she’s shimming while also belting out a jazzy song (yet another iconic musical number); you see where he got his groove from. There are various records hanging all over the store and you run your hand along some of the dusty disks as you walk towards the dance floor. You start moving your hips to the catchy tune, and you notice, out of the corner of your eye, Tom staring at you, a small smirk tugging at the edge of his lips. You make eye contact with Maybelle and she looks back at you, pleasantly surprised.

“Well,” she says as she walks over to your group, “who do we got here?”

Seaweed puts his arm around you. “Mama, I want you to meet my new friends.” He gestures over to your little group and says, “this is Tom,” who clinks his mouth and gives her his famous wink. “Y/N Y/L/N,” you give her an enthusiastic wave, trying to contain yourself, even though you were nearly bursting with excitement. “And this young lady right here,” he says while takes his arm off of you and touches Penny’s arm softly, “is Penny Pingleton.” She looks at Penny, then her son with a suspicious look on her face and raised eyebrows.

“I’mverypleasedtobehere,” she says quickly, the nervousness apparent in her voice. She gives you all a warm smile, but before she can say anything, she walks away, hollering “I told you, put that record down or you’re gonna scratch it.” You shrug and continue to watch the dancers. Tom starts snapping his fingers and moves in front of you.

“Shall we dance?” he offers, presenting you his hand. You grab it gratefully and he whisks you into the middle of the room. You both sway back and forth, never breaking eye contact with each other. You guys moved well together and nothing was forced; it was like you guys were naturally in sync.

“Tom,” you say over the loud music, “aren’t you going to get into awful trouble for this?” He moves closer to you, and you can smell his mint breath even more clearly now.

“I’m not planning on telling my dad,” he snickers as you continue to get closer and closer together as you move your feet to the beat in a circular motion.

“No,” you tell him as concern grows in your eyes, “I mean in trouble with someone else.”

He shrugs. “Maybe. But maybe, it’s worth it.” He looks down at your hands and takes them into his, rubbing circles on your hands soothingly. He pauses for a moment, and leans into your ear and whispers, the smile apparent on his face, “I think that knowing you is a pretty big adventure, and I’m ready to explore it all. With you.”

You’re too flustered to say anything so you pull away from him and continue to dance, shuffling your feet a little bit. “Wh-what do you m-mean?” you stutter quietly.

“Y/N,” he asks softly as he lifts your chin up, forcing you to stare into his eyes, “go on a date with me.”

You stop moving and let go of his hands. You look at him with utter shock and confusion. “Ar-are you serious?” you ask him and he shakes his head yes, “if Amber set you up to this-”

“No, no,” he assures you, his hand immediately reaching for your cheek, “it has nothing to do with Amber. I like you. A lot. And I want to take you out. Just say yes. Please.” You look at him skeptically, but you see the desperation behind his eyes, and you know that he’s telling the truth.


Sleeping with a Friend

I will post new parts as they are requested.

A fake dating AU

At first, Richie Tozier did not mind being flirted with as it made him feel a sense of importance by those around him but…

But, he hates to sound obnoxious, it becomes annoying. It gets under his skin and just annoys him, knowing that none of these people would actually date him -love him for who he is, be there for him and care about him- and that they all just flirt with him because they find him hot.

So he made a plan.

Which is a relatively scary situation on its own because the plans are usually Mike and Ben’s -or even, Bill’s- expertise but he was fairly sure that it would work.

Despite the fact that they were Losers growing up, they had found that they became very popular in high school and most people loved them -Though it was still the lucky seven of them.

So Richie made up the idea to pretend to date someone from the group to get everyone to stop flirting with him but he became stuck at which of them to date:

Mike was so far gone in crushing on Vic Criss that it almost wasn’t funny anymore so he was off the poll.

Ben and Beverly had been in a committed relationship for over 2 years so neither of them were even a thought.

Stan had been making I-Want-You eyes at Bill since around grade 7 and he also pretended that he couldn’t stand Richie a lot of the time. Some people in school could barely buy that they were friends so to try and convince people they were dating, nearly impossible.

Bill…he mulled over whether or not he could fake date Bill for awhile. Bill had come out as pansexual during their freshman year and quite a few people wanted him but… Richie couldn’t bring himself to do it. It almost felt like betrayal to Stan’s obvious feelings for Bill and he just couldn’t bring himself to do it despite him first realising he was bisexual because he had started to have a crush on Bill.

It just couldn’t fit in his mind.

Not anymore.

Not now.

