Things I do

Alrighty, so I thought I’d write a little summary of all the content that shows up here, made by me or other wise.

Magic: The Gathering.

My main thing, hence the name. Most of my content will fall under this fandom. Liiiiike:

Art: Doodles from each story update each week (Usually, sometimes stuff happens). Also, fannart of my Fanwalkers and characters (Kheve, Ithora, Sana*, and Ridil, namely) Plus anything else that pops into my head, like proxies or tokens.

Fanficitons: I write a story following the story of Kheve Ghildeer on a completely spontaneous basis. Story updates range from 1000-3000 words. (First arc, Kheve’s Ignition, just ended) Possibly other one shots or short stories if it strikes me.

Commissions: Basically of anything listed I can do. :P

Memes: Lots of reflagging and very rarely, an original one by yours truly.

Reblogging of Magic art or fannart or cool cards.

Dungeons and Dragons/Fate

I sometimes post stories or advice for the game(s) and enjoy talking about it. Hit me up any time on any questions concerning either or just for some stories or chatting!

Mass Effect/Star Wars/Cute animals/Reallly important PSAs/Positive messages

I blog/reblog lots of this stuff.

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People I don't really enjoy trading with - Know Your Card Value

Person: Got Trades?
Me: Yea..

*Hands my binder, as they hand their stuff*

Person: Starts pulling out my dual lands out of their sleeves… I need these, are they for trade.
Me: Yea *kinda already not chill* for sure
*looks through their binder* *All of them are draft chaff*
Me: Do you have any other cards? I don’t find enough value here..
Person: I got some good stuff.. *points at entreat the angels* *Jace uraveller of secrets* These are mythic rares, and hard to find, they are expensive (He’s being serious)
Me: …

Wiklov, the Eternal Witness

Tagging friends and Vorthoses to help with this fanwalker, mostly I’m a bit confused where he is colorpie-wise @foilmountain @goblintinkering @vorthosjay @magus-of-the-color-pie @askkrenko @flavoracle @the-burnished-hart

So Wiklov is a telepath that can pick recent leftover thoughts that may linger around a place (I was inspired by Jace’s visions in Markov Manor).

He is increasingly fascinated by his power because it “multiplies” the value of his lifetime, and by that I mean that living a day in the past takes less than a day in the present.
However things aren’t as easy as they sound because his body limits him greatly as he can’t dig much into the past not stay there long enough to uncover whatever it picks his interest.
That’s all I got for now. Race, origin, gender etc are all open.
I think I got to first figure out his color identity/ progression ( example from U to UG maybe?) and then build up from that.

Topi’s Daily Card #1004:  Black Sun’s Zenith

In my opinion, this card is probably Black’s number 3 in top sweeper effects, behind Damnation and Decree of Pain.  Black Sun’s Zenith though allows for early use to weaken things or to kill a whole army of small dudes for relatively cheap.  This card is great for any deck that uses -1/-1 counters of course, but it’s just good in any partially black deck.  The shuffle in effect is for some a bad thing, as it makes recurring it all but impossible, but if you’re monoblack, there’s few ways to get it back from your graveyard anyway.  It’s a staple sweeper for black, and something I expect to see more often in the next few months.