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Okay here me out, what if Rodimus Prowls and(bot of your choosing) s/o would lean against them but they accidentally lean on the wheels on the bots feet and just fall down because the weels started spinning, what would be the bot's reaction to this?

this is ridiculous i love it

Rodimus, Prowl (MTMTE), Blurr (TFA)

  • Rodimus would turn around and look at you, about to ask you what happened until he noticed his wheel is spinning. He laughs and picks you up to place you on his shoulder instead. “Testing to see if my axles are greased, love?”

  • Prowl would feel his tire move and skip away, the sensation strange to him. He sees you on the ground and then works together what you just did, and chuckled before helping you back to your feet. With a smile he goes, “What made you think that was a good idea?”

  • Blurr would be shocked and would likely jump, but while he moves, his wheels spin up faster than you anticipated and they kick up dust and rocks into your face. He whirls around and picks you up, apologizing profusely, speech going a thousand miles a minute. “Oh my gosh I’m sorry I’m sorry I’m sorry I’m sorry…”

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Is it possible to do LL crew's reaction (really whoever you want) to their s/o not/forgetting to eat out of stress? How long does it take for them to find out? (((sorry for such a sad request i just really havent been feeling too great))))

oml if u arent eating i stg im going to watch you like a stern mother and make sure ur healthy. take care of urself honeybee <3

Ratchet, Rodimus, Whirl (MTMTE) (mass-displaced)

  • Ratchet would be furious. Being a medic, he knows what stress is like. But he also knows what the consequences of stress are like, and you’re displaying one if the more dangerous ones right now. He carries you to the medbay himself, getting food out of the fridge that they had stocked up with human foods. He prepares various little meals for you and nearly begs you to eat them, and tells you that he isn’t going anywhere until you do.

  • Rodimus would probably panic. He’s stressed out a lot, too (which you find surprising because he normally chooses to do nothing-) but you let him talk to you about it. He doesn’t want you to starve to death, dammit, but he does want you to release some stress. He takes you around the ship in his alt mode for a ride and stops by the medbay to grab you some food to eat. He asks you to eat it and he nuzzles you while you do, praising you for each bite.

  • Whirl, when he figures out you’re stressed and not eating, will actually sit down and talk to you about it. He’s normally hyperactive and dismissive, so seeing this side of him makes you realize that he cares more than his demeanor would tell you. He would listen to your every word with the compassion from someone who can only understand what it feels like. When you’re done, he leaves and returns with food for you. “You don’t have to do anything else forever, but please eat something now.”

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Eyyyyyy so could I get a tickle war oneshot for my boi swerve in his holoform?? Thanks *finger guns*

*finger guns back at u* this is such a pure request omg

Swerve (MTMTE)

You went to Swerve’s hab suite to watch a movie together, but neither of you were really invested in the plot at this point, instead opting to just cuddle.

“Hey y/n,” Swerve shifted to face you, brushing some of his holoform’s hair out of his face. “are you ticklish?”

“That’s a loaded question and you know it! Whatever I answer with, you’re going to try tickling me!” You give him a playful poke to his belly, and Swerve tries to stifle a laugh. “Anyway if anyone here is ticklish, it’s you.”

“What? No I’m not!” he retorts. “Seriously though, you didn’t answer my question. Are you ticklish?” Without warning, his hands reaching for your sides. Your legs are tangled together. There’s no escape. You scream as he grabs you, and you retaliate by running your fingertips up and down his belly, making him laugh just as hard as you. After a few seconds, you’re both rolling around, shrieking with laughter and grappling at each other, trying to find all of your weak spots. Eventually you’re sitting on the upper half of his chest, effectively pinning him and leaving a perfect opening for a merciless attack to his armpits.

Before you start your attack, however, you look him in the eyes and you’re caught off guard by just how cute his holoform is. The two of you are still for a few moments, taking in the sight of one another. However, you being distracted gives Swerve the perfect opportunity to switch your positions and attack your pits.

“What happened, y/n? Don’t tell me you’re giving up already!” Swerve grins at you as you start squealing again, unable to give him a proper response. You eventually yield, and Swerve stops, getting off your stomach and helping you up. “But really, why did you stop?”

“It’s a secret.”

so me and @anautisticmedium have talked about this before but i just absolutely love the idea of a cyclonus who can’t help but find puns absolutely rib-hurtingly hilarious. back when he was young puns and wordplay were the HEIGHT of humor and he’s never quite gotten over it.

sometimes tailgate will make a joke and he’ll indulge the minibot with a soft, dry chuckle. maybe it wasn’t too amusing to him but he’s softened just enough to allow tailgate the pleasure of what could maybe be called a laugh. but then one day one of their crewmates loses the lower half of their body (they’re fine; ratchet stabilizes them and patches them up and gets them a new lower half) and tailgate, trying to lighten the mood of the situation, says, “gee, cyclonus, looks like they never had a leg to stand on.”

and cyclonus absolutely loses it

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Who on the Lost Light would be ok with platonic cuddles and kisses? I'm a touchy person and I'm curious


Autobots (MTMTE)

  • Who would be okay with it: Rodimus, Drift, First Aid, Swerve, Tailgate, Skids, Nautica, Fortress Maximus

  • Who would be okay with it in private: Ratchet, Rung, Megatron, Whirl, Brainstorm, Nightbeat, Chromedome, Rewind

  • Who prefers not to: Ultra Magnus, Ravage, Perceptor

Do you ever hear something so hypocritical, the world stops working for one long moment of bafflement?

I’m sorry, but Tarn, the guy who melts people alive and leads a torture club and ripped a guy’s head off over a dog to be cool, asking someone else to be reasonable is amazing