Topi’s Daily Card #733:  Thran Turbine

So Ring, this card is not.  It gives you two colorless for only one mana, but it gives you on upkeep and you’re unable to cast spells with it. So, what can you do with this limited card?  Well, you can dump the mana into activated abilities for sinks like Gemstone Array or even other things like storage lands.  As long as you have an instant speed way to put the mana into something that’s not a spell, the card may as well be a Sol Ring.  It’s really niche and more of a card to play for the fun of it, but it’s a card that I personally love.

When I came into Magic, I was staring down the Eldrazi Titans from the set behind and the Core Set Titans from the upcoming M11. I was forged in the crux of creature-based power creep. 

And people wonder why my EDH decks are so removal heavy and creature-light. - SEV8 Cube (#61791) - Draft against CubeTutor AI
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If anyone is interested in running some simulation drafts with my cube, please give it a whirl! Make sure to build and save a deck and note what your top picks where and why. All feedback is helpful in making the cube even better! Thanks!

Arbitrary Token of the Week: Beast (ALA)

This week’s arbitrary token is Parente’s 8/8 red, green, and white Beast creature token, as created by Jim Murray’s Godsire from Shards of Alara. This Beast is the only creature token to ever be more than two colors, and it is also the largest of all the Beast tokens. I selected this token for this week because @bizarre-trader gifted me one of them, and because I don’t actually own a Godsire, all I can do now is ogle its enormity.

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So Iv finally decided on my Favorite mountain in magic! It’s also an amazing foil. There are a lot of great mountain artworks out there, but I really love all the colors and just the feel of this artwork.

I want to give a special shoutout to @flavoracle because I know his favorite plane is Lorwyn. :)