Multi-Role Fighter

A Typhoon F2 multi-role jet fighter of 11 Squadron, Royal Air Force, performs a vertical climb with the aid of its afterburner, during exercises over RAF Coningsby.

The MiG-29SMT aircraft is a fundamental upgrading of the original MiG-29 aircraft which is the multi-role fighter of “4+” generation with avionics open architecture and continuously enhanced nomenclature of high precision weapons.

Final F/A-18F mission in the Middle East Region

As part of US led Coalition air operations, the F/A-18A Hornets from Number 75 Squadron have replaced the Super Hornets to continue combating the Daesh terrorist threat in Iraq. The incoming F/A-18A Hornet is a single-seat multi-role fighter while the F/A-18F Super Hornet is a two-seater. In addition to individual Pilot and Weapon Systems Officer hand-overs, all related supporting personnel have been ‘briefed-in’ and are now fully operational.