View out from Mt. Fuji


gustavosoares06 mighty and breathtaking Mount Ngauruhoe, also known as Mount Doom from the Lord of Rings motion pictures, on a bluebird day 

Pitt Street Sunset 2017 03 Panorama – Mt. Pleasant, South Carolina, December 5, 2017

Exploiting a situation to our personal advantage
is what we do best.
Nothing comes along
that we can’t try
to turn to our advantage.
Every day it is the same thing:
What can I do today
to turn things to my advantage?
This isn’t just a Human Thing,
it is a Life Thing.
Every living thing
strives to have things
better than every other living thing–
at the expense of whatever it takes
to have it.
This is the ground of incentive
and desire,
aspiration and motivation.
The Buddhists think there is an advantage
to letting things be.
How does having to have the advantage
get in our way?
Work to our detriment?
What are the disadvantages
to having he advantages?
Where are we truly better off?
Where would we be wise to draw the line?
What is the advantage
to not having the advantage?


Mt Bromo Panorama by Benicio Murray
Via Flickr:
South of Surabaya, Java, Indonesia.

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Sunrise from Mt. Batur, Bali


Love the colorful flowers in front of the mountain