Flowers All around + New in Town Prequel

Harry and Y/N have been flirting every time they run into each other at the farmers market. She’s the girl who delivers the flowers and he’s the one who enjoys fresh produce. It isnt until she gets stuck in the mud during a delivery that they finally tell each othe how they feel.

Y/N walks into the flower shop with an irritable mood due to tossing and turning all night, thinking about that stupid Styles. Not to mention those flower pots she broke. She has no time to adjust. Her sister is looking at her with a disgusting sweet look and it tips her off, “What? What do you want me to do?”

“I need you to deliver these little bushes and stuff to the east end after you drop these off at Tilly’s. Someone ordered them but doesn’t have a car.”

Y/N groans and looks at the clock, “But I don’t have a car, I have a bike with a cart.”

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Out of the Darkness, Into the Fire

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Pairing: None yet
Word count: 2,025
Request: Anonymous. Hey! So I have a tall order. Could you write something, maybe a short series on the reader being thrown into season 11 and she’s seen every episode except the last one. So casifer captures her because he thinks she’s a seer because that’s the lie she told Sam and dean so they didn’t panic but luci ends up caring for her and just play around with what happens. Sam and dean care for her as a little sister but something like French mistake happened. Lol! Her and chuck talking would be funny!
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Episode 1 of Season 11

The last thing you remembered was going out with your friends. It had been the last night of con, and you wanted one last night of fun before going back to work. You and your friends were chatting over getting pictures with the cast of Supernatural, getting autographs, and all the awesome cos playing you saw.

How the hell did you wake up in the back of… Baby…? Your eyes came in to focus as you looked around. Sitting up, you nearly screamed when you saw Jared sitting there. That couldn’t be right, though. Season eleven had finished. They were filming season twelve. “This is the weirdest dream ever.” You muttered.

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The Morning After

Author: AvengeSuperWhoLock

Word Count: 2037

Pairing: SamxReaderxDean

Summary (of entire series): You and Dean have been dating for a long time, but after Bobby died things started to go down hill. Dean became aggressive. He started drinking more and picking fights where none existed. Then one night - after a hunt goes wrong - Dean ends up in another one of his drunken spirals and says things to you that he can never take back. He wakes up in the morning - expecting to kiss and make up - only to find you gone and Sam berating him before chasing after you.

Part 2: The Morning After 2

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So I live down an actual two track, with giant crater like potholes and you should really go less than 5 mph, and even then you’re bouncing around quite a bit.

This dumb mother fucker in a POS 150 just came bombing down the road “going mudding” and blew out a tire and damn near crashed into a tree 😂😂😂

I go outside to ask if he was okay, and his response was “yeah I’m good, I’ve got a spare tire! I just heard this was a good spot to get a little muddy!”

………. really dude?