Magic has been making a conscious effort to be more diverse that — while having room for improvement — is significantly ahead of its peers. That being said, that progress for the LGBT+ representation has been hidden inside of the packaging (and, in many cases, only visible to those that read the published stories). As a queer individual, I know how unafraid many individuals and organizations are to announce their outrage with the LGBT+ community, so I know that it’s not unlikely for at least one retailer to refuse to carry a product that unabashedly features a gay couple on the front. Hasbro (owners of Wizards of the Coast, makers of Magic the Gathering) has to have been conscious of the risk of retailers canceling/returning this product because of its content. They are okay with the chance of losing key venders to make their game more diverse. I would consider that brave.

When I left magic, it was because the metagame was awful but the people who played it were way worse than now (not that it’s great now). But I will say it’s refreshing that I’ve gotten to witness the shifting norms to the point where today I got to wake up to an image in the game I love of a pair of gay men showing affection to one another. I quit magic when I was 13 after being called “faggot” repeatedly at an LGS, and now I get to see people like me in official art. 

I’m not crying, you’re crying.

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I have literally no problem with/objection to/etc. the new card, but totally don't get why everyone is so excited about the Gay of it. Has heteronormativity ever been a Thing in MtG? I don't remember any straight cards in the last ~10 years?

what about mom and dad nalaar 8:’(

2/5 of the gatewatch have dated, tamiyo has a husband, i referenced anax and cymede in this post, and there’s other examples. but it’s not magic itself that is heteronormative, it’s the people who play it (and like….every single other mainstream game). if anyone needs proof of that, come to FNM with me for .5 seconds

A Commander 2016 Design Story

“That right there is a Ken Nagle card if I’ve ever seen one.” Commander enthusiast Scott Larabee interjected during our slideshow of the set. It was the best compliment I think I’ve ever received on one of my designs. You see Ken is famous for making sets full of big splashy creatures that make commander players happy.

“Thank you so much! That’s actually a card I designed.” I beamed.

“Uh no.” Ben Hayes the lead developer of Commander 2016 corrected me. “The card you made was an abomination.”

And it’s true. Here’s the original card I designed:

Time Dragon


Creature – Dragon



Whenever Time Dragon goes to the graveyard from anywhere you may pay 2U. If you do, exile Time Dragon and each player shuffles his or her hand and graveyard into his or her library, then draws seven cards.

It turns out that there’s an easy way to both discard your hand and get three mana in eternal formats with Lion’s Eye Diamond.

Thankfully the updated card still delivers everything I liked about the original while giving red a way to refill its hand in the mid to late game.

Here’s the final version that will be in Commander 2016 (note the image is from an internal alpha build of Magic Online):

You can find this beauty and other select cards from both Commander 2016 Edition and Conspiracy Take the Crown will be available through Magic Online Treasure Chests starting November 16.