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Megs , break out the Barfour jacket , Welles and Mulberry bags and get back here across the pond , it's HM B' day , just a private one with the family and yourself . Oh and I'm sure PP & PA are going to love you, just don't mention the R word . PS a little more formal attire for the evening , bring Doris , they won't mind , they always cook enough for the villagers

Ha Ha Ha😂😂😂 Coming to a TABLOID near you!!!!  Just expect it because we should be receiving this article in the next few hours. I just wan’t to know what they are going to have for Dinner. Do you think that PP will cook some snags ( sausages/shrimp ) on the barbie( Aust slang for BBQ ) with some tomato sauce? 

It should be a great convo with all the family there but it will be good to be a fly on the wall to listen and have a laugh. Have a great day anon and look out because that article is definitely coming.


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Mulberry had given Meghan 4 of the same handbags at the same time  blue, brown, black, and a brown black clutch she carried all four consecutively on pap walks. # handbags  were identical in style but different color. Just like the Barbour jackets 3 but same style. So Mulberry had given the bags to Meghan for promotional reason, she carries them and then gets to keep them. Not even lying tabloid,even they never claimed he gave her a bag. Harry did not give Meghan a handbag, that's Meghan's lie.

hello anon, I’d love to have proof, so going with freebie and I’m leaning towards that too.

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Prince Charming Louis Tomlinson Hosts The Believe In Magic Cinderella Ball

We interrupt the usual mumbo jumbo One Direction-related rumours to bring you a sprinkling of magic on this dreary Tuesday morning.

Unless you’ve been hiding out in a duvet fort after ALL the craziness recently, you’ll know that last night saw Louis Tomlinson, an ambassador for Believe in Magic, host a Cinderella Ball to raise money for the incredible charity.

Just another example of how kind, loving and generous those 1D boys really are.

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Joined by a bunch of his showbiz pals, including bandmate Liam Payne, X Factor winner Ben Haenow, Matt Edmonson, Dynamo and his own queen of the ball, mum Johannah Deakin, Louis put on a night to remember at London’s Natural History Museum.

With his heart the size of Jupiter, he hosted the super special event to raise money for Believe in Magic, which was founded by terminally ill teenager Meg Bhari and her mum Jean, and works to spread magic to seriously and terminally ill children.

Of course, no Cinderella ball would be complete without a ridiculously handsome Prince Charming on board to make sure all the princesses (and princes) get to the ball on time, and luckily for the gorgeous girls at the bash, they got two for the price of one.

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Excuse us while we just drool all over our keyboard.

IN FACT, make that THREE Prince Charmings. Haenow, haenow, Ben.

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Let’s not forget how utterly beautiful the most important attendees of the night looked too - we’re talking about the handsome young princes in their little suits and the princesses in their wonderful pink dresses holding, obviously, their all-important magic wands.

Because what princess is complete without a starry wand, eh?

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Anyone else feeling all emotional watching these perfect princesses and princes doing their perfect party entrance?

No ball is complete without music either - ENTER BEN HAENOW, who serenaded the belles of the ball with a special set.

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There was bidding too, following Louis’ incredible £2million donation to the charity this week.

LiLo had their own bidding war on the night, which resulted in this happening to Liam’s face:

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Still would.

Liam also walked away with a Mulberry bag (lucky Sophia) from the auction, which was hosted by Ian Royce and saw one of Harry Styles’ jazzy shirts and Niall Horan’s signed guitar be auctioned off - the latter for an awesome £6,500.

According to reports, the two 1D boys bid over £50,000 themselves.

Copyright [Tom Dymond/Corbis]

Louis later thanked everyone for going to the ball, saying it’s an “incredible privilege” for him and his mumma to work for the charity.

He also described their work as “totally inspiring” and “absolutely incredible.”

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We couldn’t have said it better ourselves, Louis.

All-in-all, the night was a roaring success and just goes to show yet again how wonderful Louis is - and how incredible all the children that the charity helps are, too.

Bravo, Lou.