He can’t quite pinpoint what has changed or maybe it is that he only wants to pretend to date one person, one person he trusts more than anyone else.

Eddie Kaspbrak seems perfect to be his boyfriend by every link of fate.

autumn sun | part one

summary: jaebum’s quieter, all dark eyes and maybe he just doesn’t care about you at all. yugyeom’s a little louder, a little easier to talk to, but do you really care about him?

wordcount: 1057

Originally posted by mintokkies

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The Joys of Having a True Neutral Druid in the Party, Pt. 2

Druid (upon encountering a nobleman abusing his horses): I turn into a bear and attack the nobleman.
DM: You do that. It’s a crit! He’s dying.
The rest of the party (most of us are Neutral Good): Can we stabilize him? We don’t want to kill him, but we don’t really want him conscious either…
Druid: I’m going for his throat.
Fighter: Wait…are you about to eat this guy?!
Druid: *matter-of-factly* Yeah.
The rest of the party: WOW! Look at this super interesting thing over here! Did you see this weird blade of grass over here?! Golly gee! Look at that sky!
DM: It appears the rest of your team has decided to neither help nor hinder you in murdering the abusive nobleman.
Druid: Cool. I eat him.


So, I’ve always been fascinated by Harry’s hands. Men’s hands in general, really, but Harry’s hands are so nice and his rings are my downfall. And I noticed quite a while ago that he seems to never wear a ring on the ring finger of his left hand. And after it was brought up by an anon on @inwhichitrytowritesomething ‘s blog, I decided a short little oneshot was in order. This was supposed to be like fluffy and cute, but it took on a mind of it’s own somewhere along the way. I had to cut it off before I got too caught up with it. Otherwise there would’ve been a full blown sex scene and probably multiple parts, and I’m already committed to a multipart fic atm. So anyway, here it is.

Please let me know if you like it and if you’d like me to do any other short little shots like this in the future. I quite like writing them :)

“Oi, what are you doing?” Harry asked, walking into his girlfriend’s flat after a day at the studio. She was sat at the desk in the corner of her living room, laptop open to a Google search of him. “If you want pictures of me, love, all you’ve got to do is ask. Be more than happy to send you a few. I’m open to requests.”

She looked at him over her shoulder and rolled her eyes. “I’m not looking at you just for the sake of looking at you, ya dolt. I was doing some research.”

“Research?” he asked, more intrigued now than he was earlier. He sidled up beside her and crouched down so he was more level with the screen where he saw various photos of himself from all sorts of events and occasions. “What research, exactly? I don’t see any reason to these photos,” he admitted.

“Okay, not really research, since I can’t actually get any facts to support a hypothesis, and I don’t have one of those either. I was just curious, really.”

“About what, pet?” He reached his hand out and lovingly palmed at her thigh where she sat on the chair. She was dressed only in a pair of panties and one of his black silk shirts that he’d worn the day before and left at her’s this morning. Her skin was soft and warm and it was comforting to him after a long day trying to figure out the final touches of his album.

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Mother of (No) Mercy

So it’s my second time DMing ever and my 8 year old cousin wanted to have a D&D themed birthday party. I’m familiar with 3.5 so I’m glad to do it. So him and his brothers, the oldest of which is 14, and his parents, both in their forties, all play.

I make up an original Island Adventure scenario that’s basically a fetch mission for a magical item they can trade the locals for a boat to go home in.

So they were deep into the jungle of the island and hadn’t fought anything too damaging. But then I set them up against a Giant Constrictor that started to give them a run for their money. They had it down to less than half health when the monk (the 8 year old’s character) was knocked unconscious.

Me: And the Snake manages to grab a tight hold of Gantea. Thora (the mother’s fighter) is up next.

Fighter OOC: Can I shout a battle cry before I hit it with my warhammer?

Me: Sure, that’s a free action to me.


*Nat 20*

Table cheers.

Me: Ok, roll to confirm the crit.

*Nat 20 True Critical*

Table goes ballistic.

Me, in disbelief: So with the maternal savagery of a mother bear defending her young, you hit this snake so hard not only is its head taken off, but its entire skeleton is knocked clean from the skin. Gantea is no longer being constricted.

Fighter to Monk OOC: Remember this next time I tell you to clean your room.

Chick Flicks - Part 2

Summary: Dean x Reader - Gabriel decides to play wingman the way only he can and the reader and Dean go on a different kind of movie date.

