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can you do Mtmte poly cygate, ratchet and megatron and mer s/o with carrying and raising sparkling headcanons? (or pups as I saw them called) I just love the seaformer stuff. hope I followed the rules right.

( Melly’s Mod Notes: You did, don’t worry about it! )


✦ The three have been discussing it for a while now, the idea of them raising a litter to call their very own. After being together for so long it is an appealing idea with how the Lost Light pod has, more or less, made a home for themselves in the waters of Crystal Coast. While it would be ideal for Cyclonus or the seaformer to carry their eggs, poor Tailgate ends up having them laid in him by accident somehow, someway. Anything can go during the mating season. When Ratchet confirms that it’s an impressive number of eggs too - four to five, which is a lot given Tailgate’s size - poor Cyclonus is beside himself for not being more careful and Tailgate is panicking because Cyclonus and the seaformer are huge compared to him. The seaformer may need to comfort Cyclonus and Tailgate at the same time so their tentacles are put to good that day. Pat pat pat-

✦ Ratchet makes it clear to the two bigger seaformers that this incubation period will be difficult for Tailgate. Thanks to his size and the eggs’ possible size, it won’t be long before he’ll get tuckered out from activities and need assistance in a lot of things. They’ll need to do their best to support him in these trying times and support him Cyclonus and the seaformer do. Tailgate will be spoiled during the incubation period in order to make up for his current state. All the grooming and bellyrubbing for him along with getting whatever type of clams or fishes he wants no matter how difficult it is to track the food down. In the following the weeks that lead up to the day Tailgate will feel the urge to find a secluded spot to lay his eggs, he’ll need assistance in moving around the cay. Meaning he gets all the piggyback rides on his mates’ during swims. All the piggyback rides.

✦ The pups are a cheerful bunch thanks to Tailgate’s influence. While they are friendly enough, they prefer to be with their sires and carrier and a little bit of Cyclonus shines through with how they glower at anyone who attempts to invade their privacy or little nests. There are a lot of pups to go around in terms of rearing and caring and the three do their best to divide responsibilities fairly. Cyclonus, naturally, becomes the strict-yet-caring sire while the seaformer and Tailgate are considered more laid-back and more likely to indulge the babies with how much Tailgate loves to coddle them and how the seaformer will need to keep a sharp eye on the babes while they’re out and about the cay. The pups are quick to figure out who to go to if they want something and their sire says ‘no’ for their sake. (Hint: It’s Tailgate. They whine to Tailgate who will whine to Cyclonus and the seaformer which means the pups do get what they want in the end.)


✦ He’s pretty by the time he and the seaformer get together. He’s never had a pup to call his own too because there was no time for something time consuming as a child. Between his duties of being the chief medic in Optimus’ pod and the adventures he’s find himself thrown into, Ratchet didn’t really get a chance to settle down and rear a babe with someone before his mate came in. Neither of them were expecting much when they mated with each other and agreed Ratchet should be laid with eggs, thinking they’ll become duds moment they’re stuffed inside the grumpy old merdolphin. Joke’s on the couple because they quickly lean that the clutch in him are viable. Okay then. Looks like they’re going to have to speed up First Aid and Velocity’s training on becoming the pod’s chief medics, huh?

✦ Truth be told the incubation period is a peaceful time for the couple. Mostly. Out of the three in this situation, Ratchet is the most level-headed and calm thanks to his knowledge of how raise pups and how the incubation period will go down. The seaformer is more likely to get stressed out because their mate is Ratchet and Ratchet will still be his stubborn old self when it comes to work and duty. His mate will, at some point, need to cajole or beg him to rest up if he tries to work an extra hour at the cay’s medical pools.

✦ The pups are obnoxiously cute little seadogs, patient and quiet to the couple’s relief. They are more than happy to snuggle with their parents for a lazy afternoon as they are ecstatic at the idea of playing with Swerve or Skids for the entire day. Since the pups were hatched a week earlier than they should have, they have a poor constitution and Ratchet’s medic instincts combined with his carrier instincts scream at him to protect them at all costs, to the best of his abilities. Ratchet is always on point when it comes to his pups’ health, making sure they have a proper grooming every morning before they go out to play and every night after every evening meal. He also needs to ward off Drift and his ridiculous insistence to bless the pups with his collection of crystals, uninterested in listening to any mumbo jumbo about how this stone will strengthen their health or how this one will bless them with luck. (For Drift’s sake, Ratchet pretends he doesn’t see him ‘sneakily’ do it behind his back.)


