charroger  asked:

Can you give us a Rundown on what duck tales for your new fans who may not know about it

Long Version: Based on decades of outstanding Donald Duck and Uncle Scrooge adventure comics by the late, great Carl Barks, DUCKTALES told the story of Scrooge McDuck, renowned adventurer and the richest duck in the world, as he traveled the globe seeking fortune and glory with the help of his “family,” comprised of troublemaking great nephews Huey, Dewey, and Louie, British nanny Mrs. Beakley, her eager daughter Webby, crash-happy pilot Launchpad, and a whole host of other characters.  Throughout their epic adventures both abroad and in their hometown of Duckburg, the Duck family came together to solve mysteries and rewrite history. 

Short Version: I’d say it’s Indiana Jones with a bunch of ducks, except Spielberg admits he actually lifted the opening of RAIDERS OF THE LOST ARK from old Barks comics.

You know what, forget all that stuff.  This pretty much covers it:

alicebarnousky  asked:

I dunno if Disney will let you say, but even with all the Barks influence, will we still see DuckTales-specific side characters like Launch pad and Mrs. Beakley?

Mentioned on my twitter, but will repost here:


Q: Will that thing/character/story I loved from the old show/comics be in DuckTales?
A: We love it too. Absolutely it will.