camping with skateboards

thanks to instagram, we’ve been able to meet some cool people that are part of the outdoors/traveling scene. This week, Nick Ocean and Matt McAdow joined us and filled out this gorgeous spot in the Mt Baker National Forest.

Also, Matt rolls with an off-road skateboard (not really) and carved some turns in our “driveway”.

photo notes:

  1. the view from carl’s tent. See those boxes behind the truck? Thanks mom & dad for sending out some gear.
  2. turns
  3. on
  4. the
  5. gravel.
  6. the opposite angle of the first photo

Explorations on the trail during our “Geology of Artist Point” Field Excursion with Scott and Marca Babcock July 19 in the Mount Baker-Snoqualmie National Forest. The Babcocks are offering a weekend class “Geology Across the Cascades” based at the North Cascades Environmental Learning Center August 7-9; details and registration at

I love this on Instagram! Here we see Glacier Peak, 3213m, (10,541’), one of the five major volcanoes in Washington State, and the one which is considered the next volcano after Mt. St. Helens likely to blow, because the last major eruption was 300-400 years ago. Image lake is in the foreground, and this is located in the Glacier Peak Wilderness, and in Mt. Baker-Snoqualmie National Forest. Image taken August 1972, in 4x5 film format.
PHOTO TIP: When I climbed up to this lake in 1972, It was a long haul. It is even a longer haul now because at some point the road next to the Suiattle River was washed out, adding about 12 extra miles. It is now a round trip of 32 miles, plus an elevation gain of 1340m, (4,400’). Perhaps this is a good thing. It keeps the crowds down and helps protect this fragile alpine environment. This idyllic scene is one of the most beautiful in the entire chain of Cascade Mountains. Let’s hope it stays that way!
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