The Ploy of Lucy Linger

The Ploy of Lucy Linger

One cold deliberate morning, Lucy Linger lay uncomfortably in her bed. The usual softness and warmth of her beloved cat was missing from her side. She rose from her bed to call upon her only adoration. Concurrent echoes from the large, cold and partially empty room were the only responses returned. Upon dressing herself, Lucy ravaged the entire house in search of Miss Kitty. She did not find her … alive. Screams of rage and tears of grief engulfed the foyer where Lucy positioned herself beside her cat.

The yard was small, so burial was unquestionable. To be buried in an antiquated vegetable garden was the answer. As she dug up the naked dirt, she cried, and then smiled for recollecting the memory of her once beloved cat.

A neighbor, Ms. Fitch, appeared with gleeful cheer, out on her nearby front lawn. An invite of morning coffee was inspired, so Lucy walked about to the nearby house. Ms. Fitch had intense glee, almost to the point where Lucy could not stand. Lucy was not one to share emotions. Covert behavior was Lucy’s specialty. Ms. Fitch called to her darling Chihuahua, Chia. Hugs and kisses infested the tiny dog with endless amounts of love just dripping from every pore of Ms. Fitch. Fury flew through every cell in Lucy’s body. “I’ll get you back for this” raced through Lucy’s mind. Lucy kindly excused herself to dwell in her lonely habitat with her wretched plans of revenge.

As nighttime settled in the quiet neighborhood, the street lamps turned on one by one. The only sound you could hear was fizzling bug corpses, brought about by the glowing bug zappers, which seemed to be a necessity for all residents on the unassuming street. The intense luminosity of several porch lights almost all adjourned at the same time. In the harrowing night stood Lucy, awaiting the arrival of Ms. Fitch’s dog to take its last defecation of the day. A swoosh then a yelp was all that was heard. Hurriedly, Lucy took Chia into her domain. Ms. Fitch’s echoes were heard, but nonetheless ignored by the wretched Lucy.

Alone in her devious ploy, Lucy pretended for a moment that the affection of the stolen, aged Chia was distinctively owed to her. Accountable, yet thwarted, Lucy made her way to bed. Daylight appeared and Lucy was anxious to greet her new hostage. Time apparently did not wait for the aged dog. Chia, too, was now in a place where Lucy’s prior adoration called home. The spiteful wrath of karma ingested itself upon the wretched Lucy. For an instant, she thought of the cheerful neighbor. She thought of how they now had this dreadful tragedy to share as one. They could console each other through the intrusive devastation of losing one so loved.

Elusive Lucy set off to the pet store and bought a parakeet to give to her neighbor whose dog had supposedly run away. She thought a new pet might console her.