Triggers: None

Word Count: 2483

Y/N = Your name  Y/H/C = Your hair colour  

Part 1

The unmistakable briny smell of the sea hit you before you could properly take in your surroundings. But though you saw nothing but the blue ocean and white railings the moment you stepped through the door you knew you were on a boat. The pristinely scrubbed decks and slight rolling movements of the ocean several floors below your feet could belong to any ship in any movie yet you got the unmistakable feeling that you knew exactly which boat Gabriel had sent you to. Which movie you were forced into.

Turning to face Dean who had walked through the door after you, you looked down at yourself when you noticed his quick wardrobe change. Of course; another dress… Sighing to yourself you shook away any thoughts of clothes and let your eyes find Dean’s green ones which seemed to be capturing the light reflected off of the ocean and the white walls of the ship and greedily holding on to it. Making his eyes sparkle even more than usual.

“Wha… Where are we?” Dean asked as he turned his head towards the door you had walked through, though it was no longer a double glass screen door. Instead a small door with a porthole window shut behind the hunter with a sound that seemed louder than it should have been. Like the clapper at a movie studio, informing you that a new scene had started.

“I can’t be sure, but I think I might know,” You groaned as you looked around simultaneously hoping and dreading to find proof of your suspicions. After all, you’d come to know this particular boat pretty well.

After Balthazar had somehow changed history just to avoid the iconic song from the movie you doubted you’d even forget the Titanic. That, and Gabriel seemed to have grown especially fond of that movie after that. Probably because he knew it would piss of his brother. So you’d seen it more than a few times unfortunately.

“Yeah?” Dean sounded a bit hesitant to ask you for your actual location. You’d bet money on him guessing it as well. But just like you he seemed uncertain in if he wanted to actually know.

“Well Gabe… Gabriel said that all the movies he was sending us into were romantic. Y’know, because of Valentine,” You started, hurrying to add your seasonal shield lest the hunter figured out why the prank was so genre specific. “So, I’m pretty sure this is Titanic,” You said with a sigh.

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Left At The Altar - Part 1? (Bucky x Reader, Steve x Reader)

Title: Left At The Altar (Part 1?)

Pairing: Bucky X Reader, Steve Rogers X Reader 

Genre: Angst? 

Summary: It should’ve been the best day of (Y/N)’s life, that is, until she was left at the altar by her beloved metal armed soldier. 

PS, this could potentially be a multipart fic if anyone is interested in seeing where this goes. Let me know with your comments or messages! 


Part 2  Part 3  Part 4  Part 5

The church was decorated so beautifully it almost seemed ethereal. (Y/N) was dressed in the white wedding gown she picked with her best friends, Steve, Natasha, and Wanda. Settled on the plush couch, her heartbeat was erratic as she constantly fumbled with the soft fabric of her gown. It was going to be one of the most important moments of her life, a day she was dreaming about since she’s set eyes on a James Buchanan Barnes.

(Y/N) met James when he was first introduced to the Avengers facilities. A boisterous Tony Stark was sauntering around the building he owned whilst blabbering about his accomplishments with the Avengers Tower with a quiet Bucky tagging along behind.

(Y/N) was Pepper’s personal assistant and was heading to find Tony to sign an urgent document. Her heels clicked on the marble flooring as her eyes were trained to the document in her hand. As a genetically enhanced super soldier, Bucky picked up the sound of heels clicking from a far distance ahead but paid no mind to it, wanting nothing but to be brought into his bedroom so he could brood in peace.

Just then, Tony spotted the young girl up front; her hair up in a messy bun, a crisp white shirt tucked into her navy pencil skirt with a document she was burying her nose into. Stark couldn’t resist the prankster in him and fell quiet much to Bucky’s confusion. As the girl closed in, Stark performed an immature jump scare that proved to work, when (Y/N) let out a yelp and lost her balance on the thin stilettos she was sporting. Bucky’s fast reflex caught the tumbling girl at her waist, hoisting her up to prevent the nasty fall which resulted in Tony’s devious I-am-up-to-no-good smirk as he got Pepper’s personal assistant to help complete Bucky’s tour.

That was their first meeting three years ago and two and a half years into their relationship, Bucky popped the question in an intimate Christmas gathering with all the Avengers presence. (Y/N) agreed and here she was at their wedding with tears of happiness and a bright smile donning her face.

Natasha and Wanda were fussing around the bride, constantly touching up her makeup, giving her tea to help calm her nerves whilst giving her words of encouragement and admiration.

“You look absolutely beautiful (Y/N), Bucky would be awestruck at the altar, I promise you.” Wanda gushed, clasping the bride’s hands within her own.

