Did Warner Bros. Tease The Possible Return Of The "YOUNG JUSTICE" Animated Series?

Yesterday Warner Bros. released there full schedule for Comic Con San-Diego this year. It was announced that on the last day of the convention, that Sunday, Warner Brothers would be hosting a Batman for All Seasons”  panel, detailing and discussing the many different versions of Batman to appear on screen, including his animated versions. But this specific quote that appears in the panel description though that shows up that has everyone talking. 

Attendees who stick around to the end will be privy to a special WAC announcement that will excite fans both “YOUNG” and old.

With "Young” being both capitalized, and in quotation marks, could Warner Brothers be teasing an announcement regarding Young Justice, or even the possible return? Find out more from the source of this article.

Martian Manhunter and Ms Martian

I was bored so I explored some quick redesigns for J'onn and M'gann. I have pocket pitches for basically any DCU character, and for Martian Manhunter, I envisioned making him kind of this zen-master psychic detective, who’s very centered and connected and serene. And he would investigate alien conspiracies as Detective John Jones. 
For Ms Martian, she’s his teenage “niece” who helps him solve crimes. I made her look a little more spacey and superhero than J'onn’s more Buddhist inspired look.
I like the more recent trend of John Jones being a black man, so I stuck with that and took Megan down that same path since they’re supposed to be related. 

Young Justice

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Can we just notice than when all the adults are freaking out over M'gann’s powers and all the kids are coping, it’s the ten-year-old who knows M'gann needs to be held and comforted because she just watched all her friends die and has been confronted with the fact it was her psychic powers that made it terrifyingly real for her friends?

M'gann is terrified and guilty and hurting, and it’s Billy who knows what she needs is a damn hug.


Miss Martan cosplay at Q-Con 2013!

The lighting on this staircase wasn’t too fantastic, but the set of photos I took there have still ended up being my favourites. The first picture I was playing around in WLgallery and I liked this effect, it looks like when we got to see inside M'Ganns  mind o_0 The other pictures, though not as much, have also had exposure, colour, etc levels modified.

I spent a lot of time and effort on my Miss Martian costume, and the reaction I got at the con was great, but ultimately I was unhappy with and want to remake it. Maybe when we get a full YJ group together!

Character - M'Gann M'orrz a.k.a Miss Martian

Series - Young Justice (cartoon)

Cosplayer is me

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