I had some yellow paper and a doodle of rung went’ too far, even a doodle took like three pens

I was gonna draw more like a spark eater behind him in an empty spooky hallway(because I still love that issue) 

but then I remembered I have work to do so  ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

maybe i’ll finish this later, who knows. I drop projects a lot.


Hey everyone! After October is done with, I’m going to be scanning and compiling my transformers drawings from this month into a little digital zine! 

Besides exclusive extra artwork inside, I’d like to get some feedback on what you guys like to see when buying zines??? The poll is here. Thank’s a bunch for all the fun this month!

The Difference


I don’t really have a lot of life to compare everything that’s happened this last year too, but I think I’ve done a lot. I’ve definitely seen a lot and been to a lot of places and felt a lot of things and I learned even more than everything else combined.

I think I’m really lucky and I know I’ve chosen the right team.

And I’m not talking about Autobot or Decepticon because yeah, that was important when we first took off and when I first woke up after six millions years (and I think I handled that quite well), but after the first few months went by and then next ones started rolling past us all that stuff before, all of that war stuff , didn’t really seem like it was super important anymore.

It still was sometimes. I mean we’re still dealing with it. Ratchet wouldn’t have had to go to Delphi if it wasn’t for the war, and Fort Max wouldn’t have gone on his rampage, and Tyrest wouldn’t have gone mad and made a kill switch, and Cyclonus wouldn’t suffer like he does.

But choosing a side wasn’t something we wanted to do anymore. I mean, Megatron joined the crew. The biggest, baddest Decepticon of them and honestly, he’s kind of a nice guy. I don’t even count him almost crushing my face as anything bad . He wouldn’t have done it if it hadn’t been because of the war. I know that, but a lot of people think I’m just naive because of what happened with me getting stuck underground for the entirety of everything important that happened in ‘recent’ history. Cyclonus says that gave me a unique view on everything.

Some bots on the ship couldn’t see past their ‘teams’, though. That’s what Getaway’s problem is. He couldn’t see past the fact that we don’t need to chose sides anymore and I don’t think that’s entirely his fault either! I mean, he worked for Prowl and from what I understand working for him was like the epitome of learning how to divide the good from the bad with nothing in between. Everyone had a different experience these past six million years and everyone had a different experience this past year and it’s unfortunate that that divided us just like the war did, but I’m glad I ended up where I am

Even if we’re on the smaller team the one that looks like it’s going to lose. We have something the rest of them out there don’t.

We have Cyclonus, Swerve, Rodimus, Whirl, Nautica, Velocity, Rewind, Chromedome, Brainstorm, Nightbeat, Rung, Magnus, Ten, Ratchet, Drift, Megatron, Ravage, and me. We have us and we had Skids… and that’s what makes us different. Us.

I don’t know what it is about us, but there’s something. We always look like we’re going to lose and we never do. We haven’t yet, at least. How can we?

Cyclonus is a great warrior and he’s survived pretty much everything; even death! Rodimus is actually a really good leader, sure he makes mistakes, but we all do so I can’t really blame him for every bad thing that happens like some people do. He tries really hard. Swerve could probably out talk Tarn and Nautica can improvise almost as good as Skids could and he got us this far. We have two of the best doctors in the universe with us and between Brainstorm and Chromedome they’ll figure a way for us to get out of here. Nightbeat won’t let this go without answering at least 99% of the questions we need answered and Rung isn’t going to let us give up. Drift is back too and he’s probably the bravest of all of us. Megatron and Ravage are going to keep fighting for us because that’s all they’ve done for us so far- I know the big guy will turn around and help us. He’s good now; not a coward. Magnus isn’t slacking and Ten already saved us from the sunset.

Also? We have a Whirl.

Cyclonus says I see the best in everyone and he’s probably right, but I bet that’s the reason I know we’re going to win. I don’t really see the best I just see what makes us different from the rest. Everyone else back on the Lost Light, they’re all pretty similar; we’re not. That’s why they did this. They were scared of the changes we embraced.

Tailgate is friggin adorable omg.

Also do you know how long I’ve wanted to use that “we have a Whirl” line? You don’t want to know. Too long. Far too long.

toxic-kitty-cat  asked:

YO. CAN I GET SOME FLUFFY CUDDLE HCS OF MY HUSBAND SWERVE?? Please??? I love him so much. ((Sorry, was that to vague???))

Swerve (MTMTE)

He’s the biggest cuddler ever- he’ll try to find any way to get you in his lap, or vice versa.

He gives very strong bear hugs. Prepare to get a broken something, when he’s coming.

He also probably doesn’t wait until you two are in private for cuddling, either. Not like doing it in public will HURT, right?