Multi-Role Fighter

The MiG-29SMT aircraft is a fundamental upgrading of the original MiG-29 aircraft which is the multi-role fighter of “4+” generation with avionics open architecture and continuously enhanced nomenclature of high precision weapons.

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Challenge time! Based on your knowledge alone (no using google), design your ideal military aircraft. Attack, Fighter, Interceptor, Heavy Bomber, Gunship, etc.

That’s q-quite the complex, tall order my good anon, but let me try nonetheless:

Attack aircraft: A straight-wing subsonic two-seater design, with two extremely efficient turbofan engines buried deep into the fuselage for ground fire protection (in a layout similar to the Comet), an integrated laser designator/IR camera combo on the nose, a soviet-type 30mm gatling gun, with a minimum of 2000 rounds. Must have STOL characteristics, must be able to land on dirt strips, and must be complete independent from ground equipment, as to allow operation from forward/emergency positions.

Fighter: At the very least has to be Mach 2 capable, based on an advanced 4.5+ generation multi-role fighter but with stealth characteristics, as to reduce costs, must use an AESA radar, must have a complete electronic warfare suit, to the point if can function as a EW aircraft with no further modifications, and finally, must have a russian-style IR tracker. (the little ball in front of the cockpits of russian fighters, forgot its name…)

Interceptor: Basically take the former plane, remove all stealth and multirole characteristics, add a more powerful radar and engine, and in theory that should be enough! Even if the interceptor role is mostly obsolete. 

Heavy bomber: Just make a cheaper version of the B-2, or conversely, a drone version of the SR-71, designing new engines and improving her aerodynamics to ensure she can become a +Mach 4 design. 

Gunship: Take a C-5 Galaxy, cram two 155mm howitzers, two 105mm howitzers, a Goalkeeper, and as many anti-missile systems as you can possibly add to the airframe. 


“Wallop them… wallop them to gunk/fuck…”

– Aeronautocrat Flingus XIV Kerman, seconds before being killed instantly by stinky toxic rocket fuel spilling out of a sabotaged rocket fuel tank.

These were the words that launched the tiny but stupendously wealthy nation of Ewan’s Boys into a frenzy of wartime preparation. Immediately suspecting their long-time rivals, Nicole’s Boys, as the perpetrators of their beloved leader’s assassination, the engineers, bonkers, sprinkers, and bullet-wizards of Tripropellant Defense Contracting drafted up countless new designs for state-of-the-art military vehicles to get the jump on the enemy… the first of these, the Wallop, was named for Flingus XIV’s final words, as would only be appropriate.

Although ridiculously fuel-inefficient and bankruptingly expensive, the Wallop is a perfectly effective multi-role jet fighter. Able to reach a sustained airspeed of nearly Mach 3.5, equipped with air-to-ground and air-to-air missiles, a devastating rotary cannon with ample ammunition, a fickle and fragile targeting system, and extra snacks and hidden solar panels in the event that the pilot becomes stranded in hostile territory, the Wallop is sure to keep Ewan’s Boys safe in the air (and not to mention sure to to line the pockets of the good Kerbals over at Tripropellant).

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The F-35 is an unmitigated disaster.

It’s a disaster because it’s over budget and behind schedule, which is totally unheard of for a big defense project.

It’s a disaster because it falls into the same fallacious line of thinking as the F-4 early in Vietnam (”we don’t need to dog fight, we have missiles!”), and as we all know there have been literally no improvements in sensor or missile technology since then.

It’s a disaster because as a multi-role strike fighter it can’t go toe-to-toe with a dedicated air superiority fighter.

It’s a disaster because War Is Boring and Foxtrot Alpha said so based on unclassified reports.

It’s a disaster because the program costs literally $1 trillion/year, I know because I read it on HuffPo.

Yep, total fuckin’ disaster. Worthless.


Final F/A-18F mission in the Middle East Region

As part of US led Coalition air operations, the F/A-18A Hornets from Number 75 Squadron have replaced the Super Hornets to continue combating the Daesh terrorist threat in Iraq. The incoming F/A-18A Hornet is a single-seat multi-role fighter while the F/A-18F Super Hornet is a two-seater. In addition to individual Pilot and Weapon Systems Officer hand-overs, all related supporting personnel have been ‘briefed-in’ and are now fully operational.

Prowls the gloaming.

A U.S. Navy F/A-18 Hornet maneuvers into position for aerial refueling during combat operations in support of Operation Enduring Freedom. The multi-role, carrier-capable fighter entered active service in 1978.

(Photo by Staff Sergeant Andy Kin, 25 NOV 2010.)