MCU LADIES WEEK Day 7 - To the Future!

Please for the love of god give BLACK WIDOW her own damn movie, there’s so much cool stuff to explore. Want to know more about her past, and to see a bit more of her personal life, does she have friends outside The Avengers, are her family still in Russia, etc.

Ms. Marvel/Kamala Khan getting a series, she’s so great I really think she would do well in long form storytelling. She’s really fun and I think so many people who maybe don’t read comics would love her. I also think it would be really important and amazing for her to come to live action.

More seasons of AGENT CARTER, i know the show get’s crappy ratings but I think it’s deserves to stay on the air for a few more years.

More female centric movies, sounds like a no brainer but I hope marvel doesn’t think they can get away with only giving us Captain Marvel, we want much much more. Of course more diversity as well, AGENTS OF SHIELD and forthcoming LUKE CAGE have that, hopefully it’s pushed more.

(I didn’t make this BW poster, found it on Google)


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Priyanka Chopra- Ms.Marvel
Colton Haynes- Thor
Dave France- Iron Man
Bella Thorne- Tigra
John Cena- Hulk
Alison Brie- Black Widow
Kieran Shipka- Spider Woman
Fanart shows Muslim superhero Ms. Marvel punching Donald Trump in the face
As an homage to 1940s 'Captain America,' this image has a lot of history behind it.

Jack Kirby’s cover for Captain America No. 1 is arrestingly memorable, a colorful image of Cap punching Hitler in the face.

This scene is now an iconic moment in superhero comics, but at the time it was more controversial than you might think. In 1941 the U.S. had not yet entered WWII, and some readers actually sent hatemail to Captain America’s creators for depicting the superhero in such an overtly political light.

Last week, an interesting homage to this cover popped up online. Created by illustrator Matt Stefani, it shows teen superhero Kamala Khan (Ms. Marvel) punching Donald Trump.

Speaking to the Daily Dot, Stefani explained the background for this unusual crossover between political cartoons and comicbook fanart.