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Mack, I saw your answer about what books you used to learn how to draw. How you learned to draw with Loomis' figure drawing? His book helped me to draw heads but I can't understand his full body construction method... I know it's a weird question and probably the answer is not simple. Forgive my english.

Hey, Anon. It’s not a weird question at all! And your question is pretty clear.

So, I guess you have a problem with few first part about all that crazy perspective lines and some boxes, right? Sorry about messy doodle! I left my copy in Korea, I cannot remember what’s the title of that part. Anyway, I hope I guess it correctly. 

I totally understand your situation, Anon. To be honest, I’m not a text-friendly person. I couldn’t understand those parts clearly even though it’s written in my first language. Maybe it’s because I had zero knowledge about perspective and so on, but I was kinda person who wanted more images, not bunch of texts. I personally think I can learn more better when I draw rather than trying to understand whole meaning of texts in the book, and I tried to study this book as much as I could understand. I actually read whole book, but the only thing I still remember is Mr. Loomis’ drawing.

And I found this part. I felt this way of sketching with rough&simple lines helped me to learn how to draw full body more believable. This is also simplified skeleton structure, so it’s much more easier to understand anatomy (and it’s actually really fun to draw!) I started with those simple lines, then moved on to muscles. Speaking of anatomy, I’ve never tried to memorize muscles’ or bones’ name, I more focused on drawing them “correctly.”

Summary (step by step) : Simple line drawing of full body bone structure - More detailed(or maybe realistic?) bones and muscles - More more detailed muscles of each parts (Arms, legs and so on) - Head, hands, feet - Perspective

Even though a book gives you all that informations, you need to find a way how to learn, interpret, and use it to your art. And I think you don’t have to follow that book exactly. You can use it as you want. I thought I wasn’t smart enough to understand whole meanings, so I found the easiest part and then moved on to more deeper part. I’m not saying that all texts in an art book are useless, it sometimes makes me super confused and it leads to time-wasting. I don’t think my answer is the right answer because everyone learns differently. If you put effort on finding your own way to use books, you’ll get what you want. Hope my answer is not confusing! I’ll be glad if this helps you at least just a little. Good luck!


A special Mother’s Day shout-out to a few of my favorite horror mommas. Keep it rad, ladies.

MBTI Types: Slasher edition

Thanks to Stevester

INTP - The geek/brainiac: Extremely savvy and resourceful, he knows how to get people out of the mess they’re in. Unfortunately, very few take his advice because of his social awkwardness. Not helping him is that he usually has a crush on the final girl and at best she will let him down gently and hand him over to the killer. Gets killed because he knows too much. 

ENTP - The conspiracy theorist: Very similar to his introverted counterpart, he just knows what’s going on and sees the big picture….sometimes too much for his own good. “That guy chasing us with a machete? No, not a vengeful zombie, he’s probably sent there by the government because of what we uncovered earlier…..” More socially adaptable however, he blends in with the main group, both annoying the hell out of them with his smart, restless mouth but taken seriously once the first dead body is officially in. 

xNTJ - Sadly I’m going to have to leave them off here. They are not absent from the genre, but neither INTJs nor ENTJs have stereotypical roles here. INTJs much prefers to give the FBI a run for their money with their grim, creative serial killings. ENTJs are busy taking over the world and fighting off pesky super-heroes in their way. Neither of them want to bother slaughtering cheerleaders spending the weekend in the woods, you know. 

INFJ - Arguable, but they could be the creepy old guy at the gas station or that old wise lady on the corner of the street who warn our young group of their impending doom if they go any further. They are ignored, of course, and never seen again. 

ENFJ - The mean girl: There’s often this one bitchy girl who is set on ruining the final girl’s reputation. A bucket of blood when she gets crowned at the prom should do the trick. She can also be the head of the sorority who will do everything in her power to give the final girl a reputation of being a slut. Ironic considering the final girl is typically virginal. Ok so, she might actually be an unhealthy ESFP/J but for the sake of tying loose ends I’m going with ENFJ. 

INFP - The gothic girl: Super cynical, but extremely smart and caring underneath it all. She dies, sorry. She’d be more willing to help the final girl if the latter wasn’t such a conformist.