Natasha agreed with a wide grin and said, “I’m just going to go check on Steve and Sam to see how everything is going alright? Be right back, sweetheart.”

Out in the decorated church hall was Steve and Sam busy greeting the incoming guests. There wasn’t much invited but everyone who was, is near and dear to the couple. However, missing in this almost picture perfect scene, was Bucky, the groom of this wedding. Sam had a huge smile on his face, greeting everyone that was coming through but Steve was always lacking in the “poker face” department and looked worried albeit smiling at the guest.

Natasha spotted the troubled expression Steve had on once she set eyes on the soldier and hurried towards him. It also did not escape the trained assassin’s eyes that the groom was missing from the crowd.

Grabbing Steve by his arm, the Russian assassin pulled him towards a corner and whispered harshly, “Where’s your best buddy?! Why isn’t the groom out here?! He better be in the bathroom calming down his nerves or I’ll rip his good arm off him.”

Steve’s frown deepened at the questions and he let out a frustrated sigh.

“Goddammit Natalia, I’m trying to locate Bucky myself. He was right beside Sam and I just a while ago. The next time I wanted to ask him if I should go check on (Y/N) he was gone! I tried calling him on his cell a couple of times but he isn’t picking up.” Steve replied in hushed tones, the frown lines on his face deepening with every word.

The super soldier took a deep breath and asked, “How’s (Y/N) holding up? Is she asking for Bucky? Is that why you’re here?”

“She holding up as best as a bride could be on her wedding day. She isn’t asking for Barnes. For now.” the redhead replied.

Every time a crisis is in the works, the captain in Steve Rogers took over as he squared his shoulders and said, “Nat, you go back in there and accompany (Y/N) and help calm her nerves, Sam is taking care of the guests, I’ll continue calling Bucky and get FRIDAY to try to acquire his location, alright? If all else fails, I’m just going to announce that (Y/N) is ill and the wedding is to be postponed. There’s no way I’m going to let the first and last time she walks down that aisle in disappointment and shame. If Bucky is going to cower away, then he’d better stay away. I didn’t give up on my feelings for (Y/N) to not see her happy.”

The captain turned around and made his way over to Stark, most likely to get his help with FRIDAY triangulating Bucky’s location, as Natasha looked at him, worried lines evident on her face as she contemplated ways to end Barnes’ life.

Steve stood at the corner of the now lively church, his hands gripping his cellphone as he typed his hundredth message to his best friend, hoping to get a reply. His calls were now directed to voicemail and texts were all left unread.

He let his mind flit to the night before when he spotted Bucky standing at the common room’s balcony, looking lost in his thoughts. He walked over to his friend and questioned if he was alright. Bucky gave Steve an unsure smile and asked him the oddest question.

“Do you think marrying (Y/N) is right for me?”

Steve replied with a bark of laughter and said they were the best couple he has ever met and will ever meet, why would he be questioning such a thing?

“The past couple of weeks I have been unsure about my feelings towards (Y/N). I mean she’s the first dame I met since I had Hydra erased from my mind. I wouldn’t know if there could be anyone else, any other type of romance, would I? Maybe, she just isn’t the one for me.”, Bucky’s words sounded unsure as he questioned the three long years he’s had with his girlfriend.

Steve didn’t think much of it and thought Bucky was simply having pre-wedding jitters. He reassured his friend and gave him a pat on his back, telling him to get some rest and stop letting his mind wander. He did not expect Bucky’s words to hold any sort of truth to it, until now.

A half hour has passed since the starting time of the wedding with no Bucky in sight. Guests were getting antsy at not seeing the bride or groom. Tony and Pepper have utilized the entire Stark industry technology to located the missing groom to no avail. Sam’s chatters to help keep guests distracted was also slowing down.

Steve looked at a frustrated Tony only to be met with a shake of his head and a whispered, “When a master assassin does not want to be found, he would not be so easily found. But when I do find him, don’t stop me from smashing his face in.”

The wedding was canceled with Steve announcing that the Bride was feeling unwell and was rushed to the doctors.  

His footsteps were heavy as he braced himself to break the news to (Y/N) that her fiancé was nowhere to be found. As he pushed the door open, he was met with (Y/N) red-rimmed eyes, a look of utter defeat on her face.

With a tired and dejected smile and tears rimming her eyes, (Y/N) said, “He left, didn’t he?”

Steve looked at the girl, his own heart breaking at the sight in front of him. He made his way to her side and carefully wrapped his arm around her.

