Pre-release Idea:

I think it could be neat if wizardsmagic would take the whole “choose your faction” concept of pre-releases and take the personalization up a notch. Like, you get to be your own “planeswalker” by choosing what colours you are. You want to be a Mono-White walker? You get 3 White seeded booster + 3 set booster. You feel more like a Naya walker? 1 Red, 1 White & 1 Green seeded booster + 3 set booster. You get the idea. Would anyone be on board of something similar?

tokendragon37 asked:

so me and 3 other friend was having a edh game today, and one of them didn't like that I was "controlling" the other player to my advantage "beat the game with your own skill" he said, and I countered with "what's wrong with me negotiating? edh is a social game, it's not my fault you didn't put enough xp in your speech skill". now I did not overstep my boundary, I never forced any player to do anything, I simply give my opinion on what I saw as a threat on the board. was he right or wrong ?

I think that influencing other players is a required skill in a multiplayer format, and I’m well-known in my playgroups for making deals, pointing out threats to other players, and generally talking my way out of bad situations. I’ve definitely noticed that players who are more duel-oriented feel that this is unfair, but my response is pretty similar to yours– shaping how others act in multiplayer is just another skill like card evaluation or bluffing, and if other players don’t like that I’m better at it than they are, they can git gud.

Of course, that’s just my opinion. What do y’all think about table talk?