2016 is a fucking joke I swear to God

We got multiple celebrities dead
A shit ton of bombings and shootings
The Turkey political thing
Emos return
North Korea declaring war (again)
Trump is a legit candidate
So is Hilary

Basically David bowie was holding the fabric of the universe together

(Dont add Alan Rickman or Prince I said multiple celebrities dead and they died after bowie,so please don’t)

Muhammad Ali yells at Sonny Liston to get up in the first round of their heavyweight title fight on May 25, 1965. The bout, which ended after just two minutes and 12 seconds, is perhaps the most confounding and controversial in ring history. Yet half a century later the fistic fever dream of Ali-Liston II remains one of the iconic moments of an era and a touchstone in the career of our most protean athlete. (Neil Leifer for SI)

GALLERY: Ali-Liston II, 50 years later


Chance the Rapper honors Muhammad Ali with musical tribute at 2016 ESPYs.