As (Y/N) rested her head on his shoulder she said, “I should’ve known he wouldn’t go through with today. He’s been avoiding me for some time now since the proposal. Since he’s started going to the new technician, Jenny, I think it was, to get his arm checked out, he’s gotten less chatty with me and always seemed preoccupied with his phone when I try to talk to him. I should’ve known those were signs, shouldn’t I, Steve? I was just lying to myself and telling myself that he couldn’t possibly have lost interest in me straight after proposing, could he?”

“Oh (Y/N), you couldn’t have known doll. It isn’t your fault, and would never be your fault.” Steve replied, landing a peck on her forehead.

His eyes flitted towards (Y/N) bridesmaid and saw the anger in their eyes. Natasha and Wanda were probably the closest thing each other has as sisters and were all fiercely protective of one another. They were forced to be reckoned with when angry and they were more than just - angry. But Bucky had Steve to worry about first. He was not going to let this slide like all the other times Bucky fucked up.

(Y/N) has been Steve’s best doll ever since he’s defrosted into the 21st century. She’s been there when Peggy left him, when the accords happened, when he was desperately trying to find and prove Bucky’s innocence and was there when his best friend needed someone. And here his best friend was, doing the worst possible thing he could do as a groom.

Steve has always known he loved the girl. But he’s decided to bury his feelings as he looked at Bucky’s and (Y/N) feelings for each other grow and blossom. He has always been the self-sacrificing type of man. But he was done self-sacrificing, not when his best doll was being left at the altar by the very man he vouched for.

Steve is going to fight what Steve wants. And he’s going to make his best friend regret ever giving up the best thing God’s given them.

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HymnoftheValkyrie's Masterlist

Here’s my collection of stories that I’ve done so far :P I’m horrible at updating it, but I try! I do take requests, but they may be a while because I’ve had a mix of writer’s block and life kicking my ass lately. Anything NSFW is labelled, so no worries! Please enjoy. ❤


Steve x Reader

A Dire Need - (NSFW) After a mission, things get a little heated with Steve.

Happy Birthday?? - It’s Steve’s birthday, and you want to make it a special one

The Way You Look Tonight - Steve needs some cheering up, and you know just how to do it.

The Ghost (Part 1) (Part 2) (Part 3) (Part 4) (Part 5 ) (Part 6 ) (NSFW) A series where you lose your memory of being the villain, just to end up becoming the good guy (Its romantically Steve x Reader…. eventually ;) ) ((In Progress))

Letters From Home (Part 1) (Part 2) (Part 3) (Part 4) (Part 5) (Final Part) A series where your grandmother sends letters to Steve while he’s in the military… and you continue the tradition. ((COMPLETE))

Take A Vacation (Part 1) (Part 2) (Final Part) (NSFW) Steve drags you out of your comfort zone by making you take a damn vacation. You work too hard! ((COMPLETE))

A Date To Remember (NSFW) Feeling down? Steve’s got it all taken care of.

Parkour Steve meets someone who teaches him everything he needs to know. Including how to fall in love again ((Possible multipart))

Walk With Me (Amongst The Leaves) Super duper fluffy Steve + the fall for a wonderful person’s birthday request!!!

Swing, Swing (NSFW) Steve and you have a relatively secret relationship until the other Avengers take notice and become a little too nosey.

Bucky x Reader

Admiration Bucky’s POV on, well, you.

Impossible Bucky needs you, and this shows just how much.

Bucky’s Hair (NSFW) Yeah, this title is self explanatory.

Cheering Him Up Sad Bucky needs some good old fluff.

Rollin’ Between The Sheets (NSFW) Bucky getting under your skin, and you love every moment of it.

My Stubborn Girl (NSFW) You get injured during training, and stubbornly won’t let Bucky take the blame for it.

Only Takes One Time (Part 1) (Part 2) (NSFW) Your life changes when Bucky Barnes comes crashing through your bedroom window. Oh lucky you! ((COMPLETE))

Leather Binds (NSFW) This is pure bondage smut. Read up and enjoy.

Snow Day (NSFW) A snowstorm + Bucky Barnes = a grand time. He certainly knows how to keep you busy!

Music Man Bucky overhears a conversation that has him learning something specifically to get your attentions.

Tony x Reader

Sex and Chaos (Part 1) (Part 2) (NSFW) Drunk Tony, oh for shame.

Death of a Bachelor (NSFW) (Part 1) The last person Tony expected to see was you, right when he needed you most. Question is: Is it good timing for you? And what happens when he finds out your deepest, darkest secret?

