Magic: the Gathering - Poker Face

Obviously the best card Wizards printed - evar.

Cuz you get to put on your p-p-p-pokerface (Lady Gaga reference here kids).

Liar’s Pendulum, 1
Artifact, Rare
Card Text:
2, Tap: Choose a card name. Target opponent guesses whether a card with that name is in your hand. You may reveal your hand. If you do and your opponent guessed wrong, draw a card.

Mirrodin card art by Christopher Moeller

Topi’s Daily Card #1156: Questing Phelddagrif

If you didn’t know, the original Phelddagrif is an anagram to Garfield Ph.D, a celebration of Richard Garfield getting his doctorate.  This Phelddagrif has a different slew of abilities, but what your opponent gets is the same.  More likely, you’re often going to use this in a hug deck for political gains, pumping mana where needed for a marginal benefit for you and a larger benefit for your opponent of choice.  My favorite type of political cards is when people make friends, and actively choose who they’re making friends with, playing cards and the table in order to pick and choose who keeps up the pace with other players.  Phelddagrif is a fine example of that, there’s no ‘everyone draws’ or ‘everyone gets X effect’.  You choose who to benefit, and as a result, who to ignore.  The big flying hippo may not be an aggressive all star, but in a pinch he can turn into a pretty impressive flying beast.  Just be sure you can handle whatever you give out.


Magic: the Gathering- Thrasios, Triton Hero

Commander 2016 card illustrated by Josu Hernaiz

Beneath crashing waves lies an ocean of secrets waiting to be explored.

Thrasios is a triton, one of the few living alongside humans in the massive coastal polis of Meletis. Believing he possesses the divine sanction of Thassa, god of the sea, Thrasios has left his home and embarked on a pilgrimage to explore the ocean’s depths at the edge of the world. He claims to have visited the ruins of the fabled polis of Olantin on his most recent expedition, though few believe him.

Send me Redwall World Ideas

I’m talking this Redwall

if you were tasked with turning it into a Magic plane–not with precisely the same characters, there would be magic and stuff, the big creative carry over is it’s all woodland animals in a medieval sort of fantasy setting–what would it look like?

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This was our MTGinktober for “Shattered,” starring Feldon of the Emo Path and Loran of the Multiple Spellings!  I wish my deck were emo, etc. etc. I mean, come on: My Chimeric Romance, Foil Out Boy, Spellpierce the Veil, Taking Black Sun’s Zenith. The Story So Farseek, Motion City Sound Dack, Knuckle Puca, ya know.

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