ENFP - The best friend: New to the genre, it seems like a lot of final girls recently have traded their stereotypical ESxP bestie for this more innovative new breed. The new best friend is extremely loyal and protective but she’s also all over the place. Gotta babysit kids, have sex with her boyfriend, tell the final girl NOT to have sex with her boyfriend and of course she has to attend that party tonight. But in her moments of free time she is quite sharp, sarcastic and insightful. Until she gets offed….at which point the audience is pissed off even though they knew she was dead from the start. 

ESFJ - The Mom: There are two types of these. The first kind the super caring and protective kind, but also useless as she is convinced her daughter is just going through a hard time and hallucinating a maniac with a sharp weapon. THIS despite the fact that she is often familiar with the folklore behind said maniac. The second kind is the super insane killing mom who usually wants revenge for her son or sets the stage for his killing spree. From Norman Bates’s mom, to Mrs Voorheese, to Mrs Loomis and of course the ever so crazy Mrs…..Carrie’s mom.

ISTJ - The useless cop: Such delicious fodder for our killer. He’s both super skeptical, thus refusing to help our distraught teenagers, often accusing them to be on drugs AND he has a gun. So kiss him good bye because you just don’t bring a gun to a knife fight dude, not cool. Luckily directors go out of their way to make him as unlikable as possible. 

ESTJ - The Sheriff: Often same as his introverted counterpart but his fate is up to chance. Either he gets killed violently or he saves the day. Most of time time though, he’s just useless. Running around while the final girl has to do all the dirty work. 

ISTP - The “Come with me if you wanna live” guy: The badass who often shows up near the climax…..on his motorcycle, armed to the teeth, super chill and ready to kick some serious butthole. He dies of an honorable death. A badass quip before the killer sends the final thrust of his blade through his chest is mandatory. He or she is royalty in zombie apocalypse movies. 

ISFP - The mysterious love interest: In real life he’d be a creeper, but in this genre he is a misunderstood soul who eventually saves the final girl and replaces her dead boyfriend, whom, is already totally over his loss at this point.

ESTP/ESFP - the jock and his cheerleader girlfriend: (Mandatory combo) He goes out to investigate the strange noise, ever so bravely but totally fueled by his alpha male ego. After a while she eventually goes out to look for him, convinced that she is the subject of a really bad prank until she stumbles on his bludgeoned corpse, at which she is killed very slowly, graphically and with minimal clothing.

That leaves with……

ISFJ - The final girl! : Super cautious, law abiding, steer clears of sex, booze and basically anything fun. Very empathetic and a natural victim. She can’t get over a past trauma which usually involves the killer, with whom she shares a connection and she thus knows how to kill him. She eventually taps into her lower Ti and Inferior Ne to send him back to hell. 

Scream Killer's Identity: TV Series vs. Movies

Season 1 & Scream 3: The Half Sibling - For both season 1 of the TV series and the third movie of the film franchise, the killer is revealed to be the half sibling of the “final girl” (Emma/Sidney). Both Piper and Roman used their killing sprees as revenge against the mothers who abandoned them and the sisters that were given the life they so desperately wanted for themselves. It is also revealed that the killer in both season 1 and Scream 3 knew the boyfriend of the “final girl” beforehand, and thus put into effect, the chain of events that conspire during season 2 and Scream 1.

Season 2 & Scream 1: The Boyfriend - For both season 2 of the TV series and the first movie of the film franchise, the killer is revealed to be the boyfriend of the “final girl”. Both Kieran and Billy are motivated to go on their killing spree because they are angry at their fathers for relationships that developed with the mother of the “final girl”. But Kieran has some added reasons. Mainly being that he was in a relationship with Piper before coming to Lakewood and the killings for season 2 were fueled by his anger of her being killed by Emma and Audrey.

Season 3 & Scream 2: The Vengeful Parent? If Scream does get picked up for a third season, could we finally see Brandon James back as the killer, while he avenges his daughter’s murder? In Scream 2 it was revealed that one of the killers (the killer with real motivation if you will), was Billy’s mother: seeking revenge for her son’s death. With the TV series’ first two seasons mirroring the killer’s identity in two other films in the franchise, could we see the next season following suit? A couple clues in the season 2 finale show that perhaps this could be the case (or at least that Brandon James will finally make an appearance in season 3). The first clue comes from the phone call that Kieran receives in prison. It seems that the writers wanted the audience to believe that this was Brandon calling. Could it be? The second clue comes from the note that Maggie finds. The note that she left for Brandon in their secret spot; but now stabbed into the tree with a knife with a blood stain. Was Brandon the one who left the note there, or was it someone else? Looks like we will just have to wait and see about.