A Convo with my Girlfriend Mr.Bear just now
  • Mr.Bear:No one understands my love for these gay men D;
  • Me:You're reading a yaoi right?
  • Mr.Bear:Yeah....
  • Me:That's every girl on the internet
  • Me:And Tumblr
  • Mr.Bear:That's not true.... ._.
  • Me:And facebook, heck if there isnt enough gay stuff they will make something gay.
  • Me:They will take a series, find the straightest character there and turn him into a dick loving rainbow. :I

new ref for the boyfriends!!! also tattoo ref for mr bear

decided to get rid of cooper’s ring on his right hand and just stick with the two bracelets (with eyes on them!! because he’s a throne angel) and gave mr bear one more ring instead!! mr bear is barefoot because that’s how he is in his shadow form I GUESS

ill draw refs of them in their true forms later on (maybe)

oc info under the cut!!

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