✦ The topic of raising pups together has been brought up, now and then, but it never ended on a good note, let alone with a clear idea of where the couple wanted to go. He’s a little apprehensive to the idea of a pup being brought into the world. A pup of his very own. A pup that everyone will know is his thanks to the possibility of them inheriting his red eyes or merwhale species. A pup against the world thanks to the crimes he’s committed to his race and the humans on the land. Since he’s still awaiting his Call of Judgement if the pod ever finds Cyberutopia, Megatron is quite possibly living on borrowed time. He doesn’t want to leave his mate alone with a pup to care on their own. He wouldn’t inflict that fate on them. (It goes without saying that laying his eggs in the seaformer had been a complete accident on Megatron’s part)

✦ Though he won’t show it, Megatron is the most nervous during the incubation period. Oh he’ll keep his game face on and show no weakness but inside? Inside Megatron is a wreck as months go on. The more his mate’s belly swells from his eggs, the more Megatron pesters Ratchet and First and Velocity and Ambulon about what to expect from pups and rearing pups and what could happen to pups. There had been some nights where the younger medics had experienced a near heart attack because they’ll be sleeping in their caves, turn to their side anD HOLY SHIT MEGATRON IS IN THEIR HABITAT CAVE NO GO AWAY QUESTIONS ABOUT THE FLU SEASON CAN WAIT IN THE MORNING-

✦ Once the pups come into the world, Megatron accepts his fate as a sire and vows to do right with his children. Peace through empathy, he tells his babes through he knows they’re too young to understand. No matter. He’ll teach them this lesson through both words and deeds by showing them his love and his devotion to them and their carrier, by doing right by them and trying to show them and the world that he can change. Megatron always has a pup on him when he’s out and about the cay so he can spend much time as possible with them in case he dies he can’t in the future. The only time he leaves them be is if he needs to go on a mission that could be too dangerous for them. Woe to anyone foolish enough to try and scare or hurt his pups. If one of them whimpers in fear and he hears it? He will not be afraid to remind the offending party that he triggered the Age of Wars and Blood in Waters.

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Would it be possible for you to do tea megs, blurr, prowl, idw wind blade, rid strongarm, and mtmte nautica reacting to reading fanfics about them?

Did you say gif reactions that make my life a little easier? Because that’s what I read.



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GGM: Shooting Star?


He’s beautiful, is the first thing the Ghost thinks as they look up and up and up at their revived guardian.

He’s colourful in a way that reminds them of the sunset - Dazzling reds and brilliant golds, bold and bright and unashamed. The grime that coats his frame and the vines that are wrapped around his chassis does little to diminish his beauty. If anything it only enhances it, emphasises the other worldliness their - their! - Guardian has.

The Ghost can only watch in stupefied awe as the giant wraps his hands around the vines and begins to tug and remove them from his frame. Those golden fingers of his gently move with a tenderness his largeness does not hint to, a fluidness that they would not believe in if not for the fact he’s there.

He’s there, standing before them in the remains of Old Russia, and he’s so bright and wonderful and real.

They zip closer to him while their Guardian removes himself from the snow covered ground and, suddenly, they realise how unsure they are of what to say in this exact moment.

All their centuries worth of practice - _You don’t know how long I’ve been looking for you. I’m a Ghost. Actually, now I’m your Ghost. _- is forgotten when he looks up at them with those bright blue eyes and that charming smile of his. The light the optics emit are soft and haunting in a way that it reminds them of shooting stars, celestial beings, and the other heavenly bodies that grace the night sky.

Everything they know - their plans, their preparations, their moves - is swept away in the moment they realise he’s looking at them and smiling at them like they’re the one he needs and nothing else.

“Hi…?” That’s a start. Right? Right. Right. “Hi. Hi.”


“Hi yourself,” he replies back, his voice rich and warm. There’s a buzzing in the back of his words that gives him more charm by the second. “I’m Rodimus.”

“Rodimus,” they repeat, more to themselves than to him. Their nodes twitch from both hope and fear, expectations and hesitations.


What a wonderful name.

( a wip fic where the autobots and decepticons take their war to earth - an earth that’s already embroiled in a bitter war with darkness itself. its here that a scout once known as hot rod comes back to life, born again and born anew thanks to the traveler’s light and his own fire. perhaps he is the flame who will show the world, both worlds, a way out of their darkest hours. )

For all you tea addicts out there who also love Transformers of any verse:

let me introduce you to ‘Butterfly pea tea’. Butterfly-pea flower tea is a caffeine-free herbal tea made from an infusion of leaves of the plant and dried Lemon grass which naturally produces this:

Energon tea. None alcoholic energon, which is actually pretty good for you. I’ll let you do the googling but i’ve heard it tastes a lot like greentea. You can order it on ebay or amazon if you have none in store relatively cheaply.