Loki x Reader

Did You Mean It? You overhear Loki talking to Thor, and you can hardly believe what was said.

Clint x Reader

Just Relax, Darlin’ When the going gets tough, Clint is right there to make it all better.

Silence is Suspicious Your kids with Clint are being rather quiet… what could they possibly be getting into now??

Pietro x Reader

Turning The Tables (NSFW) Pietro’s teasing of a short reader doesn’t end up the way he planned.

Hurting The anniversary, and all the emotions that come with it. (Angst warning in itself, but part 2 for happiness is in the plans)

Hurting No More Continuation of Hurting. What was turning out to be yet another bad anniversay, turns into the surprise you never expected.

добро дошла кући (NSFW) Pietro surprises you by coming home after a long mission, and you waste no time with him.

T’Challa x Reader

A Queen For Forever The King of Wakanda has a little surprise for you.


Castiel x Reader

I Didn’t Mean To Touch Your Butt - Poor Cas doesn’t understand what he’s getting himself into.

Dean x Reader

Well It Started With A Kiss… - (NSFW) Dean Winchester. A supply closet. What could go wrong?


Draco x Reader

What You Do To Me (Part 1) (Part 2) (Final) (NSFW) Draco Malfoy has a connection to you he doesn’t understand, and he annoys the shit out of you at first until he grows on you. ((COMPLETE))


Logan x Reader

Breaking and Entering (NSFW) A date with Logan takes an unexpected turn, and you’re not gonna complain one bit about it.

Logan Giving Oral (NSFW) Yeah, as titled (ask form so may not work on mobile)

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anonymous asked:

yes, can you please recommend some multiple chapfter fics? i'm really focused right now for some reason and i want to read! thank you!

Hi, okay! 

For reference, I’ve bolded the fic title and I’ve also linked the writers’ masterlists so just find part one and go from there. Feel free to yell about your feels to me with any of these because I understand. It’s a lot. 

Most of these are are Lin x Reader because I read them the most. A little searching and you’ll find some for every other character/cast because this community is so talented and generates so much content, it’s crazy. 

@secretschuylersister is famous for But You’re You. I could go on about this one for ages. 

@down4usnavy is currently writing/posting Muse, which is young Lin and he’s so awkward, it’s amazing. 

@tempfixeliza has some great Daveed fics that are around one to two parts. I’m loving Where She Went (part two is saved in my drafts because I still need to read it). 

@manuelmiranduh has lots of multi-part fics, some of the longer ones are Tells Your Story which is finished. And she currently writing/posting Bound to Happen which I am living for. 

@daveeddiggsit has one longer multi-part fic that is great called Vegas with Daveed, but also Celebrity Crush is fantastic too.

@teamgtnw read all of When You Come Home and the corresponding 12 Days because I guarantee you won’t be able to function afterwards (in the best way possible). 

@ourforgottenboleros Becca made me full on ugly cry when I read her Foundations series. And her Not So Simple series is also completed and brilliant. (Part 1 responsible for @teamgtnw)

@letsgiggletogether As The Radio Plays will also make you question your emotions about everything. I have a desire for someone to write me love letters even more because of this. (Part 2 responsible for @teamgtnw)
(I’ve linked part 4 here but Part 1 is linked at the top of the post, I’m not sure why but Cass’ masterlist confuses me a lot - maybe it’s just desktop? I don’t know technology is hard.) 

I’ve tried to find curate a list that have some finished works and some still in progress! Let me know when you need more (because there’s so many more)! :) 

Mobile Masterlist

Ok, so my mobile masterlist decided to just stop properly working and messing up links and the likes. Updated it, but can’t reblog, so from now on this will be my mobile friendly masterlist.

You can find the desktop version here . (Not updated but will update soon)

Due to the length I’ve decided to put the masterlist below the “Keep Reading” since I got some complaints :)

Instead I’m just adding the amount of stories above for each part (not including every part of a multiparter so if there are five parts to a story it will still only count as one).

Story counts:

Dean x Reader: 54
Sam x Reader: 28
Cas x Reader: 17
Others x Reader: 22
Friendship and family fics: 21

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Who would win in a fight? The Power Rangers or Backyardigans?

Things to remember:
-Backyardigans have the power of imagination, meaning they can change the fighting arena at will
-This also means their potential fighting power is essentially limitless
-Power Rangers have much more experience in combat
-The sentai effect means they’re not supposed to lose unless it’s a multipart special