Mrs. Patmore

i would just like to thank Julian Fellowes for the friendship development of Mrs. Hughes and Mrs. Patmore.

they’ve gone from bitterly arguing over the control of the store cupboard to Mrs. Patmore facing the most awkward conversation you could imagine to spare Mrs. Hughes having to.

female friendships are my absolute favourite and this one is just absolutely beautiful.


We got the best ending we could have wished for, it was great.

Edith and Bertie FINALLY married:

Mary and Henry all happy and a baby on the way:

Rose and Atticus all happy with a baby girl:

Henry and Tom opening their business together:

Isobel and Dickie married and happy:

Tom flirting with Miss Edmunds and she catching the bouquet:

Thomas becoming the new butler at Downton:

Anna and Bates with their baby boy:

Everyone gets happy ending


downton abbey meme: [2/4] friendships:

daisy and mrs. patmore

Mrs. Patmore's sixth sense

Mrs. Patmore to Ivy (referring to Jimmy): You never give up, do you?  He’s not interested.
Ivy’s reply: He must be interested in someone. . He’s young, isn’t he?

It reminds me of the similar advice Mrs. Patmore gave to Daisy at the time she was pursuing Thomas, even tone of her voice and her facial express was almost the same, it’s like she wants to tell Ivy “he’s not a ladies man” like she told once Daisy.. Does Mrs. Patmore have a sixth sense in recognition of everyone’s sexuality? And can it be one of the many hints that Jimmy is homosexual?

Actress Lesley Nicol, who plays Downton Abbey’s “Mrs. Patmore,” stopped by Martha Stewart’s New York City test kitchen to see Martha’s “Gingerbread Abbey” created in honor of the upcoming season 5 premiere on MASTERPIECE.

Martha Stewart now invites you to make your own!

Use Martha’s gingerbread recipe, get all the instructions, plus a glimpse behind the scenes, here. Then share your masterpiece with us by using the hashtag #GingerbreadAbbey! (BONUS: you could get some reblog love!)