I finally jumped on the nail polished dragon egg bandwagon! My boyfriend was helping in organising a Game of Thrones themed ball and I thought–WHAT WOULD BE MORE PERFECT THAN DRAGON EGG PROPS? and so I made them :D

I used up a lot of ILNP and it gave me something akin to a heart attack when I really realised how much polish it used up (as I have never ever reached that much usage in a polish, ever hahahaha i am a horrible person)


Oh, you guys.


I finally got to try out my new Dance Legend - The Knight: a brass/bronze to dark steel blue multichrome. It’s incredible. The color shift is just fucking nuts.

It applies so perfectly and smoothly that it’s almost a problem — any bumps/imperfections on your actual nail will show through (any recommendations for buffing?)

I want to tell you all to go get some DL polishes, but also just want to keep them all to myself. Secret and safe, my precious.

But DL is from Russia. Maybe if there’s more demand, they’ll start stocking overseas more frequently? I also ordered Boo, but still waiting for the new stock to come in.

The color on my accent nails is another favorite: Kleancolor Chunky Holo Black over a black creme.


Another brand of consistently beautiful & interesting polishes: Dance Legend, from Russia.

Being that they’re imported the polishes aren’t cheap, but DL produces products that are pretty close dupes of — if not actually better than — well-known & coveted polishes like Nfu-Oh holos, Clarins 230 unicorn pee, Max Factor Fantasy Fire, Sally Hansen Nail Prisms Amber Ruby, etc. DL is much more affordable than shelling out for these discontinued numbers on eBay.

I also love that they have collections named after cosmological objects, sci-fi, Monsters Inc, and Harry Potter.

Photos are from LLAROWE & belong to their watermarked owners.

The ones above are:
(~ denotes close to / dupe of)

  • Protuberance (Galaxy series)
  • Big Bang (Galaxy series)
  • Pulsar (Galaxy series)
  • Boo (~ SH Amber Ruby)
  • Robots vs Humans (~ NfuOh)
  • Anthem (~ NfuOh)
  • DecoDance (~ C 230 / MF FF)