Went ice climbing today at Champney Falls at the base of Mt. Chocorua.  In the upper right photo, my first run was just to the left of the right-hand rope.  In the lower left, that’s me after finishing my second run, which was up the right ice pillar below me.  The second one was killer, and I had to stop multiple times while my buddy held me twenty feet in the air.  But I did it.  Finally, bottom right is the main falls, and you can see the water flowing out of it.


With the recent rain and snow in the higher elevations, and the fact that my buddy had to be back early, we decided to do a quick and easy hike today, Mt. Chocorua.  This was something of a redemption hike for me, because 11 years ago, after I graduated from college, I did this one with some friends.  I weighed 195 pounds, was hopelessly out of shape, and was in pain within the first fifteen minutes of the hike.  Now, a much trimmer and much more in shape me, crushed this one in 3 and ½ hours round trip.  The views up there were amazing, and it was cool to see Champney Falls in the spring, because I had only seen it frozen over in the winter when we’d go ice climbing.